5 Good Reasons to Keep Your Crash Off Social Media

Social Media

It seems so natural now to jump onto Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter to alert the masses of your crash. Unfortunately, it wrecks many car accident claims. You have to fight that urge to post anything relating to your crash on social media and to help you overcome that compulsion. We’ll help.

Here are five outstanding reasons to keep everything about your crash, and even your physical state off the internet. These reasons can help keep you on track and keep you on good terms with your insurance company. Don’t take these lightly. Social media has ruined many Atlanta car accident cases, leaving the victims without the financial compensation they need.

1. You Don’t Control Those Images Anymore

Okay, there is a common myth that Facebook and other platforms own your images. At least Facebook does not own your images or intellectual property (what you post). Technically you still own those images and that content. But you own it in a very loose term.

Imagine if you bought a crate of oranges, and then left them out in front of your home. What’s stopping other people from walking by and taking an orange? Nothing at all. What will stop people from saying, hey, that person just has a bunch of oranges sitting out there? Nothing at all.

Facebook does not own your images, although they can use them in any way that they please through the rights of a royalty-free worldwide license. That’s what you agree to when you post an image.

Your insurance company can see the images you post, the content you post. That information can impact their decisions and, ultimately, their compensation award. It’s always something to consider before you post.

2. You Might Admit Fault or Partial Fault

“I just looked up and saw this truck!” Seems harmless? Not quite, because you just admitted, on an online forum, that you weren’t watching the road! That’s right. If you looked up, it means you were looking down. Quite possibly, they’ll assume that you were on your phone.

Minor statements such as, “they came out of nowhere,” or “I didn’t see it coming,” are common. They more than anything emit a feeling that the crash was sudden, unexpected, and that you didn’t see a way to avoid it. Those are all common sensations, but insurance companies see it as a lack of awareness or even distraction.

3. Downplaying or Overplaying Your Injuries

If you post an image and then answer in comments that you’re okay with just some minor injuries, there’s a problem. The involved insurance companies won’t care about the actual extent of your injuries if you’re saying that you don’t feel that bad. On the other side, playing up your injuries can make it seem as though you’re planning fraud.

It is tough to mediate overplaying or downplaying, so it’s always best to keep images of your injuries and anything you have to say about them privately.

4. You Could Kill Your Negotiations

While it’s common for people to post hospital-selfies and snaps the car damage, there’s a bigger issue. People will occasionally post how much they think they’ll get back. Something such as, “Oh, I’ll be getting thousands out of this.” Those statements can kill your negotiations.

First, it seems like you’re attempting to profit off of the crash. That can lead to fraud suspicions. Second, it perpetuates the idea that getting into a wreck is a quick and easy way to get a lot of money. Finally, posting about your negotiations may violate your contract with your provider.

5. You Could Expose Sensitive Information

A few years back, people were posting pictures of their driver’s license, not realizing they were sharing their full name and address. Recently people have posted images of their police reports in an effort to show off that they clearly weren’t at fault.

Instead of Posting on Social Media, Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Our Atlanta car accident law firm can provide all the support you need. Keep your information and the other driver’s information private. Everything that has to do with an open claim or lawsuit will come into play, even if you only posted to let your family know what happened. Keeping information about your crash private is vital.

Get legal guidance and support from The Weinstein Firm. Contacting our attorneys will provide you with support, insight into evidence collection, and preserving it. When you’re ready to protect your claim, contact The Weinstein Firm for support from a car accident attorney in Atlanta.

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