5 Critical Types of Evidence for a Truck Crash

Truck Crash

When you’re at the site of a truck crash, you worry that you’re not collecting the right type of evidence. It’s a common worry. You’re not alone. But you can take control of some evidence during the cleanup and even after. The goal is to get these five types of evidence together to create a compelling and strong case. A case with these five types of evidence should be very sturdy and hard to speak over during negotiations.

Learn what each evidence type can bring to your claim, and why you should strive to have all five. A local attorney for truck accidents can be a big help with this.

1. Photo Evidence

Photo evidence goes far beyond arguable. When car insurance companies look at a photo, they’re trying to see what they can’t argue. With big trucking companies, they’re looking for ways to destroy your argument or say that you’re responsible for the crash. But presenting evidence is something else.

Take photos of:

  • The arrangement of the cars directly after the crash
  • The damage done to your car and their truck
  • The weather conditions
  • Road conditions

Take pictures of other things too such as the guard rails, any road markers, and such. Basically, if you can see it from your crash site, you should snap a picture.

2. Expert Witness Insight

Experts step in as witnesses to speak on the prevalence of scientific evidence. They take the complex and over-teased information and put it into simpler terms. It’s the only way to make a substantial impact on trucking companies. These huge companies have teams of high-powered attorneys to defend their drivers and themselves.

An expert witness will stand in for medical and crash analysis, and even financial valuation. The insurance company may argue that you’re medical bills are unreasonable because you had extensive therapy. A medical expert would go through your file, assess the medical team’s suggestions, and determine whether that therapy was necessary or not.

Financial experts will go through and verify the value to ensure that someone isn’t trying to take advantage. Experts are not always necessary, but when they come in on a claim, they can clarify the specifics.

3. Your Accident Report

Getting your accident report is fairly easy, and with a trucking crash, you’re sure to have filed one. Go online through the Atlanta office and request your official report. Your attorney may go through and retrieve the report for you to ensure that everything is clear and accurate.

An accident report includes not only what the police observed at the scene but any citations they issued relating to the wreck. If someone were driving under the influence or distracted, that accident report would explain the police’s findings.

4. Medical Records

Medical records play a big role because you need to prove that the injuries didn’t come from a previous accident. Your medical records show all the treatments you’ve received in the past. Then you can go through and show that all of your treatments were necessary.

Trucking companies will often go through the medical records and blame your aches and pains on your past injuries.

5. Local Business or City Surveillance

It’s unexpected, but surveillance footage has started to play a huge role in how the system processes cases. Much like photo evidence, it’s hard to argue against a video. What you need to do is to submit a request to access those videos.

The best-case scenario is that the video will show the trucker cutting you off or initiating the collision. Then the matter of fault can be put to rest. Moving on from there, your surveillance might showcase exactly what happened before and after resolving the need to justify anyone’s actions.

Collect Your Evidence With An Atlanta Truck Crash Attorney

When you go through a car insurance claim, you might feel confident handling it on your own. But can you access all of these types of evidence? Often you need an attorney to get local business or city surveillance and expert witnesses. But these two types of evidence can have such an impact on the outcome of your claim.

Work with a long-term, and skilled attorney from The Weinstein Firm. When you have a claim that involves an Atlanta truck crash, you need someone who can navigate the fault system, the process of collecting evidence, and someone who can build a case. For many people, they simply can’t handle all of these challenges at once. Building a case while you’re trying to recover is no joke.

Extending out to The Weinstein Firm can help you handle your case, call our law office in Atlanta now to connect with a local truck accident in Atlanta.

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