Woodstock Municipal Court

The City of Woodstock Municipal Court Services adjudicates misdemeanor criminal, traffic, and city ordinance cases.

The Court is committed to the fair, efficient settlement of all cases.

The Municipal Court of Woodstock is open to the general public to observe Court proceedings.

The City of Woodstock strives to ensure that everyone’s experience at the Municipal Court is a pleasant one.

Trial Information

A trial in the City of Woodstock Municipal Court is a fair, impartial, and public trial as in any other court.

You can be brought to trial only after a sworn complaint is filed against you.

A complaint is the charging instrument (document) which alleges the unlawful act you are accused of committing.

You can be tried only for what is alleged in the complaint.

Judges & Court Staff

  • Judge Robert Tidwell
  • Lauisa Lemon, Court Adminstrator
  • Justin Dobson, Chief Court Clerk

Location & Contact Information

12453 Hwy 92
Woodstock, GA 30188

Phone: 770-592-6025


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