What Happens When I’m Hit By A Police Officer?

What Happens When I’m Hit By A Police Officer?

There is nothing worse than hitting a vehicle that is “on duty” or being hit by a police officer, whether that’s a company service truck or an Atlanta police cruiser. There are strange rules that apply in these situations, and it can make it difficult to resolve the matter through insurance. If your vehicle was hit by a police officer, contact a car accident lawyer in Atlanta for more guidance on the aspects of your claim. They can help you understand things like how to start your claim and how to collect evidence. In many situations, people don’t feel comfortable with taking images or feel that they have to downplay the situation in a police report.

What to Do After Being Hit By a Police Officer

If your vehicle was hit by a police officer, someone will come out to the scene even if no one is significantly injured. It’s likely that the officer that hit you won’t be able to talk to you, and will probably let you know that someone is coming out and to wait in the vehicle.

Given the extent of injuries, a police officer and ambulance may respond right away. But, if there aren’t serious injuries, then you may be waiting for a long time given that this isn’t an emergency situation. Call whoever you need to and let them know you’ll be running late.

When the other officer arrives, they will likely speak with you first. Give them your side of the events and ask if you can take pictures of the vehicles for your insurance. When handling police, it’s always best to work with a good extent of courtesy. Atlanta PD does a lot for the community, and in these situations, they are already in an uncomfortable position.

After gathering basic evidence, you’ll complete a police report. That will include giving all of your information to the police officer, and on that report will be all the information about the other driver. You can access that police report, and it will stand as the most vital piece of evidence in your claim.

Abiding by the Rules of the Road

Unless there is an emergency, all emergency response vehicles must obey the road’s rules. That means changing lanes properly, checking blind spots, and making full stops. If they were not in accordance with those rules, then they are likely liable or at-fault for the accident. However it may come down to he said, she said issue between you and the officer who was part of the crash.

During Emergency Situations

In an emergency such as a chase, or if the officer is responding to a crime, they will not stop to address you. They will, however, alert their dispatch office to inform them of the accident and send someone to help you. During that time, the officer who responds to you will take a lot of your information.

These situations are when drivers feel the least secure about a resolution. It’s not often that any driver has to walk away from a crash scene without another driver’s information and insurance. But, the responding officer should give you a variety of information on how to start the process of a claim.

Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyers

Do you need an Atlanta attorney? Absolutely, the police department no doubt has an insurance policy with a team of attorneys looking to sort out the situation. But you need an Atlanta lawyer who can stand up to both a high-powered insurer and the city of Atlanta. Their policies fall under state policy, which means that the insurance coverage is modest, but it should be enough to manage your injuries and damage.

When one of Atlanta’s finest is in a crash, it’s not very likely that you’ll have the chance to sue them individually. There is some protection for the officers when it comes to personal lawsuits. You may need to explore other opportunities for full compensation recovery with your Atlanta attorney or legal team.

Working with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

If your vehicle was hit by a police officer, choose to work with a Georgia car accident lawyer for the best possible outcome. While it’s no wonder that the Atlanta Police or even Georgia State Patrol spend most of their time driving, they would eventually get into an accident; it’s still a shock when it happens to you.

Contact our Georgia personal injury law firm to understand how resolving these issues happen. After a crash with a government vehicle, there are all manner of questions that crop up. Have a professional on hand that can answer your questions and put your worries at ease.

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