Technologies That Can Help Prevent Drowsy Driving

Technology to prevent drowsy driving

Drowsy driving or fatigued driving is one of the major causes of car accidents, especially at night. By definition, it is driving when one is sleepy which means they could easily cause an accident. Many drivers are usually drowsy when driving due to inadequate sleep, medication, and general fatigue.

Car manufacturers are aware of how dangerous it is to drive when fatigued and that is why they developed technologies to help. There are various ways that one may be pushed to stay awake when driving hence reducing accidents.

Many people are still not aware of these technologies, which is why you may end up on the wrong side of the law. In such a situation, the only thing you need is a great car accident attorney. He will ensure you do not get a severe sentence and in some instances, you may get off without any punishment.

What Are The Technologies That Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer Advice Helps Prevent Drowsy Driving?

According to the AA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a driver who misses getting a full seven-hour sleep in 24 hours is at risk of crashing. Many commercial drivers get very few hours of sleep and rest during long drives. As a result, there are so many transit and truck accidents that are caused by drowsiness and fatigue.

To deal with these problems, many technologies help drivers stay awake. It is in aim to reduce the number of accidents on the road. There are two types of technology used to prevent accidents due to drowsy driving. There are inbuilt and external devices.

Many cars have an inbuilt system that prevents accidents such as:

Driver Attention Alert

The system monitors the steering patterns when you are driving at more than 60km/hr. It is a system that was adopted by the Nissan Company, so it is in most of their cars. It analyzes these patterns for different drivers and detects when the driver is distracted. You will see a notification saying “take a break” meaning you have to power off the engine. Once this is done, the system resets.

Attention Assist

It is a system found in Mercedes vehicles that monitors the driving patterns and steering speed of the driver. It analyzes how long the driver has been behind the wheel and any other unusual behavior. If it detects that the driver may be fatigued or tired, it alerts him to take a break.

There are also external technologies that can be installed in the vehicle or used by the driver. Some common ones include:

Stop sleep

It is a technology that tracks how much the driver is alert and his concentration. It uses sensors that monitor the electrodermal activity of the driver which differs with the brain activity. If the device notices a drastic decrease of activity which signifies that the brain is slowing down it notifies the driver. The notification is in the form of vibration and sound hence making the driver more alert.

Advicy Drive

It is a tracker in the form of a bracelet that tracks the heartbeat of the driver. It then monitors and analyzes the pulse through a smartphone app that is connected by Bluetooth to the bracelet. Also, it shows the attention value of the driver by showing whether he is driving safely or not. When he is operating safely, it will be in the green zone, but if he has lost attention, it will turn red. It also has an alarm to alert the driver immediately.

Anti-Sleep Pilot

The driver has to answer some questions that help the device measure the risk level of becoming drowsy. You can set the device on the dashboard where the driver is required to establish his level of fatigue before starting. It will gather information from his driving pattern and then analyze it and show the level of fatigue. It notifies the driver when he is drowsy, so he remains alert. If the drowsiness levels become too high, then it will communicate through visual and audio signals for the driver to take a break.

Call Accident Attorney Atlanta, GA If You Are Arrested For Drowsy Driving

It is likely that you may still cause an accident even when using the technologies. That is why it is important to avoid driving when you are fatigued. However, if you cause an accident, it is best to have the best Atlanta car accident attorney to handle your case. The Weinstein Firm, we have a competent team that will take care of your case with the utmost professionalism.

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