Suwanee Municipal Court

The Suwanee Municipal Court adjudicates traffic offenses, some misdemeanor cases, and local ordinance violations that have occurred within the city limits of Suwanee. Our judges and prosecuting attorneys are appointed by the City Council and serve Suwanee on a part-time basis.

A full-time Court Administrator oversees the daily operations, with the assistance of four Deputy Clerks. Suwanee police officers provide security for our court building and civilian bailiffs assist in the courtroom.

Our Approach

Our guiding philosophy is that Suwanee’s municipal court provides the highest quality of customer service in an efficient, professional, and fair manner. We provide a customer-friendly environment where we treat our customers like the neighbors and community members that they are.

While law mandates some of the decisions we can make, the overall goal is to educate customers and encourage future decisions that keep our community safe and reduce instances of recidivism.

By employing knowledgeable and professionally trained personnel, we treat each customer fairly and with integrity while seeking to maintain the public’s respect, confidence, and satisfaction.

Customer Friendly Convenience

We employ several strategies in an effort to minimize our court users’ time away from family and work and make the adjudication process convenient and efficient. We offer both morning and afternoon court sessions.

Court staff continually monitors the docket in an effort to contain it to a manageable size and minimize the session length.

Judges and Courtroom Staff

  • Chief Judge Norman Cuadra
  • Associate Judge Jennifer White
  • Associate Judge David S. Lee
  • Associate Judge Richard Ryczek, Jr
  • Clerk of Court – Mariza Abdeljawad
  • Deputy Clerk I – Kathy Jones
  • Deputy Clerk II – Susan Roetzer
  • Deputy Clerk II – Sam Lauricella

Location & Contact Information

323 US-23
Suwanee, Georgia 30024

Phone: 770-945-6962


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