How Can Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta Prove Nursing Home Neglect?

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As a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, we know that moving your loved one into a nursing home may be the hardest thing you ever do. After watching your mom or dad take care of you for your entire life, all of a sudden, the roles are reversed. You work hard to make sure you choose a safe and reputable nursing home.

You talk to friends and coworkers who have been through this sort of thing before. That’s why it can be so heartbreaking to learn that your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. Personal injury lawyers in Atlanta understand this. That’s why they work so hard to protect your family and make sure your loved one isn’t being abused or neglected.

A lot of people lump the terms nursing home “abuse” together with nursing home “neglect.” In reality, these are two totally separate things. While it is true that both things can leave your loved one in pain, your personal injury lawyer in Atlanta needs to work harder to prove nursing home neglect. This is because it isn’t always obvious. And it can be hard to find evidence to prove your case. If you find yourself in this situation, call and talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta right away.

Nursing Home Neglect is Different from Nursing Home Abuse

When it comes to the differences between nursing home abuse and neglect, it can feel like a gray area. One way to think about it is by looking at the differences between child abuse and child neglect. With abuse, a person intentionally behaves in a certain way that causes injury to your loved one. For example, if a parent hits their child, it would be considered child abuse. With neglect, it is usually a matter of what people aren’t doing that causes the problem. Consider a child who goes to school wearing the same soiled clothing for a week straight.

Of course, your mom or dad is not a child. But the same principles apply. When a nursing home employee is hitting or bruising your parent, it is nursing home abuse. If instead, they are allowing your parent to sleep in soiled sheets, it would be considered neglect. There is a big difference between striking an elderly nursing home resident and forgetting to administer their meds. However, in the end, both behaviors can cause serious injury to your loved one.

Reach Out to an Experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer as Soon as You Suspect Neglect

One of the biggest mistakes clients make is waiting too long to act on their suspicions. If you suspect your mom or dad is being neglected by the nursing home staff, you need to call a skilled personal injury lawyer in Atlanta right away. Sometimes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Some of the signs of nursing home neglect can be subtle. Since you don’t get to see your relative every day, it may be difficult to spot this sort of treatment. Some of the things you should keep an eye out for include the following:

  • Your mom or dad is losing weight – This could be due to their not receiving their meals. Or, they may be suffering from a sort of medical condition that hasn’t been reported to the doctors at the nursing home.
  • You notice your parent’s room smells unpleasant when you visit – Sadly, a lot of nursing homes do not smell very nice. Elderly residents soil themselves. They also have accidents going to the restroom. If you notice that your mom or dad’s room smells like feces or urine, you need to speak up.
  • Your parent is not wearing clean clothes when you see them – Nursing home staff are supposed to make sure their clients are bathed and dressed in clean, comfortable clothing. If you notice that your parents or grandparents are wearing dirty or soiled clothing, it could be a sign of neglect.

If you notice any of these things, point it out to the social worker or nursing home administrator. You also need to call and talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta.

Talk to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta Sooner Rather than Later

If you suspect or have confirmed that your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect, you need help. Call and talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta as soon as possible. You can schedule your free, initial consultation right away.

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