Superior Court of Cobb County

The Superior Court of Cobb County is a court of general jurisdiction handling both civil and criminal law actions. The Superior Court has concurrent jurisdiction with State Court over cases involving misdemeanors, contract disputes, premises liability, and various other actions.

In addition, the Superior Court has exclusive equity jurisdiction over all cases of divorce, title to land, and felonies involving jury trials, including death penalty cases.

Accountability Courts

Drug Treatment Court

Cobb County Drug Treatment Court is an evidence-based, state certified accountability court providing individuals diagnosed with substance use disorders an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system.

Drug Treatment Court focuses on improving the health of our participants, not only by addressing the immediate symptoms of their substance use disorder, but also by orienting participants to a new way of healthier living for the rest of their life.

Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court is a 24 month minimum, voluntary, pre or post-plea, judicially supervised, treatment-based program for those individuals with a documented mental health diagnosis.

The Cobb County Mental Health Court strives to improve mental health, promote self sufficiency, reduce recidivism, and offer cost effective alternatives to incarceration and hospitalization.

A Mental Health Court represents an effort to increase effective cooperation between two systems that have traditionally not worked closely together – The Mental Health System and The Criminal Justice System.

The program will hold participants accountable while assisting them in achieving long term stability, becoming successful family/community members, and remain law abiding citizens.

Veterans Treatment Court

Cobb County Veterans Accountability and Treatment Court (VATC) seeks to divert eligible veteran defendants with substance dependency and/or mental illness that are charged with criminal offenses, to a specialized criminal court.

The court substitutes a treatment problem solving model for traditional court processing.

Parental Accountability Court

The Cobb County Parental Accountability Court Program (PAC), began in 2017. The program is a result of cooperative partnerships between the Cobb County Judicial Circuit, the Administrative Office of Courts and the Georgia Department of Human Services, Division of Child Support Services.

PAC seeks to address underlying issues that make it difficult for non-custodial parents to pay child support while providing judges with an alternative to incarceration in civil contempt cases.


The Superior Court of Cobb County has eleven elected judges who preside over jury trials, rule on evidence, hear motions, and render verdicts in bench trials. Superior Court Judges are elected to four-year terms.

  • Honorable A. Gregory Poole, Chief Judge
  • Honorable Robert D. Leonard II
  • Honorable Ann B. Harris
  • Honorable Kimberly A. Childs
  • Honorable Kellie S. Hill
  • Honorable Angela Z. Brown
  • Honorable Jason D. Marbutt
  • Honorable Henry R. Thompson
  • Honorable D. Victor Reynolds
  • Honorable Julie Adams Jacobs
  • Honorable Sonja N. Brown

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