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You likely have grounds for a personal injury claim if the negligent actions of someone else hurt you in Sargent, GA. This means you can seek out financial reparation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more.

Compensation can help lessen the load of expenses that are unforeseen, jumpstarting your road to recovery after the accident. A personal injury lawyer near Sargent helps maximize your potential. They could assist you to manage any pushback from insurance companies.

This is exactly what we’ve been doing for years at The Weinstein Firm. As personal injury attorneys, we understand what is needed to build a powerful case and fight for your rights as an accident victim. Don’t wait to get legal counsel in your own personal injury case.

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What Counts as Personal Injury in Sargent?

Any injury resulting from another’s negligence falls under a personal injury case. Negligence is basically another word for carelessness. We all must avoid actions that could harm others. If someone doesn’t maintain this duty of care, they have been at fault and are responsible for the expenses of the damages. That means if you are hurt by somebody else’s negligence in Sargent, GA, that individual (or their insurance company) would be liable for compensating your losses.

That doesn’t necessarily signify the person that is negligently intended to cause injury. By way of example, someone could cause a car accident because they failed to yield. Although that activity has been careless, it didn’t hold mal-intent. But that motorist would be accountable for your damages.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

Here are some of the most frequent ones we see (and frequently operate on):

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Must I Sue Someone to Acquire Money?

The majority of the time, no. The majority of personal injury cases are solved well before the case needs to progress to court. There are generally two choices for financial recovery following an injury: Settling with the party through an insurance claim, out of court or suing them for damages in a courtroom trial. With evidence of this accident, the persons’ neglect, along with your documentation of your damages, you are able to hopefully reach a reasonable settlement.

If the insurance company isn’t willing to fulfill the entire value of your claim and their compensation offer is not large enough, your car accident lawyer may recommend taking the case to trial. Taking an accident claim does increase your chance of getting a greater settlement than the insurance carrier would offer. It also comes with certain risks. You could be given less than the insurance company’s initial settlement. This is the point where a personal injury lawyer near Sargent is invaluable. They can advise you on the best decision for your situation. And if you do choose to sue, they can help you build the strongest case possible.

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Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Without a lawyer, you’ll need to file all paperwork and represent yourself. Though this is certainly possible, is no simple feat. Plus, the more complicated your case the more you’ll have to do. That might include the need for following rules or having expert witnesses in presenting your case.

The insurance company will be used to handling these kinds of cases on a daily basis. In contrast, most injury victims have never had to deal with this component of legal procedures before. That makes it difficult to represent yourself.

A personal injury lawyer will know what is required to construct an insurance coverage, negotiate to get a settlement that is reasonable and handle the process if you do move to court. Plus, most personal injury lawyers (such as The Weinstein Firm) operate on a contingency fee basis.

This means you don’t have to pay anything upfront and your lawyer only gets paid if they win money for you.

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The more complicated your situation, the more likely you are to require help. But even straightforward cases have a far higher chance of compensation with an attorney.

Additionally, a fantastic lawyer will take a great deal of the worry off you so it is possible to focus on getting well and spending time with loved ones as your case progresses.

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