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For the motorcycle owner, there are plenty of reasons to love this unique way to get around, and there are definitely benefits to being a motorcyclist. Riding a motorcycle places the rider in the open air, experiencing the excitement of travel in a way that simply cannot be experienced in a car. In addition, motorcycles use far less fuel than traditional automobiles. These are just two of many reasons to ride a motorcycle – but for the motorcyclist, it is also important to remember the many risks that come with the excitement and joy of motorcycling. Following all the appropriate safety procedures can help keep you safe, and in the event that you are in a crash, call a motorcycle accident lawyer near Sandy Springs, GA, for help.

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Lawyers Understand the Risks Of Motorcycle Accidents

Compared to the enclosed nature of traditional cars and trucks, it is clear that motorcycles offer less protection to their riders. Because of the exposed nature of the riders, motorcycle accident victims often have injuries that are very serious. That is why personal injury lawyers near Sandy Springs are here. Motorcycles are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and leave their riders exposed to hazards, obstacles, and the road itself, increasing the risk of serious injury to a rider even in a slow-speed accident. Motorcycle wrecks can be unexpected and chaotic, so your motorcycle wreck lawyers in Sandy Springs, GA, will need as much information as you can possibly provide about your accident.

Every year, the United States National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reports statistics regarding a number of accident and safety facts, and among these are motorcycle accidents state by state. In the state of Georgia, these statistics are used as guidance to changes in state law, with the goal of reducing and minimizing the number of serious or fatal accidents involving motorcyclists in our state.

Statistics from the NHTSA about Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

As recently as 2012, the state of Georgia saw 130 fatal motorcycle accidents. This number is slightly lower than the average of the previous five years, 150, but it is still within the range of what seems to be normal. What’s the takeaway here? For motorcycle wreck lawyers, it looks like unless the situation on the roads in Georgia changes drastically, the number of motorcycle accidents year over year doesn’t seem likely to change much.

Of these 130 fatal motorcycle wrecks, eight riders were not wearing a helmet. Motorcycle helmets, as you likely know, are required in the state of Georgia, and any motorcycle accident lawyer near Sandy Springs can tell you that this is one law that does make a difference. Even though each year there are fatal motorcycle accidents whose victims may have been saved by a helmet, around 80 lives each year on average are saved by riders wearing helmets according to Georgia’s helmet laws. As motorcycle accident attorneys near Sandy Springs, we see enough of these cases to be able to tell you unequivocally this single safety step is probably the most important one you can take as a motorcyclist.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes Near Sandy Springs, GA

Every auto accident is unique, and this is never truer than in accidents involving a motorcycle. The lightweight nature of motorcycles and the significant damage that can occur even at low speeds make it difficult to pin down the causes of motorcycle accidents in some cases. However, as motorcycle accident lawyers have noted and the NHTSA has reported, alcohol is a common factor in motorcycle wrecks in Sandy Springs Georgia. Driving under the influence is a common factor among many Georgia auto accidents, but the percentage of impaired drivers in motorcycle accident cases in Georgia is even greater.

The second common factor in Sandy Springs GA motorcycle accidents, lawyers have noted, is negligence on the part of car drivers. Negligence is a common theme in nearly every car accident, but in motorcycle accident cases, negligence on the part of a driver in a traditional car is almost always a factor. Nearly 40% of motorcycle accidents involve a car turning left, cutting off a motorcyclist, according to the NHTSA. The car’s driver is at fault in nearly all of these cases, according to the lawyers who specialize in these cases.

Finally, speed is a common factor in Sandy Springs motorcycle accidents. More than a third of motorcyclists in fatal accidents are found to have been speeding at the time, according to the NHTSA, compared to just under a fourth of drivers in traditional auto crashes. Motorcycle wreck lawyers serving Sandy Springs, GA, understand that this indicates some riskier driving tendencies among motorcyclists – and we remind you that if you’re a motorcyclist, please always observe the speed limit, because your life may just depend upon it.

Common Injuries Following a Sandy Springs, Georgia Motorcycle Crash

As the years go on, innovations have brought about new and more effective motorcycle safety gear, which is in a way both good and bad news. When this equipment is used appropriately, it certainly helps to keep motorcyclists safer on the roads. However, increasing numbers of fatal motorcycle accidents and injuries are the sad reality that makes these innovations necessary. Motorcycle accident attorneys near Sandy Springs, GA understand that even the best possible safety gear won’t ensure that a rider is completely protected, and the risk of injury or death in a motorcycle crash is still very high. That is to say, while we always recommend wearing all the latest and appropriate safety gear, don’t put all of your faith in your gear.

In a motorcycle accident in Sandy Springs GA, the initial impact of the crash is usually only the first in a series of impacts on the motorcycle’s rider. Often after the initial crash, the driver is thrown free and is at risk of striking any number of other environmental elements including guardrails, trees, other vehicles, and of course, the road itself. There may be several such impacts, and each one can result in further serious injury. Any motorcycle accident lawyer near Sandy Springs can assure you that such injuries can be very serious, even in a low-speed crash.

Injuries in motorcycle accidents can take many different forms, but car accident lawyers serving Sandy Springs have recognized some common trends in these injuries. Some of the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents include lacerations, scrapes, burns, bruises, road rash, broken bones, spinal injuries, and head trauma.

Often, these injuries will require extensive medical treatment as well as cause drivers to be unable to work during recovery. These factors coupled with the mental and emotional impact of such a traumatic event make motorcycle accidents in Sandy Springs some of the most devastating of all auto accidents. Of course, even the serious injuries and losses outlined above pale in comparison with the tragedy of losing a loved one in a fatal motorcycle crash.

Helmet Laws in Sandy Springs, Georgia and Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

As we have mentioned, Georgia has a mandatory helmet law. These laws are met with varying opinions even among motorcyclists, but as motorcycle accident lawyers serving the state, we believe there is a good reason to believe that these laws do in fact save lives. According to data from Consumer Reports, there were more than 5,000 motorcycle accident deaths nationwide in 2015, an increase of 10% over earlier years. Fatal motorcycle accidents nationwide have been trending upward, while the statistics of fatal motorcycle accidents in Georgia have been more or less steady.

As motorcycle accident lawyers near Sandy Springs, GA, we believe that the way that helmet laws are imposed in the state of Georgia has a very real and very positive impact on the number of fatal motorcycle crashes our state sees year after year. We consider not only Georgia state law, but the laws in other states, and it seems clear to lawyers that states who have lax helmet laws (or no helmet laws whatsoever) experience far greater frequencies of these fatal accidents. Consider this: there are three states in the United States with no helmet laws at all. The majority of the other states have helmet laws that require a helmet of the driver, but not all riders. Only 19 states in the United States, Georgia included, have helmet laws that require every rider on a motorcycle to wear a helmet. These universal laws may seem restrictive, but the results cannot be denied.

According to statistics from the NHTSA, nearly all – about 90% – of motorcycle riders say that they wear a helmet in these 19 states, including Georgia. Everywhere else, including states that have helmet laws (albeit less restrictive ones), helmet use is reported at less than 50%. This is a significant reduction in the frequency of helmet use in these states. Time and time again, helmet use has been proven to improve the likelihood of surviving a motorcycle accident in and around Sandy Springs, GA, and motorcycle accident lawyers take our helmet law very seriously. We see motorcycle accident cases of all levels of severity, including fatalities, so we understand the importance of helmet laws.

As motorcycle wreck lawyers serving Sandy Springs, GA, our goal is to help injured riders recover and get their lives back – but unfortunately, all too often our job is to help loved ones who have lost a family member, instead. Both of these cases are, to an extent, unavoidable, but helmet laws certainly reduce the number of cases like the latter situation that we see, so we urge you to please take helmet laws seriously, and take all the precautions that you can to protect yourself while riding your motorcycle.

Practice Good Motorcycle Safety

Any auto accident is potentially devastating, but motorcycle accidents are frequently particularly catastrophic. As a result, it is very important that motorcycle drivers and riders observe all the safety measures they can, and obey traffic laws. The risk of an accident is always real, even for the most safety-conscious motorcyclist, but observing all the appropriate safety practices and following the laws on the road can minimize your likelihood of being involved in a motorcycle crash – and, should one occur, maximize your chances of survival.

In addition, as motorcycle accident lawyers near Sandy Springs, we can remind you that such practices make it difficult for another driver to claim that an accident was partially your fault. If you are found to have been speeding, running a stop sign, or otherwise in violation of traffic laws, this can be all of the justification an insurance company needs to deny a claim. Follow the law, and you will not only keep safe, you will ensure that should the unthinkable occur, you and your motorcycle accident attorney will have the best chance of recovering compensation.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Serving Sandy Springs

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a motorcycle crash in Sandy Springs, you will likely realize very quickly that you need a huge amount of information in order to file a claim with the insurance companies. This is another area where a motorcycle accident lawyer near Sandy Springs, Georgia, can help you. We’ll take care of all the voluminous paperwork so that you can focus on putting your life back together. We will handle filing all the appropriate paperwork, gather documents, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. You have bigger things to worry about.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait until you are entirely overwhelmed to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. The motorcycle accident attorneys here at The Weinstein Firm handle a large number of motorcycle accident cases every year. We will provide you with a free consultation and listen to the details of your case, advise you as to the potential routes forward, and let you know how much compensation you may recover from your case. Don’t try to handle your motorcycle accident case on your own. Call a motorcycle accident attorney at The Weinstein Firm today.

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