What to Do After a Crash if You’re Pregnant?

Pregnant and Got Into a Car Crash

Car accidents are terrifying, but even more so when you’re trying to protect a growing person within your own body. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of injury, and their fetus is at significant risk as even a low-impact crash can result in serious consequences. Every woman who is pregnant and got into a car crash should attempt to remain calm and take rational action to get medical attention necessary to ensure their health. They should also look into hiring an automobile accident attorney in Georgia.

Possible Risks

The primary word here is “possible,” as many pregnant women are in car accidents and don’t experience any of these risks. Worrying unnecessarily will only put a strain on you and your baby. Keep in mind that stress and worry can raise your blood pressure leading to its own range of possible consequences. So always take a deep breath and look at the realistic risks given the situation and condition of your body after the wreck.

Possible risks from car accident trauma after a crash could include:

  • Premature birth – the shock of the crash may incite labor
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Birth defects
  • The detachment of the placenta
  • Miscarriage
  • Necessary c-section

These are risks, and each one has medical intervention needs to address the issue if it happens. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to contact for emergency medical services if you’re pregnant and got into a car crash.

Get Medical Attention Right Away

Even if you don’t have any symptoms of an injury, you need to get checked out. Often 911 will dispatch emergency services when they know that a pregnant woman is part of a crash. The goal is to eliminate any unnecessary movement. They may ask you to wait in the car, to not move too much, or to stay absolutely still depending on your symptoms. Before you exit the vehicle to do the normal exchange of information, contact emergency response.

If necessary, roll down the window and explain to the other driver that you’re pregnant and called for emergency medical attention.

Paramedics can do some preliminary assessments based on their medical training. However, they will almost always ask that you go to the hospital with them immediately. They want you to ride in the ambulance, so if your condition changes on the ride over, they can respond immediately.

Call Your Doctor

OB/GYNs know that they’re always a phone call away from the delivery room. Many of these doctors will be available around the clock through their office or a 24-hour phone line. Contact their office and inform them of what happened. It may be nothing, but you may need a doctor who’s familiar with your pregnancy on hand.

The office or phone line attendant will likely ask for updates about your condition and may inform the doctor of the hospital you’re going to. The doctor and hospital may exchange information about your condition behind the scenes, so don’t worry too much if you’re not getting a lot of information directly.

Symptoms that Something May Need Immediate Attention

After leaving the emergency room or hospital, you should still be on the lookout for problems. If you experience vaginal discharge or bleeding, then you should return to the hospital. There are other symptoms that people frequently wave off because they seem like normal parts of pregnancy.

If you experience swelling in your feet, hands, or face, then you should alert your doctor and return to the emergency room. Dizziness, pain in your shoulders, stomach pain, vomiting, and changes in the baby’s movements are also reasons to return to the emergency room.

After a crash, talk to your doctor or the attending doctor about kick counts. You are likely on the watch for movement changes, but drinking a cold glass of water may not give your baby the time it needs to rest from the accident. Always ask a doctor what you should do next.

Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney if You’re Pregnant and Got Into a Car Crash

A car accident attorney is an excellent resource, but you need to be sure that they’re right for your case. Whether you’re recovering from an injury during pregnancy or if you lost the child because of the accident will help you decide which attorney is right for you. At The Weinstein Firm, we help the victim of any car accident fight their case with a well-experienced attorney by their side.

In complicated cases such as these, our personal injury law firm will review which attorneys fit your needs and availability best. Contact The Weinstein Firm as soon as you are able to ensure that you’re fighting for everything you need to recover from your car accident.

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