How Are Pain and Suffering Determined in Car Accidents?

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You have heard the term time and time again – pain and suffering. You think you know what it is but you’re not really sure. You’ve never had a reason to question it before. Now you’ve been in a car accident and want to sue for this thing called pain and suffering. What is it? How much will you get?

The answer is that pain and suffering is compensation for your troubles. As far as how much you will get, it all depends on what injuries you suffered. It also depends on what kind of proof you have. Finally, it depends on how good your attorney is. The difference between a good and bad attorney can be the difference between a large settlement and a small settlement.

If you want an experienced Atlanta car crash attorney who knows how to handle your case, call the experts at The Weinstein Firm. We will provide a free consultation to review your case and let you know if your case is strong.

What are Damages for Pain and Suffering?

When it comes to a car accident in Atlanta, GA, there are two kinds of damages: economic and non-economic. The first kind is exactly what it sounds like – money you have lost as a result of an injury. They are easy to measure and not difficult to prove.

The second kind of damages is not so easy to quantify. Pain and suffering is a large part of the non-economic damages. These damages are the compensation you are entitled to for the pain your injuries caused. They are also compensation for the suffering you have endured as a result of the accident.

The bottom line is if the accident wasn’t your fault, you should not lose anything as a result of it. If someone else caused the accident, they should pay. It is really that simple. Your attorney will work hard to prove that (a) you did suffer and (b) it is someone else’s fault.

You Will Need an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

It can be difficult to put a dollar figure on your pain and suffering. This is why it is so important that you have a good attorney. Your attorney has gone to school to learn how to do just this. He has handled dozens (if not hundreds) of personal injury cases in the past. He knows how to evaluate things like lost wages and pain and suffering.

If you are in an accident, the first thing you need to do is seek medical treatment. Even if you don’t think you’re hurt, do it. You don’t want to find out days or weeks later that you are hurt. The more time goes by, the harder it will be to prove your injuries are the result of the car accident.

The second thing you want to do after a car accident is to call The Weinstein Firm. They have experienced attorneys ready to meet with you and evaluate your case. If your case has merit, they will tell you. If it does not have merit, they will tell you that as well. No good attorney is going to inflate the value of your lawsuit. It does no good for you or them.

How Can an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney Help Me?

An auto accident attorney knows the law. They deal with insurance companies every day. They will work hard to settle your case. Nobody wants to go through the trouble of a trial, least of all the insurance companies. Your attorney knows what the insurance thresholds and limits are. He can negotiate with the other side to reach a fair out of court settlement.

Your attorney will gather the evidence to prove your pain and suffering. He can get documentation to prove the extent of your injuries. He can talk to friends and family members to see just how your life has changed. Also, he can meet with doctors in case they need to present expert testimony. Your car accident attorney is experienced in this kind of thing. You are not.

If your case can’t be settled, trust that the attorneys at The Weinstein Firm will fight for you at trial.  They will present your case in the best possible light and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact the Weinstein Firm for Advice and Representation

After a car accident, the last thing you want to do is fight with insurance companies and lawyers. Let the car accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm in Atlanta, GA focus on your legal case.  You can focus on getting better. The consultation is free and you don’t pay anything unless and until you win your case!

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