Parked Car in Mableton: What Happens When Someone Hits It?

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Sometimes car accidents happen even when you’re not in the car. Sometimes, a driver could hit your parked car. In such situations, most people are confused about steps to take. If someone hits your parked car in Mableton, you have the right to receive rightful compensation for the damages.

When someone hits your parked vehicle, there are several steps you need to take to ensure the rightful compensation. You must never assume that the damage is minor. In this article, the car accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure that you get the settlement you deserve. Now that you know what to expect, let’s dive right in.

Vital Steps to Take if Someone Hits Your Parked Car in Mableton

Below are the crucial steps you need to take when your car is involved in an accident.

Call the Police

When someone hits your parked car in Mableton, you need to notify the police. This is important whenever there’s an amount of property damage or injury. People often assume this doesn’t apply when someone hits their parked car, but it does. It is never right to underestimate the damage to your vehicle. Also, if you were in the car, then chances are you sustained some injuries.

When you contact the police and arrive at the scene, they will create an official accident report and determine who’s at fault. The official accident report will come in handy when you file for compensation with the insurance company.

Obtain the Driver’s Information

If you saw the accident occur or the driver waited for you to return, you should obtain their contact information. You should record the driver’s name, insurance information, and address. If possible, try to take down their license plate number. You don’t need to get into details about who’s at fault or start discussing the crash. The police and insurance carrier will carry out the necessary investigation to find out who’s at fault.

Speak With Witnesses

If there are witnesses at the car accident scene, you should speak with them. Gather the necessary information about what they heard and saw, and ensure you write it down. Also, ask for the witnesses’ contact information and name if the insurance carrier or police need to hear their side of the story. Their testimony might be all you need to get the compensation you need.

You also need to gather any forms of evidence you can. Maybe there’s video footage you can use to prove the damage. You should also take pictures of the damage and the surroundings as proof. You’ll need them for your lawsuit.

Notify the Insurance Company

Once you’ve made the report and have spoken to the witnesses, you should contact your insurance company. Some people make the mistake of pushing it off for some days. Additionally, you need to contact the other driver’s insurance company to receive the rightful compensation.

Once you contact your insurance agent, they will inform you what information you need and what to expect. Your Mableton car accident lawyer will also inform you of the necessary evidence you will need to prove your claim.

If you also have uninsured motorist coverage, you could file a claim with your insurance company. You might need to pay a deductible to begin with, and it usually depends on your policy limits.

See a Doctor if You Were in the Parked Car

If you were inside the vehicle when the other car hit it, you need to see the doctor. You shouldn’t rule out the possibility that you sustained some injuries. Even minor accidents can result in damages, and sometimes, symptoms take forever to show up.

For example, whiplash victims sometimes experience symptoms days after the accident. See a doctor immediately. The medical assessment and treatment will foster recovery and serve as evidence for your case.

Contact our Mableton Car Accident Lawyers Today!

Even if minor damage was done to your parked car in Mableton, making a claim can get complicated. The other driver could claim that you parked your vehicle illegally. It is usually best to hire a car accident attorney in Mableton to represent you and negotiate a fair settlement.

Most people are not aware of the legal options open to them. However, your legal team could help you discover them and ensure you get your rightful compensation after someone hits your parked car in Mableton. Our expert car accident lawyers in Mableton can help you pursue compensation for your loss. For a free consultation, contact The Weinstein Firm today.

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