What is the Most Common Cause of Rear-End Collisions?

What is the Most Common Cause of Rear-End Collisions?

Rear-end collisions far outnumber head-on collisions or even side-swipes. But, at the root of it, what is the most common cause of rear-end collisions? It’s avoidable, and it’s unreasonable that so many accidents happen because of this one issue.

Following Too Closely and More

Georgia law explains that a vehicle cannot follow another so closely that another vehicle could not safely occupy that space. Additionally, they must not be in any danger at any time. The law is pretty clear but still following too closely is the most common cause for rear-end collisions. The rear-end collisions will always come down to following too closely. However, there are other factors that play a major role as well.

Mechanical failure, for example, if the brakes fail, will result in a rear-end. In these cases, you might find that the manufacturer is liable or at-fault. Mechanical failure will often accompany following too closely. Otherwise, the driver may have had the chance to safely maneuver to the side safely.

Another reason for rear-end collisions is road rage and heavy traffic. The big peach is no stranger to heavy, congested, traffic conditions. Congested traffic makes people angry, and then people act irrationally. Someone trying to “bust through traffic” or make room for themselves will often hit someone in front of them. Don’t allow an angry driver to approach your vehicle after a crash. Someone who is visibly upset can stay in their own vehicle while you wait for the police to arrive.

Finally, there is the risk that comes with distracted driving. Someone who is texting, reading a message, eating, or even chatting with passengers just isn’t paying attention. Unfortunately, not paying attention for a second or two can lead to a crash.

Little Room for Dispute in These Claims

Fortunately for the victims of a rear-end collision, it is almost universally accepted as the rear driver’s fault. In Georgia, with the contributory negligence stance, it is possible that the insurance company involved could try to put some of the blame on you. In Georgia, if you have any portion of the fault that will ultimately be taken out of your compensation.

Finding good ground for someone to argue that they were not at-fault in a rear-end collision is nearly impossible. Even hiring a high-powered attorney cannot get you out of some part of the fault. It’s clear that the person driving behind them was simply not able to stop in time. By association, it means they were following too closely and failed to give a proper duty of care. That duty of care is the foundation of negligence which is the foundation of fault.

Ultimately, if you hit someone from behind, you would have a hard time proving a shared fault. So, don’t take it as someone taking the entirety of the fault for something that everyone does. Following too closely leads to rear-end collisions and the people responsible for that need to be held accountable.

An Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Provides Insight

In recent years Atlanta car accident lawyers have seen people less inclined to pursue compensation through a lawsuit. However, the extensive injuries and property damage that come with rear-end collisions require full compensation for recovery. Families all too often struggle financially for years after a crash because they received far too little compensation for their damages.

If a car rammed into you from behind, then it is their fault. There is virtually no argument against it. Hold them responsible for what they caused and don’t let them get away with it.

When you choose to involve a car accident attorney, they can take a full look at your case. Pulling together your medical records, the treatment you received, and the treatment you need in the future. These are all aspects that help showcase the extent of the damage from this accident.

Contact the Atlanta Car Wreck Attorneys for Help

Following another vehicle too closely is the most common cause of rear-end collisions. If you’ve been injured because of this, reach out to The Weinstein Firm. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll have a member of our legal team help you with understanding your case. Ask questions such as what to expect for the charge, how contingency fees work, and the chances of your claim.

We work with many different types of car accident victims. Without a doubt, we can help you build a strong case and fight for fair compensation. Schedule a meeting with The Weinstein Firm today.

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