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Truck accidents aren’t like your typical vehicle-on-vehicle accident.  Because the vehicle involved is often several tons larger than the other vehicles involved, the end results can be significantly more complicated and devastating.

This is why having your truck accident case handled by a truck accident lawyer is extremely important.  A truck wreck lawyer will have specific knowledge, focus and experience to handle your case. The truck accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm have represented truck accident victims in a high number of cases. Call today at 770-HELP-NOW and we will give your case 100% dedication to make sure you get the full compensation you deserve.

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How to Choose the Right Truck Accident Attorney

If you want to walk away with a big win, it is extremely important that you choose your truck accident lawyer with care.  Choosing any standard law firm that deals with vehicle accidents will not suffice.  You need a team of truck accident lawyers that are dedicated experts with vast experience in these heavily defended cases.  A seasoned truck wreck lawyer knows how complex a truck accident can be and will work diligently on your behalf, giving your case the full attention it deserves.

You’ll also need to make sure your truck wreck lawyer can afford to represent you as they take on your case. Did you know the expense of truck accident cases can far surpass the cost of car accident investigations?  Truck accident cases require numerous costly resources and a truck accident lawyer at The Weinstein Firm already has the tools already in place to manage these costs.

There have been many cases when a truck accident case – that should have ended in full compensation for the victim – does not go according to plan.  This often happens because the team of truck accident lawyers cannot afford to properly manage your case.  You can rest assured that this will not happen with your truck accident attorney lawyers at The Weinstein Firm.

At this very moment, we stand ready to take your case and get you the maximum compensation you deserve for your truck accident injuries.

How We Get You Compensated

Here at The Weinstein Firm, our truck accident clients have been awarded millions of dollars, but it isn’t an easy task.  Truck accident cases are especially difficult, because not only is a large amount of money lost because of the accident itself but also because of the potential to lose thousands and even millions more in investigations and litigation.

There can be many different parties involved in these cases, all of which may have played a part in why you were injured.  The job of your truck accident lawyer is to go against each one of the defendants and work ruthlessly to make sure you are compensated.

Working with Insurance Companies

Truck accidents have more legal complications than a typical car accident because there can be multiple lines of insurance coverages that need to be addressed.  This is just one of the reasons a truck accident lawyer will be able to assist in your case.

For example, an accident involves that a tractor-trailer will sometimes have one insurance policy for the truck (the “cab” area that houses the driver) and a different insurance policy for the trailer (the section pulled by the cab) because they are often owned by two separate companies.  Plus, if the driver has a separate insurance policy and if there were any other drivers involved, they too could be held liable.

A truck wreck lawyer can pursue all parties involved to get you the maximum amount of compensation from each insurance company for your injuries.

To get this done properly and most effectively, your car accident lawyer will need to organize a detailed investigation and possibly lengthy testimony from each of the drivers and their insurance companies involved in the accident.

Your truck accident lawyer will also investigate other possible causes of the accident, including construction, road conditions or weather conditions.  For example, improper signage or lanes not clearly marked could be a contributing factor.  Weather conditions could also play a role in truck accidents, especially if the roadways have not been properly maintained.

A truck accident lawyer will thoroughly explore every possibility to determine what caused and contributed to your truck accident.   Without an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side who is willing to dedicate the time and funds needed to establish all the facts, your case could be dismissed.  The truck accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm will make sure this doesn’t happen to you and are committed to making sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Just like every other type of vehicle accident, truck accidents can have a variety of different causes.  However, truck accidents have many other factors that are specific to trucks in particular.

The magnitude of an automobile accident involving a semi tractor-trailer truck is another variable in these types of cases.  Both the size and weight of these large commercial vehicles increase the danger of death and serious injuries to anyone involved in a truck accident.

A truck accident attorney will help determine the cause of your accident by investigating all the possible scenarios, including the obvious causes like speeding and distracted driving. Your truck accident attorney will also investigate these other common causes:

Driver Fatigue

Some truck drivers are paid according to how many deliveries they can make in a certain period of time.  Although some laws are now in place that prohibit drivers from driving too many hours without proper rest, it still happens.   Most semi-truck cabs have space built for the truck drivers to rest, but many times a truck driver will forego sleep in favor of making more deliveries and ultimately, more money.

Those long hours behind the wheel eventually take their toll and too many times, lead to a driver who falls asleep at the wheel. This, combined with several tons of cargo too often results in catastrophic injuries and multiple fatalities. If this is the reason behind your truck accident, an experienced truck wreck lawyer will investigate to make sure the truck driver and his company are held liable.

Driving Under the Influence

It can be hard to imagine someone getting behind the wheel of a giant truck under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but it happens more often than what you might think.  A car accident that involves someone who is impaired is scary enough but coupled with a 40-ton truck, lifelong injuries and fatalities are a very real possibility.  Your truck accident lawyer will be sure to get records of all the accident aftermath, so the proper punishment and compensation payments can be made.

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Improper Cargo Loading

In some cases, the cause of a truck accident has nothing to do with the truck driver, but rather, it is directly related to the truck itself.   Improper loading is a common cause for accidents seen by truck accident lawyers because trucks can be loaded improperly (with too much weight) or inadequately (with items not correctly secured) before the driver begins their route.  In many cases, these mistakes pass inspections and a truck accident lawyer finds the driver was not aware of the issue until the accident occurred.

Your truck wreck lawyer is familiar with these strict industry-specific guidelines for loading the bed of a commercial truck which includes weight, size, length, width, and height limits as well as protocols for properly securing cargo.   When these guidelines are not properly followed during loading procedures, and these mistakes pass inspections, the load can fall off while the truck is at either low or high speeds, causing life-altering or fatal injuries.

In a case like this, the truck driver may not be held liable, but your personal injury attorney would pursue those individuals and corporations who oversaw the loading and inspection to make sure they are held liable for your injuries.

Mechanical Errors

If you suspect this could be the cause of your truck accident, this is another area where you will benefit greatly by having a team of experienced truck accident lawyers on your side.   When a truck is barreling down the highway – even if the driver is obeying the speed limit – mechanical breakdowns can lead to the driver to lose control of a 40-ton vehicle.

A thorough investigation will need to be made into several different parties who could be held liable for your accident.  Your pedestrian accident attorney will cover them all, including the truck manufacturer, the parts manufacturer, the company responsible for the sale of the truck, the company responsible for the sale of the parts and the mechanic who made part repairs along with the company who employs them.

Plus, an individual and their corporation who may have performed follow up inspections deeming the parts in full working order can also be held liable for your accident.

How to Get Compensation for Your Injuries

There is no question that you need to seek medical care following an accident.  Not doing so can not only affect your health but also the possibility of a favorable financial outcome in your case.

Your truck accident attorney is fully prepared for the insurance company to do everything it can to avoid paying for your medical costs.  They know how expensive those bills can be, but as an innocent victim in a truck accident, it certainly is not your responsibility to pay for your medical costs.

A truck wreck lawyer will let you know what to expect early on:  the insurance company will most likely offer you a settlement.   The insurance reps will attempt to scare you into accepting this low-ball offer, knowing that they have room to give you hundreds of thousands more.  The insurance company’s hopes are that you will fear your mounting medical bills and take whatever amount they put on the table.

Unless that amount is fair compensation and covers every area of your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, post-traumatic stress and more, your pedestrian accident attorney will gladly fight to get you more compensation, will aggressively pursue the insurance company and will represent you and your case until you are satisfied.

Some of the areas your truck accident lawyer will pursue compensation include:

Current and future medical expenses

This may include the cost of emergency room and hospital visits, surgery and physical therapy appointments. If your injuries require longer-term care, your truck accident lawyer adds that to your compensation package.

Current and future lost wages

If you have injuries that cause you to miss work either temporarily or permanently, you clearly cannot earn income.  You should not be penalized for this, as your injuries are not your fault.   Your truck accident lawyer will work aggressively to make sure you get the recovery of compensation for the wages lost for the duration of the time you are not able to work.

There will also be special consideration for the income you would have earned had the accident not happened.

Pain and Suffering and Emotional Distress

This does not just mean physical pain, but your truck wreck lawyer will also include the mental anguish you experience following the accident because of your injuries. The final calculation will be determined by the injury itself, the extent of the pain, and how long the suffering is expected to last.

Loss of Consortium

If a truck accident involved a fatality ruled as wrongful death, loss of consortium would be a discussion during litigation.  If there is a surviving spouse in a fatal accident, a truck accident attorney will try to get financial compensation for the loss of a companion, loss of aid and services, and more.   The same can apply to surviving parents for the loss of a child or to children for the loss of a parent.

This is a sad reality of truck accidents, but a truck accident attorney will work tirelessly to help get you the financial compensation you deserve for your sadness and loss.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Here at The Weinstein Firm, we are committed to helping you recover financial damages that may pay for your medical costs, lost wages and more and we will invest fully to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

You are not alone.  Call The Weinstein Firm at 770-HELP-NOW and talk to a skilled Lawrenceville accident attorney today to schedule your free consultation.  We are here to help get you the full compensation you deserve.

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