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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Lawrenceville, GA


Being a pedestrian in Lawrenceville has great benefits.  There are plenty of sidewalks and paths, so getting from point A to point B on foot is quite common.  However, a pedestrian accident lawyer can attest to the fact that pedestrian-related accidents happen all too often, and if the accident doesn’t result in a fatality, there are typically extensive injuries involved.

A pedestrian accident attorney sees injuries on all different levels because a pedestrian has no protection when struck by a vehicle.   Someone in a car or bus would have the vehicle’s armor to absorb the initial impact of a collision.  A pedestrian has nothing, so their body bears the brunt of the impact.

Common Pedestrian Injuries

The injuries suffered by a pedestrian when hit by a vehicle can be scary and very serious. Therefore, so many fatalities happen as a result.  A pedestrian accident lawyer sees a variety of injuries in these personal injury cases.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety says that than 5,300 pedestrians were killed in 2015 in the United States.  In the state of Georgia, pedestrian-related fatalities rose from 2008-2015, topping out in 2015 at 193 pedestrians being killed in vehicle-related accidents.

That number reflects the just the fatalities.  Imagine how busy a pedestrian accident attorney must be, fighting for compensation rights for those pedestrians with car-accident related injuries.

Injuries to the lower extremities can result in long-term mobility problems. Head, neck and back injuries can be life-threatening. Both injury types can cause long-term pain and suffering.

The most common car accident injuries are seen by a pedestrian accident lawyer include:

Broken Bones

This could occur in any part of the body and could be a hairline fracture with a cast or something more serious, like a crushed bone that can require multiple surgeries.  Broken bones typically occur at the point of impact when the force of the vehicle hitting the bone is stronger than the bone itself.


Cuts, Scrapes, and Lacerations

These can range from a surface scrape and mild bruising to something more severe and life-threatening.  Open wounds can require stitches, plastic surgery, and reconstructive surgery.  Those injuries are also susceptible to infections because they are open wounds that may have dirt and debris inside and are also exposed to the elements.


Head Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the most common head injury in pedestrian accident cases.  TBI cases can range from a mild concussion which can heal over time with proper rest to the more serious head injuries that can affect speech, vision and can have a long-term overall effect on mental and emotional stability.


A pedestrian wreck lawyer understands how your quality of life can change because of a TBI and will not back down until you are properly compensated for your injuries.


Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries aren’t just painful.  A pedestrian accident lawyer will fight for maximum compensation also because of the mental and emotional suffering that comes along with such a serious injury. Serious spinal cord injuries can be lifelong and lead to disabilities.  Paralysis can also occur, and a pedestrian accident lawyer will make sure you are supported as your case makes its way through the legal system.


The extent of the injuries above all depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident.  A pedestrian accident lawyer will get to each detail that affects your case so that you can be compensated for your injuries.  There may be several reasons an accident occurred.  Regardless of the reason behind your pain and suffering, a pedestrian wreck lawyer can help.


Reasons for Car-Related Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accident lawyers can easily site the obvious culprits of car-related pedestrian accidents, like speeding, weather-related problems and distracted driving (i.e., texting, GPS, etc.).   But there are many other no-so-obvious factors that could play a key role in your case, and a pedestrian accident attorney will help to make sure the proper person, party or business is held liable in your case.


Left-Hand Turns 

The idea of a crosswalk is to allow pedestrians to cross the street safely, but crosswalks aren’t foolproof.  Statistics show that you are three times more likely to get hit by a car making a left-hand turn because both the driver and the pedestrian are looking in different directions.  Your pedestrian accident lawyer will find what caused your accident and make sure the proper person is held liable for your injuries.


Unmarked Crosswalks   

The proper use of a crosswalk generally reduces the chance of an accident, but not all intersections are properly marked.  This can be a factor that your pedestrian wreck lawyer will address aggressively in your case.


Drinking and Driving

Driving under the influence is not to be taken lightly, and a pedestrian wreck lawyer will seek the fullest punishment the law allows if you were hit by a drunk driver.  Your pedestrian wreck attorney will seek to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries.  Because drunk drivers often drive at high speeds and are seriously impaired, pedestrians hit by their vehicles are often killed.


Quiet Cars

For all the great aspects of an environmentally friendly car with an electric engine, pedestrian wreck lawyers are well versed in the many accidents that happen as a direct result of one of the hybrid vehicle’s biggest perks.  These hybrid cars are whisper quiet, and pedestrians may not be able to hear the car as it approaches them.  A pedestrian accident attorney will pursue compensation for your injuries and find the real cause of the accident.

How Can I Get Compensated?

Your pedestrian accident lawyer will explain that there are several factors that determine who is held liable in your pedestrian accident case and how much compensation you will receive for your injuries.


Those factors include:


How Much the Pedestrian Contributed to the Accident

Were you in a crosswalk when the accident occurred?  Did you fail to yield?  Were you visible to the car when it hit you?  Although your lawyer will defend you from the beginning of the case through the end, your actions will inevitably be a discussion by the party that should be held liable.  Your pedestrian accident lawyer will be prepared for any counterclaims made by the opposing party by knowing how to answer those questions.



In the state of Georgia, no-fault insurance does NOT exist, as it does in many other states.  This means that in a personal injury case, you, the pedestrian, can pursue compensation for the full amount of damages, which most often includes medical costs, lost earnings and wages, pain, and suffering and other costs associated with your accident.


The Extent of Your Injuries

There is clearly no monetary value that can be placed on that of a life.  However, when it comes to insurance companies and negotiating compensation, the opposing insurance company will place monetary values on your injuries and the impact they have on your life.  Your pedestrian accident attorney will not back down from the insurance company when they try to minimize your injuries, pain, and suffering.

The Financial Impact

This is often forgotten with those accident victims who do not retain the services of a pedestrian accident lawyer.  When injuries are sustained in an accident, the medical bills need to be paid.  What happens if you can afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars upon discharge from the hospital or the emergency room?  If those bills aren’t paid in a timely manner, you will begin to receive phone calls from bill collectors, and your credit can be negatively impacted and so begins the ripple effect of complications from your pedestrian accident.  A pedestrian accident lawyer will make sure this is covered in your compensation package.

All the factors above, and possibly others will have a monetary value placed on them, which is commonly referred to as the settlement value.

How Much Compensation Can I Get?

Both you and your pedestrian wreck lawyer can expect that the first settlement offer will be low.   Many people often want to take that first offer, not realizing that if they wait a little longer and let their team of pedestrian accident lawyers do what they do best, subsequent offers will be much more, often in the high six figures range and more.

This phase, called “litigation” can be daunting, which is why it is even more necessary to have a pedestrian wreck lawyer who is tough, relentless and refuses to back down from the insurance companies.

If, in the case that you consider settling your case, the settlement offer value will help you and your pedestrian accident lawyer to determine if a settlement offer made by the other party is fair and acceptable.

If it is not, you can deny the settlement offer, extend a counter offer for more compensation or take your case to trial.

Your pedestrian accident attorney will advise you in making the best possible decision for the best possible outcome of your case.  Whether or not to accept a settlement offer is 100% up to you and your pedestrian accident lawyer is on your side.  You are not alone in the fight to get full compensation for your injuries.

How to Handle the Insurance Companies

Your pedestrian accident attorney will step in immediately and take over all talks with the insurance company.  The insurance representatives and adjustors will most likely seem to have your best interest at heart but beware.  They are not on your side.  Not even YOUR insurance company is on your side.  No insurance company wants to write a check for thousands -or even millions of dollars – to cover the cost of your injuries.

There are many more factors that a pedestrian accident lawyer will be sure to include in your compensation case.  Did you know that your pedestrian accident lawyer specializes in how to get insurance companies to do what’s right?   The insurance company will try to blame you for the accident and threaten to offer you nothing at all, but your pedestrian wreck attorney knows what to expect and is fully prepared to represent you and your case until the end so that you can get the maximum settlement for your case.

You should not be stuck with bills, injuries and the stress that goes along with it.  But if you choose to fight your own case, that could be precisely what happens.  Don’t talk to the insurance companies yourself.  Do not admit fault and do not sign anything.  Once you are in a safe place and the proper information is gathered after your accident, your next call should be to a pedestrian accident attorney at The Weinstein Firm.

You Are Not Alone.  There is Help.

You can have total trust and confidence that a pedestrian wreck lawyer at The Weinstein Firm has your best interests at heart.  The moment you become our client you can rest easy knowing your case is in the right hands. Our pedestrian accident lawyers attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge in pedestrian accident cases in Lawrenceville, Georgia.


We will handle all talks with your insurance company and that of the other parties involved in your case.  Your medical bills will no longer be a factor, as you know that fair compensation is due to you.  You did nothing wrong, and you do not deserve to handle this stressful situation by yourself.  You can focus on healing and getting better while your pedestrian accident lawyers handle everything else.  Your stress levels can disappear knowing you have a team fighting aggressively and relentlessly for your rights.


When your case is over, you’ll know you made the right decision because you’ll walk away with more compensation than you ever thought imaginable.  Who knew, a simple phone call to a pedestrian accident lawyer The Weinstein Firm could make such a difference?


Have you been involved in a pedestrian accident?  Call the accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm today.  We’ll schedule you for a free consultation immediately to review your case, so we can get you the compensation you deserve.