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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Johns Creek, GA

Like most cities in Georgia, Johns Creek has its fair share of motorcycle accidents. Compared to other cities, the number of motorcycle riders in this particular region is higher. That is mainly because of the all-year-round warm weather. However, as the number of motorcyclists increases so does the prevalence of road accidents. Motorcycle accident victims who have suffered injuries and financial loss should speak to a motorcycle accident attorney in Johns Creek, Georgia.

Motorcycle riding might be fun, but it is also associated with some risks. Each year in Johns Creek, there are hundreds of motorcycle accidents both in and around the town. The majority of these accidents involve collisions with motor vehicles. Since there is a significant difference in the size of a motorcycle and a truck, van, SUV or even a car, in most cases, the motorcyclist has no protection when a collision occurs.

One of the biggest reasons why motorcyclists suffer the brunt of injuries during a collision with a motor vehicle is the speed at which they ride. Motorcycles are powerful vehicles, and the biggest attraction of riding a motorbike for most people is the speed and the freedom. However, a collision at a fast speed can be disastrous for the rider. Each year, many deaths occur from riding motorcycles. Motorcyclists are believed to be 20 times more likely to die from an accident compared to deaths from other modes of transportation. If you were in a motorbike accident, you should talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer to learn how you can recover damages for any medical costs and/or lost wages.

Discuss Types of Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident with a Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

Injuries from motorcycle accidents can vary depending on the severity of the accident. You should speak to motorcycle accident lawyers no matter which type of injury you have as they can provide you more information about the type of compensation you can receive based on your injuries.

In general, the types of injuries following a motorcycle accident could include:

  • Head trauma is the most common as most riders of motorcycles are thrown on the ground when they hit another vehicle. While a helmet does protect against minor injury, a high-speed accident can lead to severe head trauma despite the safety helmet. These head injuries can lead to bleeding inside the brain or severe contusion. The accident victim may suffer from memory loss, paralysis, loss of speech, inability to move one or both extremities or severe loss of cognition. These injuries could be much more severe if the rider was not wearing a helmet. If you were in a collision and have suffered head trauma, speak to a Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer about how you can recover the costs you have incurred for medical treatment.
  • Chest trauma is another common injury. Chest trauma could result in damage to major blood vessels which in turn could lead to bleeding around the heart and lungs. If the large blood vessels of the heart are torn, this can lead to immediate death. Rib or clavicle fractures lead to lung injury and severe pain that may last months or years. Victims of motorcycle accidents who have suffered chest trauma should consult a motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss options to recover medical costs and/or lost wages.
  • Spinal cord injury is also common among victims of motorcycle accidents. Spinal cord injury may result in paralysis, and despite rehabilitation, many will not recover. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury after being in a motorcycle accident, you should discuss your options with a motorcycle accident lawyer and find out any specific benefits that you may be entitled to if your injuries are likely to keep you from working for a long period of time.
  • Pelvic and leg fractures are very common after motorcycle accidents. These could lead to prolonged hospitalization. Even after discharge, the individual may have to undergo extensive rehabilitation, but full recovery is often not possible. Speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer if your doctor has suggested long-term treatment for your condition.
  • Severe lacerations or road rash often occur if the rider is thrown many yards onto the ground. The skin may peel off from the legs, arms, abdomen, and face. In many cases, skin grafts are required, and healing is prolonged. It is important to talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer if you are suffering from any medical condition that forces you to take days off from work or that costs you significant medical expenditure.
  • Facial injuries are also very common when the bike rider is thrown onto the pavement. The face may suffer fractures, vision may be lost, and one may not even be able to breathe. Repair of facial fractures is an extensive undertaking, and despite a full recovery, scars may remain for life. Speak to a Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer for any financial struggle you have had to go through because of such injuries.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Johns Creek, GA

There are several reasons for the prevalence of motorcycle accidents in Johns Creek, Georgia. Sometimes, it is the fault of the motorcyclist, but in many other cases, it is the driver of the other motor vehicle involved in the crash. The fault is an important factor when it comes to determining how much compensation you can claim. You should discuss this aspect of your compensation claim with a Johns Creek motorcycle accident attorney.

Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • The motorcyclist is not seen by a motor vehicle driver either due to a blind spot or because the driver simply was not paying attention to the road.
  • The motorcyclist was not wearing bright colored clothes and was not seen by the driver. This is a common scenario at night.
  • The motor vehicle driver makes a sudden right-hand turn and is not aware that the motorbike rider was in the right lane.
  • The motor vehicle driver rear-ends the motorcycle driver because they were following too closely.
  • The motor vehicle driver suddenly slows down, and the motorcyclist hits the car from behind.
  • The motor vehicle driver is speeding through a 4-way intersection and fails to notice the motorbike.

Many motorcycle accidents occur when the other driver fails to yield the right of way to the motorcycle rider. In some cases, the motor vehicle driver may claim that he did not see the motorcycle because of a blind spot, but in most cases, the driver probably failed to look for other drivers on the road. If this is the reason why your accident occurred, tell your motorcycle accident attorney everything in detail.

The most dangerous time to ride a motorcycle in Johns Creek, Georgia, is at night. Especially when the rider is not wearing bright colored clothing and is speeding. At high speeds, even a minor impact on the motorbike can cause loss of control and lead to a serious accident. Talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer if one of these factors may have caused a collision and if you were hurt. A motorcycle accident attorney will be in the best position to inform you as to how you should proceed in seeking compensation for any damages that you may have incurred.

Even though many motorbike riders undertake a course in defensive driving, accidents still occur because of the unpredictably of the other drivers on the road. It also doesn’t help that motorcyclists sometimes ride their bikes too fast when sharing the road with other vehicles. Speak to a Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer and tell them exactly how the accident occurred and what possible issues could have caused the accident.

Speak to Motorcycle Accident Attorneys About Compensation

Any motorcycle wreck lawyer will tell you that the compensation you receive following a motorcycle accident will depend on the extent of your injuries and the determination of fault. If you are not at fault, then the other party involved in the collision will have to pay your medical bills, lost wages, hospitalization costs and any rehabilitation costs. You can discuss how you can file for compensation with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Johns Creek, GA.

In Georgia, the law also allows the victim to claim for pain and suffering in addition to their medical expenses. This amount can be quite high, depending on the extent of injuries and the extent of suffering for the accident victim. Discuss these specifics with a motorcycle accident attorney. Since the determination of pain and suffering can be fairly subjective, your motorcycle accident lawyer will require specific information about the impact the accident had on your life and how it affected your personal, professional and financial condition. Speak in great detail with a motorcycle wreck lawyer about this so that they can help you with your compensation claim.

In Georgia, if the motor vehicle driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can also receive punitive damages. If you believe that the primary reason why your accident occurred was that the other driver was drunk, you should give this information to your motorcycle wreck lawyer. This can have a significant impact on your compensation amount, so make sure your motorcycle accident lawyer knows that the other driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Keep in mind that Georgia is an at-fault state, meaning that if you were partly responsible for the motorcycle crash, you would also be held accountable. Courts follow the comparative negligence rule to determine fault in cases where multiple parties may have contributed to the accident. Your motorcycle wreck lawyer will help you understand how this principle works.

Your compensation amount will be reduced by your fault level as per the comparative negligence rule.  For example, if you were speeding, but got cut-off suddenly by another driver, and this resulted in a crash, the court will evaluate the evidence to determine the role you played in causing the accident. If the total sum awarded is $100,000, and if you were 10% at fault, then you will get $90,000. Talk to a motorcycle accident attorney for more information about the comparative negligence rule in Johns Creek, GA.

Contact a Johns Creek Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at The Weinstein Firm

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and if you feel that the fault is not yours, it is important to get in touch with a motor wreck lawyer. At The Weinstein Firm, we have an excellent legal team that is ready and willing to help accident victims. Our motorcycle accident lawyers have dealt with numerous cases where accident victims suffered serious injuries and faced financial problems because of their medical bills. Our motorcycle wreck lawyer is here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

You should know that in many accident cases, the other driver’s insurance company tries to convince the victim to settle quickly. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will advise you to not rush into such a decision. It is important that you speak to a motorcycle accident attorney before you sign anything or agree to any terms. It often happens that the other party will offer a small sum that may seem large to you at the time, but doesn’t even come close to the amount you are actually entitled to. Speak to our motorcycle accident lawyer, and they will tell you how much you can claim and how much you actually deserve.

Insurance companies often manipulate the situation and exploit the vulnerability of accident victims. Hence, it is important to speak to a motor accident lawyer in Johns Creek, Georgia. We will ensure that you get the justice you deserve. If you settle without speaking to a motorcycle wreck lawyer, there is no turning back. Don’t take such a risk. Talk to a motorcycle accident attorney. Our motorcycle accident lawyers offer free initial consultations. There is no point in taking on this legal battle without proper legal counsel. Call The Weinstein firm today and speak to our Johns Creek accident lawyers.