How Long Do Points Stay On Your License In Georgia?

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If you get convicted of speeding or another driving-related offense, points are added to your driving record by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). Because 15 points or more that are added in a 24-month time period results in your license being suspended, many drivers want to know how long they are going to have to wait before driving record points in Georgia are deducted. If you were involved in an accident, our experienced car accident lawyers can assist you in the legal process.

How Long Do Points Stay On Your Driving Record In Georgia?

If you live in the state of Georgia, points will stay on your driving record for a period of two years. Points will drop off after they have been on your driving record for two years. However, the drop off occurs at the two-year mark from the precise date that each of the points was added. If this means you get more than one ticket at various times, some points might come off of your record sooner than others do.

How Can I get Points Taken Off Of My Driving Record?

If you would like to have points taken off of your driving record in Georgia before the two-year time period is up, then you can legally require a point reduction (up to a maximum of seven points) once each five years. However, before you make this request you need to meet certain criteria.

To request to have points taken off of your driving record, refer to this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Complete the Driver Improvement course

The Driving Improvement course is a 6-hour program that teaches drivers safe driving attitudes and behaviors. According to O.C.G.A §40-5-86, you can only take the Driver Improvement course once every five years at a certified Driver Improvement Clinic.

Please note that online courses are not accepted by The Department of Driver Services (DDS). DDS-approved Driver Improvement courses are classroom instruction only and do not include any on-road or behind-the-wheel training.

As of now, here are the DDS-accredited Driver Improvement course clinics in Georgia:

  • American Safety Council (ASC)
  • American Automobile Association (AAA)
  • National Safety Council (NSC)
  • Driving Educators of Georgia (DEOG)
  • Georgia Association for Risk Reduction & Defensive Driver Education (GARDE)
  • The Roadway Safety Network (TRSN)

While the enrollment fee depends on the provider you choose, DDS guidelines state that Driver Improvement clinics may charge a fee of up to $95.

Step 2: Obtain a Certificate of Completion

After completing the Driver Improvement course, you will be given a certificate of completion. This document is necessary to make your request for point reduction.

Step 3: Submit your certificate of completion to the DDS

You have two options – bring the original copy of the certificate to a DDS Customer Service Center or request a points reduction via Mail. For Mail-In requests, send the original copy to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, P. O. Box 80447, Conyers, Georgia 3001.

For lost Certificate of Completions, please contact the clinic you attended and request a replacement. Driver Improvement records are only kept for three years.

If the facility has closed and you took the course within the last three years, please call DDS at 678-413-8745. You may be charged a fee of up to $5.00 for the replacement certificate. If three or more years have passed, you must retake the course.

If you are successful, then you might be able to have some points taken off of your driving record in less than two years, depending on when those points were accrued.

Also, there are ways you can avoid points altogether getting onto your driving record. If you are charged with a moving violation, there are some judges who may give you the option of completing a defensive driving program of six hours. If you are able to show proof of completing the program, then your ticket might never be processed or get dismissed. It will be as if this violation never occurred.

Here are other convictions that do not merit any points: 

  • Speeding convictions for speeds less than 15 miles per hour above the posted limit
  • Driving “Too Fast for Conditions” convictions or driving at a speed that impairs your ability to safely operate a vehicle in certain conditions, including severe weather, slippery roads, traffic, and low visibility.
  • If you live outside of Georgia

However, it is very important that you know that although points can be removed or come off your record, a violation that is on your record is not removed.

What are the Consequences of There Being Points on Your Driving Record?

Driving record points exist to punish moving violations, like reckless driving, running a stop sign, or speeding. Any of those may result in a car accident in Atlanta and injuries to other drivers and yourself.

There are a certain number of points that come with traffic violations, which range one point to six points, depending on how severe the violation is. If you accrue 15 points within 24 months, your driver’s license will be suspended.

The DDS shall impose a point system upon conviction of a violation. The point system shall be as follows:

Code Offense Penalty
40-6-2 Failure to Obey Person Directing Traffic 3 points
40-6-6 Emergency Vehicle Violation 3 points
40-6-11 No Proof of Insurance-Motorcycle 3 points
40-6-14 Limits on Sound Volume 3 points
40-6-16(b) “Move Over” Violation 3 points
40-6-16(c) Improper Passing of a Stationary Utility Service Vehicle 3 points
40-6-16.1 Improper Passing of an Active Sanitation Vehicle  3 points
40-6-17 Use of Traffic Control Device or Signal 3 points
40-6-21 Failure to Obey Traffic Signal or Light 3 points
40-6-23 Failure to Obey Flashing Signal 3 points
40-6-24 Lane Direction Violation 3 points
40-6-26(a) Tampering with Traffic Signs or Signals (while operating vehicle) 3 points
40-6-26(b) Operating Vehicle on Closed Roadway 3 points
40-6-27 Tampering with Pavement Markers (while operating vehicle) 3 points
40-6-40 Improper Lane Usage 3 points
40-6-41 Failure to Yield to Oncoming Traffic 3 points
40-6-42 Improper Passing 3 points
40-6-43 Improper Passing on the Right 3 points
40-6-44 Improper Passing  3 points
40-6-45 Improper Passing on Hill or Curve 4 points
40-6-46 Passing in a No Passing Zone 3 points
40-6-47(b) Wrong Way on One-Way Road 3 points
40-6-47(c) Rotary Traffic Island Violation 3 points
40-6-48 Improper/Erratic lane Change/Failure to Maintain Lane 3 points
40-6-49 Following to Closely 3 points
40-6-50 Driving Within Gore or Improper Entry to Controlled Access Highway 3 points
40-6-51 Improper Use of Controlled-Access Road  3 points
40-6-51(a)(1) Improper Use of Controlled-Access Road  3 points
40-6-51(a)(2) Improper Use of Controlled-Access Road  3 points
40-6-52 Truck Lane Usage Violation 3 points
40-6-53 Bus or Motorcoach Lane Violation 3 points
40-6-54 HOV Lane Violation 1 point for 4th +
40-6-55  Failure to Yield Bicycle 3 points
40-6-56 Failure to Maintain Safe Distance from Bicycle 3 points
40-6-70 Failure to Yield at Intersection 3 points
40-6-71 Failure to Yield When Turning Left 3 points
40-6-72 Stop/Yield Sign Violation 3 points
40-6-73 Failure to Yield when Crossing or Entering Road 3 points
40-6-74 Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle 3 points
40-6-75 Failure to Yield to Construction Vehicle 3 points
40-6-76 Failure to Yield to Funeral Procession 3 points
40-6-91 Failure to Yield to Pedestrian 3 points
40-6-93 Failure to Exercise Due Care Near Pedestrian 3 points
40-6-94 Failure to Yield to Blind Pedestrian 3 points
40-6-98 Driving Through Safety Zone 3 points
40-6-120 Improper Turning 3 points
40-6-121 Improper U-Turn 3 points
40-6-122 Improper Starting 3 points
40-6-123 Failure to Signal Turn 3 points
40-6-124 Improper Use of Signal 3 points
40-6-125 Improper Use of Hand Signal 3 points
40-6-126 Improper Use of Turn Lane 3 points
40-6-140 Railroad Grade Crossing Violation 3 points
40-6-141 Disregard of Stop Sign at Railroad Grade Crossing 3 points
40-6-142 Failure to Stop at Railroad Grade Crossing 3 points
40-6-143 Improper Movement of Heavy Equipment 3 points
40-6-144 Improper Emerging from Alley, Driveway or Building 3 points
40-6-160 School Bus Speeding Violation 15-18mph – 2 points

19-23 mph – 3 points

24-33 mph – 4 points

34+ mph – 6 points

40-6-161 School Bus Headlight or Communication Device Violation 3 points
40-6-162 School Bus Signal Violation 3 points
40-6-163 Unlawful Passing of School Bus 6 points
40-6-164 School Bus Disembarking Violation 3 points
40-6-165 School Bus Operation Violation 3 points
40-6-181 Speeding 15-18mph – 2 points

19-23 mph – 3 points

24-33 mph – 4 points

34+ mph – 6 points

40-6-184 Impeding the Flow of Traffic 3 points
40-6-184(a) Speed Less than Minimum 3 points
40-6-184(c) Impeding the Flow of Traffic 3 points
40-6-185 Speeding on Bridge or Structure 15-18mph – 2 points

19-23 mph – 3 points

24-33 mph – 4 points

34+ mph – 6 points

40-6-188 Speeding in Work Zone 15-18mph – 2 points

19-23 mph – 3 points

24-33 mph – 4 points

34+ mph – 6 points

40-6-205 Obstructing an Intersection 3 points
40-6-240 Improper Backing 3 points
40-6-241 Failure to Exercise Due Care/Unlawful Use of Wireless Device 3 points
40-6-242 Driving with Obstructed View 3 points
40-6-244 Allowing Passenger in House Trailer 3 points
40-6-245 Improper Mountain/Canyon Driving 3 points
40-6-246 Coasting 3 points
40-6-247 Improper Following of Emergency Vehicle 3 points
40-6-248 Crossing Fire Hose 3 points
40-6-248.1 Unsecured Load Resulting in Accident 2 points
40-6-250 Wearing Device Impairing Vision or Hearing 3 points
40-6-251 Laying Drags 3 points
40-6-252 Cruising 3 points
40-6-253 Open Container 2 points
40-6-253.1 Improper Transportation of Infectious Substance 3 points
40-6-254 Unsecured Load Resulting in Accident 2 points
40-6-271 Violation of Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle 3 points
40-6-272 Violation of Duty Upon Striking Fixed 3 points
40-6-273 Failure to Report Accident 3 points
40-6-275 Failure to Remove Vehicle from Roadway 3 points
40-6-311 Improper Operation of Motorcycle 3 points
40-6-312 Motorcycle Lane Violation 3 points
40-6-312(e) Operation of Motorcycle Without Head/Taillight 3 points
40-6-313 Clinging to Vehicle While on Motorcycle 3 points
40-6-314 Motorcycle Equipment Violation 3 points
40-6-315 Motorcycle Protective Gear Violation 3 points
40-6-326 Operating Personal Assistive Mobility Device While Intoxicated 3 points
40-6-352 Moped Headgear Violation 3 points
40-6-361 Low Speed Vehicle Lane Violation 3 points
40-6-362 Low Speed Vehicle Roadway Violation 3 points
40-6-390 Reckless Driving 4 points
40-6-393.1(c) Feticide by Vehicle-2nd Degree 3 points
40-6-397 Aggressive Driving 6 points
40-8-76 Child or Youth Restraint not properly used (under the age of 8) 1 point – 1st offense

2 points – 2nd or subsequent offense

When you receive a suspension, it means that your driving privileges are revoked temporarily for a certain time period. You will then need to wait until your suspension is complete before you apply to have your driver’s license reinstated. There is a fee included with reinstatement in addition to other requirements.

To check your license status and demerit points or to reinstate, create an Online Services account on the DDS website or download the DDS 2 Go app on your mobile device.

If your license has been suspended, follow these steps to have it reinstated:

  • Complete your 90-day suspension period before the reinstatement.
  • Pay the reinstatement fees.
  • Show proof of your SR-22 auto insurance.
  • Maintain your SR-22 insurance policy for three years.

The reinstatement fees for each offense are as follows:

  • DUI offense: $210
  • Driving without proof of insurance: $250 for a first offense, $310 for a subsequent offense
  • Failure to pay child support: $100
  • Failure to appear in court: $100
  • Points violation: $210 for a first offense, $310 for a second, and $410 for a third.

As previously mentioned, the violation that led to the points on your driving record is not removed, even when points come off. There are some car insurance companies that check your driving record whenever your renewal is due or you apply for an insurance policy. Insurance companies do not always look at your points, but they still are going to see the record from one violation or more. If the insurance company sees violations or points on your account, they might see you as a potential liability and increase your premium significantly.

What if I Don’t Know The Number of Points That Are on My Driving Record?

If you are unsure about what the timeline is for the number of points or the amount of them that are on your driving record currently, you can ask for your Driving History Report. Here are three of the main ways that can be done:

  • Through the DDS Online Services
  • Going to any DDS Customer Service Center in-person
  • Or by mailing Form DDS-18 to Georgia DDS

You will have to pay a fee of $8 for a 7-year history or $3 for a 3-year history. The report will show how many points on your driving record and the dates when they were added.

How About Out of State Drivers Who Get A Ticket in the State of Georgia?

If you do not live in the state of Georgia, but get a ticket when you are visiting the state, you may wonder how the violation is going to impact your out-of-state driving record. You still will receive the same number of points, based on the specific violation, when you are an out-of-state driver. But how long the points stay on your record will depend on the state that you live in:

The points remain on your record for a year if you live in New Mexico, Nevada, and Maine, and 18 months if you live in New York or Missouri.

Like in Georgia, the points remain on your record or a period of two years if you reside in West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Vermont, Utah (as long as you keep your record clean), Tennessee, Nebraska, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, and Alabama.

They remain on your record for a period of three years if you live in Ohio, North Dakota (one point gets deducted for each of the three months of having no violations), North Carolina, New Hampshire, Montana, Maryland, Idaho, Florida, California, Arkansas, and Arizona.

The points remain on your driving record for a period of five years if you live in the state of Wisconsin and for six years if you live in the state of Massachusetts.

States without a points system include Wyoming, Washington, Rhode Island, Oregon, Mississippi, Minnesota, Louisiana, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, and Hawaii.

South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Alaska take off the points after a certain period of time of violation-free driving. To learn more, contact your local DMV.

Any kind of moving violation that results in a car accident may result in expensive vehicle damage and painful injuries. If you were injured in a car accident due to another person’s driving errors, our Atlanta car accident attorneys can help you.

The Weinstein Firm represents car accident victims in the state of Georgia, and we strongly believe that you deserve to receive full compensation for the damages you have suffered. To learn more and get your FREE consultation scheduled, visit our contact page or call 770-HELP-NOW.

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