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You often see the police booking drivers for speeding. Why do they do that? Because speeding increases the risks of an accident. The injury due to the accident may be so severe that you may become unable to walk again. Or maybe you sustain an injury that takes months to recover. Imagine the amount of money you have to spend on your treatment.

But you shouldn’t pay a single penny. It’s the offender who should pay. And The Weinstein Firm is here to get the ball rolling with court proceedings.

A Griffin speeding accident lawyer will provide legal guidance to clients who come to file a lawsuit against a speeding accident offender. A Griffin car accident attorney will listen to your story and set up the case accordingly. He will start the paperwork and file the lawsuit.

You don’t need to appear in court as we take care of everything in front of the judge. Your speeding accident lawyer will keep updating you about what happens in court. We assure you that we will not stop until we win the case on your behalf. If you are ready to file that lawsuit, call us at (770) HELP-NOW to share your story.

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How does speeding increase the chances of causing an accident?

Many guilty drivers try to escape severe punishment by saying that they had to meet someone urgently because it was a life-and-death situation. Honestly, that’s no reason to hit someone. And in most cases, we find that the defendant is lying.

There are hundreds of people who die every year due to speeding in the US. Although the numbers are only a handful in Griffin, the police make sure that they severely punish someone convicted for speeding. If you are wondering why speeding is so dangerous, here are a few reasons that make it the primary cause for many accidents:

  • Speeding increases the chances of losing control over the steering. If you see speeding videos, you will notice that drivers lose control when trying to make a turn or swerve through the traffic. The same thing happens with motorists. They may skid their motorcycles while making a turn and hit someone on the footpath.
  • Speeding also increases the chances of severe injuries. If you are driving at more than 100 km/hr and you hit someone, you never know whether that person will survive or not. That’s the danger with speeding. You don’t know the consequence if you hit someone.

Speeding increase the chances of accidents

How can I prove that the other motorist was speeding when they hit me?

You need to be sure that the other driver was driving above the permitted speed limit to make a case out of the accident. But it’s not possible to gather pieces of evidence by sitting in the hospital. Allow us to coordinate with the police and find out at what speed the offender was driving. Here are a few ways to provide that the other motorist was speeding when they hit you:

Physical evidence

We first try to gather as much physical evidence as possible to pin the motorist down. One of the lawyers and a cameraman will reach the scene of the crime to investigate thoroughly. They will look for various clues that prove that speeding was the only reason for the accident. Some of the things that they look for are as follows:

  • Skid marks – As already mentioned, a speeding car may skid while trying to make a turn or swerve through the traffic. That will leave skid marks on the road. We take the length and depth of the skid marks and verify them with a forensic expert to confirm that speeding was the reason for the accident.
  • Road debris – In addition to skid marks, road debris also indicate foul play. Debris flung from the crime scene is a clear indication that the car was going at high speed. We measure the amount of debris that the car flecked off while speeding to determine the average speed it was going when it hit you.
  • Car damage – Do you know that it’s possible to measure the damage level of a vehicle? Car manufacturers have collision ratings for different vehicles, and we use that rating to figure out the impact of the car when it hit you.

Police report

The Griffin police may come down to the crime scene as soon as possible. They will file a report against the offender. Even if the police don’t arrive, you should file the report by visiting the nearest police station. The police reports are crucial for the case. They provide essential details like the vehicle number, make and model, and approximate speed at which the culprit was driving when the accident took place.

You should always request a police report after a speeding accident


Talking to the witness also gives an idea about how fast the car was going when it hit you. A Griffin speeding accident lawyer and the investigating team will try talking to some of the shop owners and homeowners nearby. They note down every detail to ensure that they can use the same while setting up the case.

How long do I have to make a speeding car accident claim in Griffin?

You have a maximum of two years from the day of the accident to file your lawsuit against a speeding car accident. But we request you not to wait so long. The quicker you report the case, the more chances you have of getting higher compensation for your injuries.

Why do I need a speeding accident lawyer?

Hiring a speeding accident lawyer is essential in a speeding accident case because you may not know how to file your lawsuit. Let one of our lawyers represent you in court. You don’t need to get up from your bed. Take your time to recover while we prepare to win the case on your behalf.

How much will a Griffin speeding accident lawyer cost?

We only charge a small fee from the compensation amount you get after winning the case. You don’t need to pay anything upfront.

The Weinstein Firm is there by your side whenever you need help fighting a speeding accident case. Call our Griffin office at (770) HELP-NOW to discuss the case immediately.



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