What Happens When You Wreck a Rental Car?

What happens when you get into a wreck in a rental car? Most people in this situation explain that it wasn’t their fault. All the same, the company expects you to return their car in the same condition within the preset time frame. Good luck finding a body shop to make cosmetic repairs, and a mechanic to make any other repairs within that time period. And, you can be certain that no insurance policy would payout within days to make those repairs happen.

Instead, you need to asses the damage, take care of yourself, and then go through the insurance elements in your crash. It’s possible that decisions you may before you even got the keys to this car can impact what happens next.

If you get into any type of car accident and it wasn’t your fault, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.

Did You Buy the Car Insurance?

Buying car rental insurance might seem like a scam, but it’s pretty important. For far too long, people have believed that their insurance is enough protection. It’s not the insurance coverage on your policy that rarely follows you into a different vehicle. The insurance coverage you have is for your vehicle.

While you might already have liability insurance on the rental because of state laws, it’s not something that you should count on for yourself. Liability insurance will only cover the extent of the victim’s damages if you’re liable. Now, if you’re partially liable, or if you were the victim, it may complicate the entire process that you didn’t have any insurance past liability. If the other driver was uninsured, then you would likely not receive anything.

Rental Car Insurance Options for Georgia

So there’s the big one, car rental companies in Georgia are required to provide liability minimums to meet the state’s standards. They usually charge you for it anyway for about $7 a day as a fee.

But, with a loss-damage waiver, if there are other damages, you’re not responsible for those. For something as low as $9 a day with most agencies, you can be sure that you won’t get charged for the time the car is in the shop, towing fees, or the deductible on the repairs. This insurance option also covers damages that could be present if the car was stolen or vandalized. It’s the equivalent of collision insurance.

Why Does Someone Need Car Rental Insurance?

Although it seems like everyone should go about business as usual, the possibilities of getting into a wreck are as high as ever. Renting a vehicle without insurance could mean that you don’t have much protection in the way of personal injury or property damage. What if your work equipment was ruined in the crash, who will replace it then?

There is also the chance that you were the one who caused the wreck, and to that extent, the liability only coverage won’t do anything for you at all. It won’t cover your medical bills. It won’t cover your property damage, and surprise, you’ll have a ton of new fees for the damage to the car.

Will You Get Coverage if You Get into a Wreck in a Rental Car?

There are very rare instances when you will have to fight to get some coverage, and the worst-case scenario is that the other driver wasn’t insured. To that extent, your regular policies UIM coverage may kick-in and allow you to get some compensation for your injuries. That’s not a guarantee because each insurance provider handles these things a little differently. Always call your insurance company before you make decisions about not getting insurance add-ons when they seem unnecessary.

Will Your Rental Agency Allow You To Involve an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney?

Regardless of where you rented your car from, you can, and often should, involve an Atlanta law firm that handles car wrecks to protect your best interests. That often means that you need to contact someone quickly, especially if you’re not sure if your coverage counts or not. Now many people decline rental car coverage because they believe that their own coverage through their personal police is enough. As explained, that policy probably doesn’t cover a wreck in a rental car.

However, given that you’re the victim of a car wreck, then it’s likely that you would pursue compensation through the at-fault driver’s policy. That, coupled with the fact that the rental car provider must cover their vehicles for the minimum policy requirements in Georgia, means that you should have a fair fight for compensation ahead of you. To get started on your legal battle, contact The Weinstein Firm of Atlanta.

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