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Any injury or accident can be life-changing. If you were involved in any type of injury. The Weinstein Firm will help. Don’t blame yourself for your injury, as there’s a high probability you could be reimbursed for medical expenses, missed workdays and additional expenses. You need to speak to a personal injury lawyer near Fairburn, GA today.

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We have years of expertise winning personal injury cases and we always take the side of the victim over the corporations. The Weinstein Firm will give you a free consultation with a personal injury attorney near Fairburn, GA.  Call us at 770-HELP-NOW and receive your free consultation today.

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If I’ve Had an Injury or Accident in Fairburn, What Should I Do?

Being involved in an accident can put your life on hold. The injuries sustained may lead to fiscal strain, acute physical pain, and stress. Your injury can even leave you unable to work for a short period of time or worse, sometimes indefinitely. We’ve helped many clients. We understand that you’re concerned about how to pay for your medical bills, and if you will regain your health.

However, you do have choices, and we could help you enforce your right. Your financial recovery can help make your life back to normal and deal with the expenses that are unexpected. But you have to take action after your injury to get it. There are two steps you should take after any accident:

Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Many injury victims think that they can take care of the insurance company, or don’t need a lawyer. However, the insurance provider isn’t your friend. They’ll look for a way to pay you the lowest amount possible. They negotiate a dollar amount for you, prepare your case, and can gather evidence.

Don’t Accept Any Money Before Speaking With a Lawyer

You may receive a check in the mail shortly after your injury, together with paperwork requiring your signature. Don’t sign anything, and don’t accept the test! This money is designed to tempt you, since the insurers know you want to take good care of other costs and medical bills. However, in many cases, that dollar amount is a fraction of what your real bills might wind up costing you and you have to sign away your rights to take it. Don’t collapse for it.

Speak to a lawyer before you take in any money. The only way is to talk to a lawyer. Your lawyer near the city of Fairburn can determine if somebody else’s negligence was the cause of your accident, and who was at fault. If your injury was contributed to by somebody, their insurance might cover the cost of your harm.

The cash from an insurance claim may also provide the relief you need for your family and time missed from work. Here are some of the most frequent kinds of injuries that qualify as personal injury claims:

  • Car accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Any product resulting in injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Misfilled prescriptions
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Criminal assault resulting in harm

If you have been injured in a car accident, our car accident lawyers near Fairburn can provide you with the best representation possible, ensuring you recover the maximum amount possible.

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Will I Need to Take My Claim to Court?

Personal injury claims don’t demand a trial. If we decide that you have a case, we will start putting pressure on the insurance company right away. We present a case that is solid, demanding the dollar amount for your damages and we will collect the details. Often, we can negotiate a much bigger settlement than the insurance company’s first offer. In some cases, the insurance provider will reject an offer. In this situation, we may advise taking your case all the way to the regional courts. We make this recommendation based on two variables: the details of your situation, and whether or not we think it is a winnable claim. If your case goes to trial in the Fairburn court system, everything will be handled by us. Our primary goal is to represent your best interests.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Fairburn, GA

How Much Will It Cost Me To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Fairburn?

At The Weinstein Firm, we believe it shouldn’t cost you anything to speak to a personal injury lawyer, nor if there are any out-of-pocket fees. We have observed other law firms that charge these kinds of fees, getting paid if they win or lose your situation, and we don’t believe this clinic is in your very best interest. Rather, we make it Simple for you to get help. All consultations with The Weinstein Firm are FREE. We don’t get compensated if we don’t win you cash. Should we find recovery for you and win your case, we get paid a percent as our commission. The rest is yours. We believe that this is a reasonable, risk-free means to do business.

Is There a Deadline For Taking Action?

Yes. Near Fairburn, the time constraints for filing a personal injury case depends on Georgia state law enforcement and U.S. national law. These deadlines will vary, depending on the specific nature of your situation. In some cases, you may have up to two decades, while in others you may just have a few weeks.

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