How To Evade A Driver With Road Rage

Road Rage

We’ve all seen it happen. Some big trucks or tricked out sedan rushed to in a car, changed lanes, and then they slam on their brakes. Or maybe you’ve had someone tailgate you for blocks. The entire issue of road rage is that someone used their vehicle as a weapon while expressing their emotions. So are there ways to avoid or even evade these types of drivers? You can certainly take action to get some distance or feeling of safety.

If you do get into an accident caused by an angry driver, an experienced auto crash attorney in Atlanta can help. In the meantime, use the steps listed here to grab some control over the situation before it gets completely out of hand.

Change Your Course Entirely

If you notice that you have someone coming up behind you with road rage, then consider changing your course. Yes, it’s inconvenient, but also worth it if you can avoid an accident or worse. Changing your course can make it unlikely for someone to follow you and hit you. Not that road rage drivers aren’t known for their erratic behavior. If nothing else, changing your course will at least show police and your insurance company that you attempted to avoid the driver.

So how can you go about changing your course? What you can do is turn at the next light. Always make sure that the roadway is safe, certainly don’t dive across traffic to get off the road or freeway. Speaking of, if you’re on a freeway, then change lanes and then get off. Even getting off the freeway and going down to the next on-ramp to get back on, should separate you and the other driver.

Get Off The Road But Don’t Stop Driving

If you’re really scared, if someone is making threats at you, then you might want to get off a secluded road. Pulling into a gas station or retail shopping center can help you reduce the speed and get into a public place. Generally speaking, people are less likely to take action when they’re surrounded by others. That won’t stop everyone, so don’t pull into a parking space.

It’s important when dealing with a road rage driver that you don’t exit your vehicle. Your vehicle is meant to withstand a high-speed collision, so it should offer you some protection from an enraged driver. Stay in your car and call the police.

Contact Atlanta Metro PD For Support

Atlanta Metro understands the full extent of road rage. In fact, as recently as January, local Georgia police have dealt with assaults related to road rage. In both November and December of 2019, Atlanta PD had shootings related to road rage. It’s safe to say that the police department appreciates the gravity of road rage and the dangers it brings.

When calling Atlanta Police for a road rage issue, be very clear on your location, the vehicle description, and where you’re headed. Often police will attempt to intervene in the situation immediately. Stay on the phone with the person helping you and keep them updated on how you’re handling the situation.

Road rage drivers will often throw bottles, usually old soda cups or water bottles, out of their vehicle onto the targeted car. They may also intentionally brush up against your vehicle, hit you, or get in front of you and slam on their brakes.

Don’t Follow, Brake-Check, or Engage a Road Rage Driver

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you need to not engage this driver. Don’t follow them; don’t speed up to get their license plate number. Don’t give any hand signals, or even stare-down the driver. But especially, don’t try to brake check someone that’s following too closely. Doing this won’t determine that you’re “at-fault,” but it can certainly come into play when you file a claim.

Call Your Atlanta Car Crash Lawyer After a Wreck Caused by Road Rage

If you were in an auto collision where the other driver was clearly acting out of rage, then you should consider pushing your claim further. Your simple insurance claim that most people can handle on their own won’t cover all the trauma from a road rage crash. Instead, call The Weinstein Firm. From the time you prepare to give your statement until you get a final answer on a compensation agreement, we’ll be with you.

Contact our car crash injury law firm in Atlanta now for help to resolve your road rage crash. Start your crash claim and get guidance on closing out the other elements of your wreck. The Weinstein Firm’s team supports victims of road rage, and you can get real support now.

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