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When a hit and run accident happens, the injured party will most likely suffer from physical pain and psychological trauma. A hit and run can involve a pedestrian, another vehicle, a motorcyclist, or a bicyclist as the injured party. Severe physical injuries, long-term disability, and emotional suffering are just a few of the consequences of a hit and run collision in Dunwoody, GA. One of the worst-case scenarios of a hit and run accident, moreover, is the wrongful death of an immediate family member.

Regardless of your situation, it is crucial that you call a hit and run accident lawyer near Dunwoody without delay to seek help. With the help of hit and run accident attorneys, you may seek for financial and non-economic compensation, as well as file for additional punitive damages in court when applicable.

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Hit and Run Statistics and the Need for a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Georgia

Hit and run crashes were found to be on a rise across the country in recent years.

According to government data, hit and run collisions increased by 13%  from 2009 to 2011. In a statement made by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, moreover, the majority of hit and run victims were pedestrians.

In 2015, as many as 5,376 fatalities in traffic crashes in the US were pedestrians. The number is significantly higher for injured pedestrians, which reached approximately 129,000.

In Georgia, there were as many as 232 fatalities in pedestrian accidents for 2016.

However, hit and run collisions may also involve vehicle drivers, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. In 2016, a total of 163 motorcyclists and 29 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in Georgia.

Depending on the severity of the injuries or the instance of death, a hit and run offense may be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

If you have been injured in an accident and the driver has immediately left the scene without giving you contact details, you should consult with a hit and run accident lawyer immediately.

It is also crucial for you to collect as many types of evidence as you can. If possible, you must look for eyewitnesses who can prove the occurrence of the hit and run accident.

Whether you decide to accept a settlement or plan to file a lawsuit with your car accident lawyer serving Dunwoody, evidence of negligence and intentional leaving is important.

From a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer: Consequences of Hit and Run Accidents and Liable Parties

Although a hit and run will typically involve pedestrians as the injured party, other cases of hit and run collisions may involve another vehicle or even an object or a piece of property.

Regardless of the nature of the hit and run collision, the advice of a legal counsel is highly needed. Not only will it be necessary to determine the extent of damages resulting from the hit and run; it will also be important to establish the liable parties involved in the crash.

It may be challenging to accomplish all of these on your own. Thus, you will need the help of a hit and run accident lawyer.

In many, if not all, states across the country, vehicle drivers are mandated by law not to leave an accident scene. In some states, drivers are allowed to leave a scene temporarily to seek medical help.

The general rule, however, is for those involved in a  traffic crash to stay on the scene, exchange contact information, and report the accident to the authorities at the soonest time possible.

A personal injury lawyer can help in determining whether the hit and run injury case is severe enough to be considered a felony. Compared to a misdemeanor, a felony offense typically involves harsher penalties such as fines and a longer period of imprisonment.

You may seek advice from a hit and run accident lawyer, furthermore, as to whether the license of the at-fault driver may be revoked as a consequence of the hit and run offense.

The Types of Compensation Which You May Expect from Your Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Whether you have suffered from injuries or lost a loved one due to a hit and run accident, you have the right to be fully compensated for all your losses.

The committed work of hit and run accident lawyers is critical when it comes to your application for compensation claims.

Depending on the nature of the collision and the damages you have sustained, a hit and run accident attorney may help you obtain the following types of compensation:

Economic compensation.

This type of compensation allows you to recover financial losses after a hit and run accident. Hit and run accident lawyers can help you recover compensation for loss of income, loss of work opportunities due to serious injuries, hospitalization, surgical interventions, and even prescribed long-term medical care.

Non-economic compensation.

Not all losses from a traffic accident will be financial in scope, as will be explained by hit and run accident lawyers. Perhaps you may have suffered extreme pain or severe trauma due to your injuries. Or, you may have lost the companionship of a spouse after s/he has become paralyzed or permanently disabled. To ensure fair and just compensation, hit and run accident lawyers will factor all of these subjective losses into your claim against a liable party.

Punitive damages.

In addition to the economic and non-economic compensation types which you may obtain from a liable party, you may also file for punitive damages in court. These damages are applicable if there was a presence of gross negligence or malicious intent in the hit and run action of the at-fault driver. It will be important for hit and run accident lawyers to prove in court the presence of gross negligence or malicious intent on the part of the defendant.

Wrongful death.

Unfortunately, a hit and run accident can be fatal. If an immediate family member, such as a spouse or a child, has been killed in a hit and run collision, you may also obtain compensation by way of a wrongful death civil lawsuit. You may also press criminal charges against a grossly negligent driver, in addition to filing for a wrongful death compensation claim.

To facilitate this, it will be necessary for hit and run accident attorneys to establish the strong likelihood that the defendant is more guilty than innocent for the wrongful death charges.

Uninsured motorist coverage.

Some uninsured drivers may flee the scene of an accident for fear that they will be held liable to pay for the injured party’s hospitalization and other damages. If you have been the victim of a hit and run collision involving an uninsured driver, you may file a claim against your own insurance company under an uninsured motorist provision. Unless you have stated its omission, uninsured motorist coverage may actually be present in your existing policy.

One possible complication to this compensation claim is for your insurance company to deny your request. When this happens, you will need the advice and help of hit and run accident attorneys.

Should my Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Go for a Lawsuit or a Settlement?

When working with hit and run accident attorneys, you will be presented with the option to either settle with the insurance company of the liable party or to proceed with the filing of a lawsuit in court.

A settlement comes with its own share of benefits, including convenience for both the plaintiff and the defendant.

A settlement is especially advantageous if the liable driver’s insuring company is willing to factor in all your losses into the compensation. During settlement discussions, your hit and run accident attorney may represent you and negotiate the maximum amount possible for your claim.

If both parties are in agreement, the hit and run case can be settled and concluded out of court. This means that you will no longer have to proceed to trial with a hit and run accident attorney. Typically, a settlement will also result to your receiving the compensation proceeds at an earlier date compared to receiving the amount only after court litigation is over.

Nonetheless, not all settlements are considered beneficial. An insurance company may deny your claim outright, stating that the defendant is not liable for your injuries or losses. Or, they may present counter-evidence that proves your shared liability in the hit and run collision.

Since the establishment of negligence is crucial in determining liability, some insurance companies may insist on an injured party’s own negligence. This will mean that you, as the injured party, are also liable for the accident. A serious drawback to this will be a significantly reduced compensation amount or a completely forfeited claim.

When it becomes clear that the settlement is not working to the injured party’s advantage, hit and run accident attorneys should be aggressive enough to go to court.

Therefore, regardless of your decision to accommodate a settlement or to proceed to a lawsuit, you will benefit significantly from the help of hit and run accident attorneys.

A hit and run accident attorney should be your formidable ally, from settlement negotiations to courtroom battles whenever needed.

Why a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer is Indispensable for Your Case in Georgia

There are many reasons why the services of hit and run accident attorneys are crucial in a hit and run case in Dunwoody, GA.

A hit and run accident attorney in Georgia can help you with the following:

Collection and preservation of evidence.

For you to claim compensation against a hit and run driver, you will need to prove that the driver has intentionally fled the scene and that the collision is directly responsible for injuries or wrongful death. A hit and run accident attorney can help in obtaining evidence, whether through eyewitness accounts or camera footages, to prove the grave negligence of the liable driver.

Consultation with experts.

To further strengthen your case against a hit and run driver, your hit and run accident lawyer may consult with professionals in other fields, such as a scene reconstruction expert. It may also be necessary for your hit and run accident attorney to consult with a medical expert as a means to establish the connection between the collision and your sustained injuries.

Knowledge of state laws.

Not all states operate on the same car accident laws, making it important for your hit and run accident lawyer to be knowledgeable about specific laws in Georgia. Knowledge of state laws is crucial especially in classifying a hit and run incident as either a misdemeanor or a felony charge.

Negotiation with insurance companies.

A hit and run accident lawyer will have had prior experience in dealing with insurance companies, especially those who may be unwilling to pay the full compensation entitled to you. Additionally, a hit and run accident lawyer may advise you to seek compensation from your own insurance company, in the event that an uninsured motorist is involved in the hit and run incident.

Courtroom skills.

In cases where a settlement does not work, a hit and run accident lawyer should be willing to go to court and fight for the plaintiff’s right to be compensated fairly and fully. A committed attorney will also be able to devote enough time to study and prepare the arguments for the case in front of a judge or jury.

Get Help From a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Near Dunwoody For Your Claim

Being injured and abandoned in a hit and run accident can be one of the most stressful experiences for anyone. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a hit and run collision in Georgia, don’t hesitate to consult with us at The Weinstein Firm.

We have the hit and run accident attorneys who are prepared to look into your case and provide you with valuable legal options. Whether the hit and run driver has been uninsured or underinsured, you may still stand a chance at full compensation. Call a hit and run accident attorney at The Weinstein Firm for your compensation claim in Dunwoody, Georgia.

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