Can I Accept Cash From the At-Fault Driver in a Rex Car Crash?

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A Rex car crash scene is often a tense environment. However, even after the accident, a lot can still happen – positive and negative. For example, the fault driver could offer you cash for your losses. If this happens, the issue of whether or not you should accept it arises. This article would explain the best move in this scenario.

Importantly, if you’ve been in a car crash, it would be best to hire a Rex car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney can explain the implications of collecting cash from the fault party at a crash scene. In addition, they’d know whether that affects your right to file a car accident claim.

Is It Legal for the Fault Driver to Offer Me Cash at the Crash Scene?

No law in Georgia prohibits drivers from making cash settlements at the crash scene. Therefore, it’s perfectly legal to make such an offering. Similarly, it isn’t unlawful to accept the money from the driver. Unfortunately, car accident settlements from insurers often take months before coming through. That’s why you may be tempted to receive an immediate cash payment.

Furthermore, the fault driver could offer you money for any of the reasons below.

Avoiding Their Insurance Company

It’s usually insurance companies that settle car accident claims. Unfortunately, this can be a cumbersome process for the driver. For example, they’ll have to fill in a lot of paperwork. They may also have to attend hearings and negotiations. In addition, an accident can significantly increase their insurance premiums. So, it’s understandable why they’d not want their insurer to know about the collision.

Avoiding the Police

A fault driver has every reason to fear the police. Firstly, this would be the case where they flouted traffic laws. If they disobeyed the law, they could be afraid of a traffic citation. Furthermore, it could also be that they’re driving without insurance coverage. Such a driver would thus want to avoid meeting the police without insurance coverage. The alternative would be a hit-and-run which is worse than any of the violations above.

Should I Accept a Cash Payment at the Accident Scene?

Indeed, you can accept cash from the fault driver at the crash scene. However, it’s best to wait to file a formal claim against them. Firstly, from the above, it’s clear that a driver offering you cash at the scene is doing it for their benefit.

Below are other reasons collecting money from the fault driver is a wrong move.

Lower Value for Your Injuries

Firstly, there’s no way to calculate the actual value of your damages at the accident scene. Even the most experienced lawyer cannot make an accurate analysis. This is because what appears to be a minor injury may become severe later. Moreover, some injuries won’t show until later. Therefore, any money you collect on the scene cannot be the correct value for your treatment.

Limits Your Damages

In a car accident, you can recover various damages. However, the amount you can collect on the spot is minimal. For example, you cannot get compensation for lost wages. In addition, where the driver’s conduct demands punitive damages, a cash offer cannot cover this. Therefore, it’d be best to wait for a full settlement.

Losing Your Right to Sue

If you accept money at the accident scene, you may lose your right to compensation. This is because the driver may get you to give up any further compensation rights. Furthermore, such a driver could claim that you can contact them later if you need extra help. However, once they leave the scene, the chances that you’ll ever see them again are very slim. If they didn’t supply their insurance information, there’s no way to get them again.

Does the Driver Offering You Cash Help Your Case?

Yes, if a driver offers you cash at a scene, it can positively impact your case. This is because that cash offer is an admission of guilt. By providing money, they’ve agreed that they’re at fault. Now, they’re trying to mitigate the consequences of their carelessness. Thus, this fact will come in handy when establishing responsibility.

Rex Car Accident Lawyers Can Get You Maximum Compensation

Have you been in a Rex car accident? If you have, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the fault party. Even if you collected money from the fault driver at the crash scene, your right to compensation might still be intact. First, however, you’ll need the best Rex car accident attorneys.

At The Weinstein Firm, we have an excellent track record of winning the maximum compensation for our clients. For example, we’ve received millions of dollars for Georgia car accident victims. Therefore, we’re sure that we can get you the damages you deserve too. So, call us today for a free consultation.

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