Dallas Accident Victims: Valid Reasons for Assigning Fault

Dallas car accident victims

It’s no secret that Dallas insurance companies don’t like paying claims to accident victims. So, they use several tricks to deny valid car accident insurance claims. That’s why hiring a Dallas car accident attorney is the best move after a crash. If you don’t have a lawyer, the insurer may wrongly allocate the collision’s fault to you.

However, one needs to know if there are valid reasons for assigning part of a collision’s responsibility to the victim. Generally, being a victim doesn’t mean the person didn’t contribute to their predicament. The case shouldn’t be different for car accident victims too. Fortunately, a lawyer can tell if you were wrongly blamed for a crash. So, speak to one immediately after an accident.

Are There Genuine Reasons for Assigning Fault to Dallas Car Crash Victims?

Insurance companies aren’t always dishonest when they allocate fault to accident victims. The correct action in such cases would be to evaluate the insurer’s reason. Below are some instances where it’ll be right to blame a crash victim.

Disobeying Traffic Rules

It’s an offense to disobey traffic rules while driving. Such disregard would include exceeding speed limits and ignoring traffic signs. Whatever the case, breaking traffic rules will also expose you to accidents. Furthermore, such actions will automatically make you partly liable for any resulting accident.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a significant cause of car accidents. Twenty-eight people die daily in drunk driving collisions in the US. If you get into an accident while intoxicated, you may be partially responsible. Intoxication affects your sight, judgment, coordination, and reflex reactions. So, even when another party causes a crash, inebriation can significantly worsen the collision.

Driving With a Broken Taillight

Taillights are those red lights in your vehicle’s rear. They help other road users guess the size and shape of your car. Furthermore, rear lights let other drivers see your vehicle in poor weather conditions.

Therefore, suppose a careless driver rams your vehicle in inclement weather because your taillights were faulty. You may thus share liability for the crash. This is because, although they were careless, they may have avoided your vehicle if they saw your rear light.

Ignoring Blind Spots

Vehicle blind spots are areas that the driver cannot see. Every vehicle has its unique blind spots. Therefore, drivers must be extra careful to detect activity in these areas. In addition, they must go out of their way to check their unseen areas during crucial periods. So, if you merge or change lanes without checking for blind spots, you may share the blame for any resulting collision.

Side mirror and car's blind spot

Georgia’s Comparative Negligence Rule

Determining fault is relevant after an accident because it determines whether a victim can receive compensation. Georgia operates a modified comparative fault system. So, accident victims can only get compensation if their contribution doesn’t equal or exceed the other driver’s share of the blame. This means that you cannot share more than 49% of the responsibility.

Furthermore, your compensation is reduced based on your contribution. Therefore, suppose you contributed 20% to the crash. You’ll thus be eligible to receive 80% of your damages. In this instance, if your damages were $10,000, you can only get $8,000. This means that a wrong assignment of responsibility will reduce your recoverable damages.

Should I Admit Fault in a Dallas Car Accident?

No, it’ll be best never to accept responsibility for a Dallas car accident. Even if you think you’re at fault, you still shouldn’t say so. Firstly, you may be wrong. Intense waves of emotions often hit those involved in a collision. So, they may feel guilty when they see the other party’s wounds and vehicle damage.

Suppose you weren’t paying too much attention while driving. You may then think you’re responsible for the collision. However, a proper analysis of the accident may eliminate your involvement. It’ll thus be best to wait for such an investigation. If you admit fault upfront, there may be no inquiry. You may then have to pay for a crash you didn’t cause.

Let the Best Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Help You Avoid Liability

If you’ve been in a car accident, then you may be eligible for compensation. However, the other party and their insurer may blame you for part of the collision. Therefore, it’ll be best to hire an excellent Dallas car accident lawyer.

At The Weinstein Firm, we have attorneys with several years of experience helping accident victims. As a result, we can accurately establish accident liability. After that, we can get you the maximum compensation. So, call us today for a FREE consultation.

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