Why Was My Cartersville Car Insurance Claim Denied?

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Cartersville residents often get into car accidents. When they do, they usually hope that the relevant insurance companies will compensate them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The reality is that insurance companies sometimes deny accident claims. Furthermore, an insurer can deny your claim for various reasons.

Many times too, insurance denial reasons are valid. Some other times, the insurance company is merely acting in bad faith. Unfortunately, laypeople may never know whether an accident insurance denial is reasonable. That’s why it’s best to hire a Cartersville car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you if an insurance company denies your compensation claim.

Why Did the Insurance Company Deny My Compensation Claim?

Below, we consider some of the possible reasons an insurer would deny your accident claim.

  • Fault Is in Dispute

Where the fault is apparent, a fault party’s insurance company will most likely pay your damages claim. However, a denial becomes possible where liability is unclear. Here, the insurer may deny your claim if it thinks you’re the responsible driver. These kinds of contradictions are usually easy to work out. This is because all you need to do is prove the accident’s responsibility. Therefore, you’ll need reliable evidence of the crash to establish fault.

  • You Don’t Have a Medical Diagnosis or Record

Medical bills are the primary recoverable damages from a Cartersville car accident. However, you have to prove that you suffered and treated injuries. Therefore, you’ll need proof from a doctor. Relevant evidence here would include your diagnosis report.

In addition, your medical records and hospital receipts will come in handy. Clearly, you won’t have these documents if you avoided medical treatment. Consequently, the insurance company may validly deny your claim. That’s why it’s crucial to see a doctor after a Cartersville car accident.

  • The Losses Exceed the Policy Limit

Insurance policies often specify compensation limits. This is the highest possible amount of damages the insurer can pay. Furthermore, the coverage could define injuries and events that are compensable. Therefore, the fault party’s insurer may deny a claim if the injury or compensation is beyond these limits. At this stage, you may have to consider alternative sources of compensation. For example, you can file a lawsuit against the responsible driver.

Other Reasons for a Cartersville Car Accident Insurance Denial

There are many other reasons for an insurance denial. For instance, it could be that:

  • The accident vehicle wasn’t listed in the policy
  • There’s a backlog of unpaid premiums
  • The fault party violated the terms of the insurance policy
  • Some injuries were existing before the crash
  • The injuries or vehicle damage wasn’t related to the collision
  • The accident was reported late, or the report was untrue

Is the Insurance Company Always Right?

No, insurance companies aren’t always right when they deny claims. Indeed, an insurance denial is sometimes a genuine mistake. It could also be that the insurer legitimately doubts your right to damages. However, in a few instances, the insurance company may knowingly deny a claim.

Here, they refuse to pay even when they know you deserve compensation. This is often called a bad faith insurance denial. Handling an insurance company acting in bad faith can be challenging. Therefore, it’s best to hire an attorney in such instances.

What To Do If Your Claim Is Denied

Generally, insurance companies in Cartersville, GA, have 15 days to accept or deny claims. If you receive a denial letter, you can take any of these steps:

  • File an appeal
  • File a complaint before the Georgia Insurance Commission
  • Institute a lawsuit

Usually, your denial letter will contain the insurer’s reasons. Therefore, with this information, you can appeal the denial. An appeal is an internal process with the insurance company. So, you can support your appeal request with further evidence that strengthens your case. However, there’s still a possibility that the insurance company will stand by its decision. If this happens, you can explore the remaining two options.

Cartersville Car Accident Attorneys Can Get You Compensation!

Have you been in a Cartersville car accident? If so, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Furthermore, did the insurance company deny your compensation demand? If they did, you could still recover damages for your losses. First, however, you’ll need the best Cartersville car accident lawyers.

At The Weinstein Firm, our attorneys have spent years representing Cartersville car crash victims. Therefore, we have extensive experience dealing with insurers. Our lawyers can easily tell if an insurance company validly denied your claim. However, if they’re operating in bad faith, we can represent you until you get your rightful damages. So, call us today for a free consultation.

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