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The rate of motor vehicle crash injuries in Georgia in 2019 was 1,081 per 100,000 population. (GOHS, 2020) After a car accident, medical bills may be just the beginning of your concerns. You may have lost your paycheck because you haven’t managed to go back to work. You may be looking at weeks or years of pain & rehab, and your life might never be the same.

However, there is help! Talk to a car accident lawyer near Carrollton at The Weinstein Firm. The law allows you to recover money to cover the expenses of a car accident in the City of Carrollton. Our lawyers are ready to assist you. Allow us to give you a FREE, no obligation consultation. Get in touch with us at 770-HELP-NOW or complete the form to the best to acquire your free consultation.

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What Should I Know About My Car Accident Case?

In many ways, car accidents are no different than any other accident. However, injuries from car accidents are almost always covered by insurance. This is because the state of Georgia requires all automobile owners to have at least a minimum amount of coverage for vehicle damage and accidents. Automobile accidents are exceptional because there are so many ways they could happen. Some, like rear-end collisions, are fairly simple. Others need a comprehensive analysis to figure out who is to blame.

We often help people Recover Money for These Kinds of Automobile Accidents:

  • Head-on or rear-end collisions
  • Injuries caused by conditions such as heavy rain or fog
  • Distracted driving injuries involving driving and drinking
  • Accidents involving defective tires
  • Whiplash accidents

You ought to know that insurance companies will try to cover you as little as possible to settle your claim. This is one more reason why it is crucial to find a personal injury attorney near Carrollton.

Carrollton Accident Statistics 2019-2021

How Can I Know Who is at Fault in a Car Accident?

The motorist who is at fault is obviously the one who caused the collision. Since state law holds the at-fault party responsible for paying all the costs of the accident, the fault is an important part of a car incident claim in Georgia. An accident could have been prevented if a person had been more cautious. The legislation holds the negligent party responsible.

Examples of negligent behavior include:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • DUI
  • Distracted driving
  • Texting & Driving

How Much Money Does my Car Accident Claim Allow to be Recovered?

The amount you will receive will vary depending on the circumstances, but Georgia law does permit you to get all your costs and damages from the crash. This means that in an ordinary instance you’ll be eligible for: Medical costs, Prescription medications, Physical treatment or rehab, repairing your car or replacing a car, lost wages, and much more.

if you’d like to miss time Victims of accidents that are serious might have the ability to recover money as compensation. These damages are given like pain or a handicap for severe losses.

Our law firm recognizes that cash isn’t a substitute for all that victims of car accidents have loss but we hope it will help them pursue as complete of a recovery as possible while alleviating some financial stress.

What Kind of Accidents do Automobile Accident Claims Insure?

A car accident claim can potentially cover any and all harm that was due to the accident. There are some accidents that are common, for example, whiplash is a neck injury that will be painful.  A traumatic brain injury is severe, but even a mild concussion may have complications. Soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains.

We recommend that you find a physician when possible if you’ve been in an accident. There are two main reasons for this. Many injuries from accidents take the time to develop and get worse if they’re not treated. A physician can get you started.

Second, seeing a doctor immediately reveals to the insurance provider that you took your injuries seriously, assisting you to create a stronger claim.

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Why do I Want to Speak with a Lawyer?

An attorney can help you decide what to do concerning the insurance carriers offer. An attorney can handle investigations, discussions, and a lawsuit for you. You should be aware that the insurance provider does not necessarily have your best interest at heart. This means that insurance companies at times make offers hoping you will immediately choose the offer and sign away your right to ask for anything more. Car accident law firms around Carrollton can help you avoid this trap. A lawyer will provide physicians who can tell you what it will take for you to recover and exactly what your injury may entail.

A lawyer can build a strong case demonstrating you’re not responsible. This places your attorney and you in a negotiating situation with the insurance provider, frequently leading to substantially more cash.

How do I Know Whether I Should Submit a Car Accident Claim?

Car crash victims believe at times that someone must have very visibly done something wrong in order to have a claim. If not they believe the injury was possibly just bad luck. But accidents are always someone’s fault, which means that there is a very good probability that you have a valid claim. The best way to begin would be to schedule an appointment with an automobile accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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