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How Does an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney Prove Distracted Driving by The Other Driver?

Distracted driving is one of the major causes of Atlanta, GA road accidents in the recent past. The reasons include things such as texting while driving or scrolling your phone while on the road. The case is so bad that stringent punishments have been put in place to ensure that drivers avoid it.

It is vital that you pay attention to driving; otherwise, you could end up in a severe crash. You should use your phone; check on your child and other things such as applying makeup when parked. In this case, you can do what you need to, without endangering any lives.

Proving that the cause of an accident was because the other driver was distracted is not the easiest thing. However, with the help of an experienced lawyer, you shouldn’t worry. Your Atlanta, GA attorney knows what to use to prove liability and get you proper compensation.

How an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney Prove Distracted Driving by the Other Driver

It is crucial to prove that the other driver was at fault for the accident. Various sources will help your lawyer get the information that he needs. These include:

The Police Report

In any disaster, the report by the police is one of the most important documents. That is because it compiles the statements from those involved and will have a conclusion of what happened. The report will state the cause of the accident, and if it was distracted driving, it is indicated.

The number one goal of your attorney is to get the report to determine fault. If the other driver was using their cell phone or distracted in any other way, the report will have the details. Using this, he can help you get compensation for your injuries and losses. If you choose to file a lawsuit, this is an essential piece of document.

Police Witness

The police dash camera may have caught the distracted driver hence the police is an excellent witness. The officer may also have seen the driver, for example, using their phone or not having their eyes on the road. Although this information will be captured in the police report, your lawyer may get the police to testify on your behalf if a need arises.

Video from Surveillance Cameras

When looking for evidence, your Atlanta, GA attorney will look at close surveillance cameras. That is done to check if any of them caught the distracted driver for further proof. It is one of the best ways to prove that the driver was not concentrating on driving since it is challenging to disapprove.

Phone Records

If it emerges that the other driver was on his phone while driving, the police will need to check his records. They will check when the last call was made and the duration. They will also be keen to check the messages records to see if any of them were sent sometime before the accident. Your lawyer can also subpoena to have the other driver’s phone records. Do not worry about the driver deleting them since it is possible to retrieve them hence proving liability.

Other Witnesses

Eyewitnesses are essential in such a case since they can provide crucial information. They can give information such as whether they say the distracted driver and the cause of distraction. Things such as wavering off the road or missing a bump are great when proving liability.

Distracted driving is dangerous as it can lead to severe crashes. However, for you to get all the evidence that you need to pin the other driver down, you need an attorney. He will check for any information and details that the Atlanta, GA police didn’t get to prove your case.

Getting adequate proof will ensure that you have an easier time when seeking compensation. If you choose to file a lawsuit and sue for damages, the evidence you have is significant. It is for this reason that you should inform our attorney as soon as the accident happens.

Call Car Accident Attorney Atlanta, GA for Your Distracted Driving Case

You should always contact your Atlanta, GA car accident attorney as soon as the accident happens. That allows him to get on top of things such that he can gather adequate proof for what’s to follow. At The Weinstein Firm, you gain access to some of our best legal brains who will help you with your case. We will advise you on what to do to ensure a desirable outcome.