Atlanta Vehicle Accident Attorneys Look At The Dangers of Bird Scooters


As Atlanta vehicle accident attorneys, we’ve had our share of trouble with Bird scooters. With all the trouble that electric scooters and electric bikes have faced and the Metro Atlanta area, why are they still here? Clearly there’s a market because these scooters wouldn’t be here if no one was writing them. But the massive spike in injuries and trouble that people have regarding general cleanliness and managing the maintenance of the scooters has been arduous at best.


Atlanta vehicle accident attorneys ask, why are bird scooters still running in Atlanta? Possibly because they’re the one company that has taken an initiative to work closely with the Atlanta City and the Department of Transportation. They started this collaboration to coordinate mobility devices programs, safety initiatives, and awareness for cleanliness and maintenance of the devices.  Whereas Lime, and other alternatives we were able to perform or collaborate on this level.

Accidents in 2020 are Down – Because of the Pandemic

Accidents are generally down across the board, and that includes accidents involving electric scooters. We’re done because although Georgia is open and thriving, more people are still staying home. In the interest of personal safety, many companies are still keeping their employees remote, and many people are finding that there’s just less reason to go out right now.


Then we were saying that electric scooter accidents are down because there are fewer people using them and the people who are using them aren’t traveling on the same overcrowded sidewalks or bike lanes.

Bird’s Return After Lime Quietly Excused Themselves

Bird returned to Atlanta in July 2020 although their return was not really covered in the media. As most major news sources were covering bigger events in the nation, Bird’s return to Atlanta was pretty low key. However, Bird’s major competitor, Lime, was completely silent about their position on electric scooters in Atlanta when they left the city without a word.


Lime left the city of Atlanta in January 2020. The statements they provided were quite telling when it comes to exactly how lime felt about the city of Atlanta and how it expected to handle the situation with its fees and legal issues.  Lime announced that the significant impound fees and strict hours of operation led them to the decision that Atlanta wasn’t a profitable market.  Allegedly, Lime still has hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding impound fees which were avoidable if the company had met basic expectations. Both Bird and Spin met these expectations after modifications to their Atlanta plans.

What Guidelines Does the City Have for E-Scooters?

Atlanta put together a series of guidelines and restrictions on electric scooters. The very first of these came in early March of 2020 when the Atlanta City Council determined that a limited volume of permits were permitted for dock less devices. There is still a ban on nighttime scooter rentals and permits to bring in new dock less devices are arduous.


The Atlanta Department of Transportation currently has a cap set at 2,000 stand up scooters, 500 electric bicycles and 500 electric sit down scooters available for rent in the Atlanta metro area. However, ATLDOT has acknowledged that this is only the first of four phases to introduce a more sustainable inner-city travel program. They’ve acknowledged that by the fourth or Final Phase of this plan they’ll have tools in place to ensure that the fleet’s eyes will adjust depending on public health and operation needs.

After a Crash — Atlanta Vehicle Accident Attorneys


E-Scooters are probably here to stay and that’s fine as long as people are riding them safely and aware of the risks involved with a joyride.  However, there are still certainly going to be accidents involving bird scooters, pedestrians, and accidents between scooters and vehicles. If a bird scooter crash left you with an injury in any type of way, then contact Atlanta vehicle accident attorneys at the Weinstein firm. Accidents between scooters and vehicles are serious because clearly the scooter rider does not have the same level of protection that the driver or passengers of the car did.


At the Weinstein firm, we focus on more than just what the victim needs to get by. We help victims of any accident involving motor vehicles with the pursuit of full compensation or fair compensation for their injuries. With an assertive but fair approach, our team has led many victims through the process of insurance claims and even into the courtroom to close out lawsuits. Any worries you have about the process can be put to eat, call the Weinstein Firm for support now.

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