Why Do I Need an Atlanta Accident Lawyer after a Car Accident?

Why should I hire a speeding accident lawyer?

Many of Atlanta’s residents will believe that they will never need an attorney. The issue is that insurance companies take advantage of those who are hoping to resolve a car wreck quickly and avoid involving lawyers. You do need an Atlanta accident lawyer to handle your case.

Whether your crash had multiple or just one vehicle involved pedestrians or otherwise, you need a legal professional on your side.

An Understanding of Georgia Laws

Georgia’s laws are rather close to what most states use. Georgia is technically an “at-fault” state; however, they also employ comparative negligence. That means that if you were doing anything illegal or where even the slightest bit distracted, you might be given a percentage of fault. That percentage will come right out of your compensation.

The at-fault aspect means that the person who caused or was responsible for 51% or more of the crash will have to cover the damages. Or, their insurance company will. Many people don’t realize that they need an attorney until they get to the point of assigning fault, because they thought that they didn’t cause the crash.

Then when their insurance company comes back with an estimate of a 31% fault contribution, that means you just lost 31% of your compensation. Atlanta car accident attorneys understand this and will work hard to disprove the reasons that list you as at-fault.

Access to Valuable Resources

Calling witnesses isn’t as glamorous in real life as it is on TV but, it is important. Car wreck attorneys don’t typically rely on eye-witnesses. Instead, they’ll likely pull resources in such as expert witnesses. Expert witness testimony or statements made during a deposition will provide insightful information about the crash and injuries.

For example, a crash recreation expert may be able to make a complete model showing the events of the accident based on the police report. Or, a medical expert witness could give insight into the extent of necessary medical treatment for your injuries.

These types of resources are excellent in negotiating for settlements or handling court cases because they prove a point from an expert point of view. Getting that information from someone qualified in a specific field will go much further than, “I think she was going about 45 miles per hour,” or “I still get bad headaches.”

Additional resources include investigative work. When elements of a case are unclear, you need someone to take a closer look. Unfortunately, the police only have the time and capacity to investigate a car accident so far. But, with an attorney, you can all in investigations on things such as cell phone use at the time of the crash.

Insight Into Insurance Processes and Tactics

One of the best reasons for hiring an attorney is the knowledge of insurance tactics. Insurance companies start from the moment you call them with questions like, “Do you feel okay?” that could immediately bring your compensation check down substantially if you say, “yes, it looks like everyone is okay.”

Insurance companies rely on settlements and quick processing to avoid attention from court systems or prying eyes. An attorney will control the process and ensure that your case is being looked at fairly and that your injuries are accounted for entirely.

Car Accident Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

A car accident attorney in Atlanta should provide other things such as support in handling your insurance companies’ questions and providing them with evidence from the scene. They should also be skilled in negotiating and not afraid to demand what you need from a team of high-powered insurance company lawyers. One thing about car crash resolutions that people often don’t think about is that insurance companies have teams of lawyers working for them.

An insurance company won’t go into negotiations without an attorney looking through the reports and trying to identify where they can corner in on cutting down their payout. You need a legal person in your corner too.

Contact an Atlanta Accident Lawyer

When working with an Atlanta accident lawyer in Georgia, always give careful consideration to things such as the attorney’s workload and resources. At the Weinstein Firm, we focus on evenly distributing our workloads so we can give personalized care to each of our clients. Additionally, we place extra care when using our resources to ensure that we’re effectively utilizing our time when working on your case.

Contact The Weinstein Firm for a consultation and to gain insight into how to handle your car crash case.

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