Pedestrian Dies Following Traffic Collision in Bibb County

rear-end collision

A male pedestrian lost his life following a traffic collision in Bibb County. The collision happened on Sunday, May 30th. In a press release, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office disclosed that the victim suddenly appeared in the front of a moving vehicle.

The sheriff’s office said the accident happened in the 5500 block of Hawkinsville, south of Houston Road. It occurred at about 10:25 p.m. The investigators said a vehicle traveled southbound on Hawkinsville Road, in the far left lane.

The vehicle’s female driver then suddenly saw a man walking in her lane of travel and could not avoid colliding with him. The pedestrian, identified as Richard Lee Vanlandingham, 50, died at the crash scene. The Bibb County Coroner’s Office said they had notified the man’s next of kin.

The police did not record any additional injuries from the traffic collision in Bibb County. The collision remains under investigation. Anyone with relevant information should contact the sheriff’s office on the listed line.

Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are not uncommon in Georgia. They often result in catastrophic injuries or death because the body has no shield from when it collides with a car till it lands on the roadway. This is why law enforcement agencies advise pedestrians and drivers to avoid dangerous road behaviors.

The preceding could be texting while walking, jaywalking, drinking and driving, speeding, or failing to yield the way. When a driver fails to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and an accident occurs, they are liable to pay compensation to the victim. If the pedestrian dies, they are liable for damages to the victim’s family.

These damages are economic and non-economic. To find out more about the compensation traffic accident victims are entitled to, contact our Georgia auto accident attorneys.


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