Magistrate Court of Clayton County

The Magistrate Court of Clayton County is the fourth busiest magistrate court in the State of Georgia. The court handles over 61,000 cases per year with four full time judges, five part time judges and six full time support personnel.


Magistrate court jurisdiction includes but is not limited to, civil disputes involving $15,000.00 or less, certain misdemeanor criminal offenses, landlord/tenant disputes, county ordinance violations, preliminary hearings in felony and misdemeanor criminal cases and the consideration and issuance of arrest warrants and search warrants.

The Magistrate Court of Clayton County also serves in an assisting role to the Superior Court of Clayton County by handling Family Violence Protective Order Petitions and conducting bond hearings in certain felony cases.

Civil Division

The Magistrate Court of Clayton Countyis Georgia’s “Small Claims” Court. Small Claims hears claims that do not exceed $15,000.00, the Court can hear and decide most matters, including: loans, damage suits, accounts, personal property foreclosures and dispossessories.

It is designed to be a forum where a party can pursue a claim with or without an attorney.

Criminal Division

The Magistrate Court is the intake court in criminal cases. The Criminal Division issues criminal arrest warrants, Temporary Protective Orders, search warrants, sets bonds on most criminal charges, and conducts preliminary hearings to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to continue criminal prosecution of a case after the arrest.


  • Chief Magistrate Court Judge Keisha Wright Hill
  • Judge Sonyja J. George
  • Judge Latrevia Kates-Johnson
  • Judge Charity Bridgewater
  • Judge Tameka West
  • Judge Daniel J. Nagel
  • Judge Onyema Farrey
  • Judge Kimberly Bandoh
  • Judge Candace Duvernay
  • Judge Brad Gardner

Location & Contact Information

Harold R. Banke Justice Center
9151 Tara Boulevard
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Phone: (770) 477-3443


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