After a car accident, within what period should you visit the doctor?

Driver decided to go to a doctor after a car accident

No two car accidents are the same, but there are a few consistencies that seem to appear in case after case. When people have an accident, there’s a drive to want to appear “fine,” but that’s hardly ever true. People say they are okay or fine to minimize the situation and decide to not go to the doctor. Then, months later, when the back pain still hasn’t gotten better, or your headaches are getting worse, it feels too late to go to a doctor. There is a time frame that helps insurance companies, Atlanta car accident lawyers, and crash victims know when to see a doctor.

An Atlanta Automobile Accident Attorney Offers Guidance

Even if you don’t feel sore, or in pain, you should see a medical professional within 72 hours of the crash. Everyone should understand if you don’t rush to the emergency room, especially if it doesn’t seem like an emergency. But you should go to an Urgent Care Center or schedule a visit with your doctor within three days after a crash.

Why this time frame? Well, three days allows you enough time to decompress after a crash and let the shock wear off. If you wait much longer than three days, it becomes unreasonable that your injuries were linked to the accident.

Now, not every injury shows up right away. What happens in these situations? It is crucial to go to a doctor within 72 hours of the crash, in the least to set a benchmark for your medical needs. A doctor may say that they believe you are fine. But then months later you’re having headaches, nausea, vertigo, and more. What happens then?

Delayed Injuries

Soft-tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and more can often take days or weeks to surface. Traumatic brain injury is notorious for having hard to detect signs such as clouded thinking, loss of memory, and the inability to concentrate.

So how do you handle delayed injuries? Unfortunately, the best way to handle these injuries is to take a proactive approach. You don’t want to leave any gaps in your medical treatment, and you want to show that there has been no significant injury since the date of your crash.

If a doctor believes that the crash was severe enough to cause soft-tissue or TBI, they may keep a closer eye on you. They will also mark their findings in your medical records. So, if you go to a doctor a month after the crash and complain of not being able to focus, they will know that it’s a red flag and to investigate your injuries further.

Delayed injuries are fairly common. The necessary thing to remember is that you don’t want to settle before all of your medical treatment is complete. Georgia uses a maximum medical improvement metric to help distinguish if you are fully recovered from your crash.

If you still aren’t at maximum medical improvement, do not settle. Seek the help of an attorney and get guidance on how to continue with medical treatment while also moving your settlement along.

Handling the Insurance Companies

For those who aren’t at fault, it’s likely that they’re not even dealing directly with the insurance company investigating your claim. The other driver’s insurance company definitely won’t have your best interest in mind as the value your damages.

It is vital that you don’t settle without completing all of the necessary medical treatment. Additionally, you should not sign any release forms without discussing the consequences with a lawyer. Finally, don’t talk to anyone but your attorney and your insurance agent about the crash.

Whenever you’re discussing your crash, you open the opportunity of downplaying the situation. These statements can be put against you to minimize your claim.

Your Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer Will Demand Compensation

The explanation you document a case is so that you can be made up for your wounds. You shouldn’t need to be liable for the expenses of these wounds. In the event that another person is liable for your accident, they ought to be expected to take responsibility. The best way to ensure this happens is to get to the clinic and get confirmation of your wounds.

Some of the things that you can be compensated for after a car accident in Atlanta:

  • Medical Bills – You ought to have the option to recuperate for your hospital expenses. This incorporates both current and future hospital expenses. Your primary care physician can affirm on the off chance that you will require future clinical treatment.
  • Lost Wages – If you’re jobless for quite a long time or months, you have the right to be redressed. Your legal advisor will submit confirmation of your missed time. He can likewise demonstrate that you’ve lost future income.
  • Pain and Suffering – If you experience a great deal of agony and mental pain, you merit remuneration.
  • Property Damage – Your car might be obliterated in the accident. The respondent should repay you for any fixes that should be made to your car.

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Atlanta at The Weinstein Firm Today!

If you were injured as part of an auto collision, you need help in resolving this issue. Not only is it difficult for people to know how to handle these cases best, but they often feel like the insurance companies owe them a sense of duty. That’s not true.

An Atlanta automobile accident attorney can help you fight for a fair amount of compensation. They can also help you know when it’s time to accept a settlement or to wait. If you’re still receiving medical treatment because your injuries were not apparent right away, then it’s probably not the time to accept a settlement.

To discuss your options and your situation, contact The Weinstein Firm. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable injury attorneys in Atlanta can help you handle the insurance companies running your claim.

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