Cherokee County Juvenile Court

The Cherokee County Juvenile Court is dedicated to serving the residents of Cherokee County by hearing all cases involving allegations of dependency of children under the age of eighteen, delinquency and traffic violations concerning children under the age of seventeen, and Children in Need of Services cases found within its jurisdictions.

If, after adjudication, a child is found to be in need of treatment, rehabilitation or supervision to safely remain in the community, the court will provide access to the best quality, appropriate treatment programs available.


The mission of the Cherokee County Juvenile Court is to ensure that children, families, and the community are protected in civil and delinquency matters brought before the Court. Children and families are provided guidance and services that will be specifically designed to rehabilitate, strengthen and restore them to become productive members of the community.

The Court strives to meet this mission by utilizing resources within the community that promote accountability, provide positive alternatives, and reunify the family when in the best interest of the child.



A “Child in Need of Services” under Georgia law means a child who is in need of guidance, counseling, structure, supervision, treatment or rehabilitation. These children are brought to Juvenile Court once they have committed a status offense.

Examples of status offenses are Ungovernable, Unruly, Truancy, Underage Possession of Alcohol and Runaway. The goal of the Cherokee County CHINS program is to act as a diversion program and prevent children from having further involvement in the court system.

Our mission is to identify at risk youth and provide appropriate out of court intervention services while continuing to reassess the needs of the youth and family to determine if services should be modified.

A youth can become involved in the program for a variety of reasons such as immature decision making, temporary crisis in the family, substance abuse, untreated mental health needs of the child/parent or even issues of abuse or neglect.

It is vital to initially assess the needs of the child and family to determine the cause of the youth’s behavior so that appropriate services can be  provided. The CHINS program offers oversight and a variety of different services such as anger management classes, behavioral health evaluations, counseling referrals, parent/teen communication group, dare to dream program and many more!

Juvenile Traffic Court

A juvenile traffic offense consists of a violation by a child, under the age of 17, of a law or local ordinance governing the operation of a moving motor vehicle upon the streets or highways of this state or upon the waterways within this state;  or any other motor vehicle traffic law or local ordinance if a child is taken into custody and detained for its violation or is transferred to Juvenile Court.


Both of these judges who staff the bench have been elected to four-year terms of office.

  • Judge Davis
  • Judge Jones

Juvenile Court Clerks Office

The Clerk of Juvenile Court’s duties are statutory in nature and are found in the Official Code of Georgia; the Juvenile Clerk is also mandated to follow the Uniform Rules of the Juvenile Courts of the State of Georgia.

The Juvenile Clerk is responsible for maintaining accurate and complete records of all juvenile court proceedings, maintaining court calendars, including scheduling hearings, and sending hearing notices to parties for all CCJC cases, including traffic matters.

In addition, all court-ordered fees, fines, and restitution payments are received and disbursed by the Juvenile Clerk

  • Abby McArthur – Clerk of Juvenile Court

Location & Contact Information

90 North St
Canton, GA 30114

Phone: 770-493-6577


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