Biggest Recalls in 2020


Every year brings on a wide variety of recalls in the auto industry. Some of the most famous recalls have resulted from a massive class-action lawsuit such as the Firestone ordeal. However, most recalls happen on a smaller scale and don’t get a lot of publicity. There are many times that the vehicle owner may not even be contacted if the car has switched hands. These are some of the biggest recalls for the auto industry to happen in 2020.

It’s no wonder, with all the things that have happened in 2020, that these massive recalls were deemed unworthy of news coverage. The trouble is that many accidents have happened because of these recalls and these product defects. Many single-vehicle accidents happened because of these recalls’ problems, and the drivers are usually left footing the bill. It’s likely that if you had a collision resulting from vehicle malfunction that there is a recall available or a recall underway because of the product defect or manufacturer error.

Electric Cars Recalled Over Fire Hazards

BMW, Ford, and Hyundai have all issued recalls in 2020 because of the electric vehicles’ fire risk. Most notably, the Hyundai Kona has had many electric battery buyers. The Hyundai recall is worldwide, and the manufacturer has no idea why these batteries are bursting into flames.

All-electric vehicles are often promoted as the safer option; very few have looked at the high probability of fire hazard and risk associated with these batteries. These batteries are far more powerful than the batteries you would find in a traditional vehicle, and there is a greater power demand upon them.  Among the fire hazards associated with electric vehicle batteries, there are many questions surrounding how we recharge these batteries and how we recycle them.

Model Y Tesla Recall

Tesla has opted for a unique solution to solve their brake light problem. Tesla without a major recall for the model Y because of a brake light issue when it comes to connecting a trailer. Although the model Y is mostly compact, it can tow up to 3,500 pounds.  It is essentially the towing solution for Tesla fans.

This year Tesla made substantial steps in correcting this problem as they fixed the issue through an over-the-air update. Tesla models frequently connect to the network for software upgrades and updates. It is through this system that Tesla engineers were able to create and distribute the solution for the technical problem which resulted in difficulty connecting brake lights from a trailer to a model Y.

Some Model Y owners may need to get their vehicle to a service center which is often inconvenient because of the scarcity of these Tesla centers. If you are still having trouble with the connection for the brake light then make sure that you contact Tesla directly.

Another Massive Ford Recall

In September of this year, Ford issued one of its largest recalls yet. They recalled more than 600,000 Vehicles because of complications with the rear-view camera. Models from 2020, including the Ford Explorer, Escape, F-150, Mustang, and others that have rearview camera, have an outstanding recall. In these cars, screens may remain blank or distorted when the rear-view camera is in use.

Typically this may be a superficial recall; however the NHTSA has previously declared that rearview cameras are now mandatory on a nationwide level. That means that any new vehicles must be manufactured with a function rearview camera. This recall was incited because of frequent reports of problems with the rearview cameras in these vehicles. However, Ford has issued a statement that acknowledged they had no injuries or accidents associated with this problem.

Support for Defective Cars in Auto Accidents

Car accidents can happen because of the fault of the manufacturer or because of a defective part. You may need to work closely with an Atlanta auto accident attorney to assess the cause of the accident and determine which defective product resulted in the collision. Without this type of legal support, you may have to handle a large percentage of the fault for the collision and not have the opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries and damages.

In any auto collision resolution, you must work to prove where the fault lies and why you deserve compensation for your dad. At the Weinstein firm, we work avidly to assess what happened, what led to the collision, and whether or not it was avoidable. Because of these massive recalls, we can work with some knowledge about the state of the car before the collision. It may be that you were following through all traffic rules and still the crash happened.

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