Bar Fight: Can You Sue an Atlanta Bar Owner?

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On almost any given weekend, you can read about a fight at an Atlanta bar. People get drunk and make bad decisions, like getting into a bar fight. Tempers can flare and people do things they normally wouldn’t do. When alcohol gets involved, anything can happen. If you go out to have a good time, you normally don’t have to worry about getting hurt in a bar fight. You make sure you have a designated driver. You don’t go out by yourself. You always take your friend to the ladies’ room with you. It can be jarring to get hurt by another patron in a bar fight started for no good reason. Atlanta personal injury lawyers handle their fair share of cases just like this.

Usually, a bar fight happens between people who don’t know each other. One customer may think another guy is hitting on his girlfriend. Or a woman who had one too many beers mistakes you for somebody she has a bone to pick with. Atlanta personal injury lawyers talk to clients who were attacked by people they have never seen before in a bar fight. The problem is that the perpetrator typically takes off or denies what they did. So, while you sit in the emergency room wondering how you’re going to afford your medical bills, they’re at home sleeping off their hangover. It isn’t fair. That’s why you need to talk to a skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyer as soon as you’ve had time to sort your injuries out.

Your Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Will Have to Prove the Owner Was Negligent

In order to have a shot at winning a negligent security case against the bar owner, your Atlanta personal injury lawyer is going to have to prove negligence. In other words, you’ll have to show that the owner did not provide you (or his other customers) with a safe environment. If it was foreseeable that someone would attack you in the parking lot, they may be held liable. Any business owner is required to maintain safe premises for their guests and customers. This includes providing adequate security if they run a business where people can be hurt or injured. Certainly, a bar owner would be expected to have security on hand in case a fight breaks out.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bar’s owner and managers are not strictly liable. The fact that you were attacked, or hit does not automatically entitle you to damages. You must show that the bar owner did something, or failed to do something, that a reasonable bar owner would’ve done in the same circumstances. The fact that you were attacked in a parking lot can impact your case.

It Depends on Who Owns the Parking Lot

If the defendant didn’t own the parking lot, it’ll be hard or near impossible to hold them liable. Even if the person who attacked you left their bar, they may not be responsible for things that take place on someone else’s property. Unless the bar specifically is designated as parking allotted to the bar, it will be difficult to show any kind of negligence here in a bar fight.

Call and Experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Today

When you and your friends go out to have a good time, the last thing you should worry about is getting attacked. It has been so long since anyone could go out and enjoy themselves, it seems unfair that someone would get injured. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens all the time in Atlanta. If it happens to you, or your loved one, then you need to call and talk to an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer today.

What your attorney will do is review your claim. They’ll look at all the evidence you have and see how strong your case is. They’ll also look at the defendant and see what kind of assets they have. If you do need to pursue the matter legally, it’s better to have a seasoned Atlanta personal injury lawyer with you. These cases are always a bit hard to prove. Plus, the bar owner is going to have a lawyer or team of lawyers there working for them. So, you should call us and schedule your initial consultation. The only way to move forward is to talk to an attorney sooner rather than later. The consultation is free, and you don’t pay anything until your case is resolved.

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