Wrong-Way Accidents: Everything You Need to Know

wrong-way accidents-what-to-know

Wrong-way drivers have long plagued the streets of Georgia, and in the last few months, Atlanta alone has seen a few horrific wrong-way accidents. Wrong-way drivers kill hundreds of people each year and leave many more injured or even disabled. It’s a complicated situation that from the outside seems very simple. A person who witnessed the crash might easily acknowledge that the wrong-way driver was at fault, and the other person should receive full compensation.

However, these cases often go to court and put the victims through even more distress because they need the time to recover but can’t because of legal proceedings. They often have to face the at-fault driver before they are ready and have to start taking decisive legal action when they should be focusing on their medical recovery. There are countless disasters on our road, but few people give careful consideration to what the survivors of the wrong-way driving collision experience after the crash.

Fatalities in Wrong-Way Driving

The Federal Highway Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, estimates that 300 to 400 people die in the wrong way driving collisions each year. There is a strong push among victims and victim advocacy groups to stop using the term ‘accidents,’ particularly in these cases where it was avoidable, and the wrong way driver was clearly at fault.

These accidents only account for about 1% of all the fatalities associated with traffic accidents. However, because wrong-way drivers are involved in head-on collisions, at typically high speeds, they tend to be far more severe than other types of collisions.

Common Injuries in Wrong Way Accidents

Those involved in wrong-way car accidents understand that the injuries they experienced are far more severe than other crash injuries. When the victims survive, it’s highly likely that they have experienced head and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries specifically to the chest and abdomen, and severe damage to the lower body, including broken bones.

It is in these types of accidents that paralysis and paraplegia are most common. It is possible to hold the at-fault driver accountable for these injuries, the financial costs that come with treating these injuries, and the costs of pain and suffering. Many people who have experienced paralysis or paraplegia may have had to undergo costly surgeries and completely re-evaluate the needs of their household environment.

Why Do Wrong Way Accidents Happen?

All the most common reasons for wrong-way accidents in the wrong-way driver as the at-fault or responsible party. Alcohol use or driving while intoxicated is the top cause of wrong-way accidents. Additionally, distractions and traffic detours are common causes of wrong-way collisions.

Of course, there are also times when the causes of these wrong-way accidents are equally severe. One crash that happened this year, resulting in a head-on collision, was the result of one driver experiencing a heart attack behind the wheel. For the most part, these accidents are completely avoidable, and Atlanta has taken measures to change the structure or layout of the roads in an effort to prevent head-on or wrong-way collisions.

In most cases, there’s a presence of high speeds, intoxication, and destruction in wrong-way accidents. Atlanta police have taken measures to directly address intoxicated drivers and street racing, which attributes too many of these vicious accidents.

Survivor Support and Options with Atlanta Auto Collision Lawyers

There are various survivor support groups that can help people begin to understand why their crash happened and how it affects them. However, on an individual basis, it’s complicated to sort out who was responsible, why it happened to them, and what they can do to recover. The victims of wrong-way accidents usually have a lengthy medical and legal battle ahead of them. Although it is almost always evident who was at-fault, typically the wrong-way driver, it may not be so clear as to how the victims can receive compensation.

Working with various insurance providers involved in the crash resolution and those who should be helping, you may seem overwhelming. You may have lost a loved one, friend, or seen another person not make it out of the vehicle. You may not be in any shape to deal with insurance companies or evaluate your options for financial recovery to handle your medical bills. At the Weinstein Firm, we understand the sensitive nature of these collisions and how they frequently involve fatalities. We do our best to represent victims in their best interest with a core focus on their recovery.

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