What Can Cause a Truck Accident?

Trucks are all around us. Whether you are dealing with a rowdy teenager in a big truck, a FedEx delivery driver, or even a semi-driver going across the country, there are trucks all around us. Since these trucks are usually much bigger than the typical vehicle, they can cause a lot of damage when they are in an accident. If you have been in a truck accident, you may need a truck accident lawyer in Decatur, GA to help you get the compensation you deserve.

There are many reasons why a truck wreck lawyer may be needed in your area. Some of these include:

Distracted driving:

The biggest reason that you will need a truck accident lawyer in Decatur, GA is because of distracted driving. This is when the motorist moves their attention off the road and easily misses something that comes their way. They could look away to eat food, send a message or talk on their phone. In the process, this distracted driver could easily run into you and cause you emotional and physical injuries.


If a truck driver was speeding and ended up running into you, you may need a truck accident lawyer in Decatur, GA. Most highways have a speed limit, and even though many drivers will go just a few miles an hour over that, others may go up to 30 miles per hour over this limit. Speed can kill, and going over the posted limit can easily cause an accident. If the truck driver hit you while going over the speed limit, your truck wreck lawyer may be able to help you build up a case.

Reckless driving

Most truck drivers are safe and try to watch out for others. Sometimes, they are in a hurry to be at their destination, and they can become reckless drivers. They may swerve in between traffic, speed, change lanes too quickly and do other things that make it hard to avoid an accident. Also, if you are an aggressive driver and don’t follow the rules of the road, you could end up in a truck accident that is your fault.

Not paying attention to the rules of the road

Running red lights or stop signs can easily cause accidents. Drivers that go through a red light can run the risk of a wrongful death because they will cause a collision at high speeds. The other driver expected the roadway to be clear and then you got in the way by going through that red light. This is also true when you are working with stop signs. If you go through a red light or a stop sign improperly, you may need the help of a truck accident lawyer in Decatur, GA to help you.

Improper turns

Taking the wrong turn can sometimes lead to an accident with a truck. Whether it was you or the other driver that went the wrong way, this can result in a head-on collision that can leave you with a lot of damages. With these, it will depend on who was going down the road the wrong way as well as what posted signage was around. Your truck accident lawyer in Decatur, GA will be able to take a look at the scene with you and determine what kind of case you have in this situation.

Bad weather conditions

If you are driving home on ice, snow, or other bad weather, it can make it dangerous to drive. It is important to drive carefully, so you are not in a truck accident. If the weather conditions are bad, and you are in an accident, it is important to find a good truck accident lawyer in Decatur, GA to help you out.

How a truck accident lawyer in Decatur, GA can help with drowsy driving causing an accident

Many truck drivers spend a lot of hours on the road. This helps the company to get the items to the right store on time and can help the driver to make some good money. But it does make it hard to stay safe on the road. When you can barely keep your eyes open, it is almost impossible to pay attention to the road. If you were in a truck accident and it was because of drowsy driving due to the unsafe working conditions, it may be time to talk to a truck wreck lawyer in your area.

If you have been in an accident and need a truck wreck lawyer, make sure to contact our professionals at The Weinstein Firm. We can go over your case and come up with the best solution for your situation. Contact us today to get started!

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