Common Myths About Car Accident Insurance Cases

Insurance Companies

The general public often believes what people see again and again. They take individual experiences as fact. People believe their friends, Facebook posts, and news from unreliable sources. Why? Because we trust the people who are telling us, and that has led to many misconceptions and myths surrounding car insurance companies.

Don’t worry because we are here to bust these myths and give a clear insight into the reality of these very different situations. Keep reading to explore how insurance companies actually behave, the reality of giving a statement, and how to get your medical bills paid.

Myth 1: Insurance Companies Will Take Care Of You

While to some people, this seems laughable, a lot of people have faith in their insurance companies. They stick with them for years because they feel secure. When they call to arrange a change in coverage or payment, people are always nice. That’s how they reel people in.

But at the end of the day, it’s not about friendship. You’re paying for a service that you probably won’t get. Of course, they’re going to be nice to the people they’re playing.

Insurance companies provide people with a “compensation check,” but that’s not what that is. That check is an offer, one that most people don’t negotiate. You can choose to not accept that first check and make your insurance company really take care of you right.

You’ll need to go through and fight for everything that you need, which seems like a struggle. It’s no wonder that many people switch insurance companies after a bad crash. When you have to spend weeks or months fighting someone that should have helped you, it’s frustrating, and that security or trust is lost.

Myth 2: You Must Give Insurance Companies a Recorded Statement

No company can force its clients to give a recorded statement unless you explicitly agree to that ahead of time. Some insurance companies will argue that you must speak with them, but they can’t make you give a statement over the phone.

What you can do to give a formal statement is to complete one in writing. People will often speak with emotion, which is why they want you to give a recorded statement over the phone. However, when people have to type or write something out, then they look at the facts. When people are writing something, they question the accuracy and double-check their statements. Sit down with your Atlanta auto accident attorney for some help in making sure that you’re giving a statement that isn’t emotionally charged.

Myths like this star,t and what it does is destroy the interactions between businesses and their consumers. There are laws in place to help protect consumers. If you feel as though you’re pressured into giving a specific type of statement, you might consider filing a complaint against the company in regard to consumer protection acts.

Additionally, you can file a complaint or a report with the Georgia Department of Law. Their Consumer Protection Division stands in place to help people report bad or illegal practices. You can report your insurance company to the Commissioner of Insurance with a formal complaint. Explain that they required you to give a recorded statement or wouldn’t provide services you pay for.

Myth 3: The At-Fault Drivers Insurance Pays Your Medical Bills

This myth is well-known, but people realize how false it is when they get their bills in the mail. Medical bills come with huge figures, and their collectors are aggressive. When you have these bills looming over your head, you might be wondering why the other driver’s insurance didn’t pick up the tab.

The matter here is that you can’t get them to pay outright. You need a settlement that will cover your medical bills. In the meantime, you may need to arrange for a medical lien to stop collections or harassment.

Myth 4: Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Can Guarantee An Outcome

No attorney can make any promises. We cannot promise a favorable outcome or that you’ll get a lot of compensation. What we can promise, is that The Weinstein Firm will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Our legal team will bring together the resources necessary to battle for fair compensation.

At The Weinstein Firm you get support, and access to resources as well as the legal guidance you need. Accidents can leave people with extremely high medical bills, extensive medical damage and tons of behind bills as victims can’t return to work right away. Call The Weinstein Firm to access a reliable and upfront Atlanta car accident attorney.

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