How To Cure Whiplash in Wrightsville


Whiplash can be a common injury in some car accidents. No one wishes to suffer car accidents in Wrightsville. This dread of collisions is because they can leave you with extensive injuries or even disability. Unfortunately, however, many car accident victims don’t know how to treat whiplash. So, if you sustain whiplash in a car crash, it’ll help to employ the services of a Wrightsville car accident attorney.

Indeed no matter the lawyer’s experience, they cannot cure your wounds. However, they can direct you to preferred Wrightsville medical personnel who’ll take good care of you. Furthermore, an excellent attorney can help you recover your medical bills and other forms of compensation from the fault party.

What Is Whiplash?

Before learning how to treat this injury, it’s essential to understand the injury. Whiplash occurs when someone’s head suddenly jerks forward and back with great force. This unexpected movement usually strains the soft tissues in the neck beyond their normal range.

This strain or stretch will inevitably tear the neck’s tendons and ligaments. Although this injury isn’t a very severe one, it can result in long-term pain and discomfort for car crash victims. The most likely way whiplash occurs is through rear-end collisions. This is because of the backward impact that forces the vehicle forward.

However, every other car accident type can result in whiplash. Furthermore, other events that cause a forceful impact on the body can cause whiplash. This class would include horse riding, falls, head trauma, sporting accidents, physical abuse, etc.

Symptoms of Whiplash 

Whiplash isn’t a physical injury. Therefore, victims may not notice its symptoms for, at least, the first 24 hours of an accident. However, after some time, car crash survivors may notice:

  • Neck pain or stiffness
  • Severe headaches
  • Back pain
  • Dizziness
  • Shoulder numbness or pain
  • Blurred vision

If you notice any of these symptoms after a Wrightsville car accident, it’ll be best to speak to a doctor.

How To Cure Whiplash

The good news for Wrightsville residents is that treatment is pretty straightforward, except in extreme circumstances. The curative plans below can fix this accident injury.

  • Home Treatment

Since whiplash’s primary effect is neck pain and swelling, you can apply an ice pack or two at home. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes every 4 hours for about three days. To apply the ice treatment, wrap the ice block in a towel or cloth and place it on your skin.

  • Pain Medication

If your pain persists after using ice on your neck, you should see a doctor. Many primary health care physicians often prescribe over-the-counter (OTC) medication for patients with this injury. OTC pain relievers may include ibuprofen and acetaminophen. However, you mustn’t self-medicate. This is because your body may react badly to certain medications. Therefore, qualified medical personnel is your best bet for safe treatment.

  • Physical Therapy

If whiplash hampers your neck motion, your doctor may recommend that you undergo physical therapy. Therapy can reduce the effects of the injury and prevent further damage to your neck. Essentially, a physical therapist will help you through exercises that strengthen your muscles and restore normal neck movement. It’s noteworthy that how long you require physical therapy will depend on the severity of your injury.

  • Neck Collars

You must have seen people wearing those soft foam neck collars. The chances are high that any such person was treating whiplash. Wearing a collar reduces neck movement, thus limiting your pain. Consequently, minimal movement will help your neck heal faster. However, you mustn’t wear collars for too long because keeping your neck still for extended periods can reduce muscle strength.

Other Curative Options 

There are many other ways whiplash victims can rid themselves of their symptoms and attain full recovery. These include:

  • Neck massages
  • General body exercises
  • Chiropractic care
  • Electronic nerve stimulation (ENS)
  • Acupuncture
  • Rest

Let Wrightsville’s Car Accident Lawyers Help You Get Your Whiplash Injury Compensation

If you sustain whiplash in an accident, you should be able to recover compensation from the fault party. Furthermore, damages will cover all your other economic and non-economic losses. First, however, you’ll need an experienced Wrightsville car accident lawyer. A lawyer is necessary because Wrightsville’s personal injury process isn’t always straightforward.

Moreover, you wouldn’t have to worry about this issue if you have The Weinstein Firm’s attorneys representing you. Our lawyers have won compensation for victims of various injury types. Therefore, we’re confident that we can win any whiplash claim too. So, why not call us today for a free consultation on your case?

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