What Happens in the Event of Single-Vehicle Crashes?

You’ve probably driven by a crashed vehicle on the side of the road and thought, “Where’s the other guy?’ It’s not exactly clear to everyone else, but single-vehicle crashes happen. And, as a car accident attorney will tell you, they happen fairly often. They’re also not always the person’s fault. There are many reasons that cars undertake damage, and people take on injuries without hitting another vehicle.

What is a Single-Vehicle Crash?

A single-car crash is exactly what it sounds like, a wreck that involves only one vehicle. However, these accidents often include poles, benches, buildings, ditches, or even freeway guardrails.

Single-vehicle crashes come in two varieties. There are on-road crashes that usually involve debris or fixtures. The example above of hitting a guard rail is a common instance of an on-road crash. These types of accidents, sometimes, but not always, involve drunk drivers. Single-car crashes that include fatalities involve a drunk driver about 65% of the time.

However, there are times that an aggressive driver will intimidate someone into running into a guard rail. Pedestrians running on the street can also make drivers nervous enough to bump walls, rails, or curbs in an attempt to give the pedestrian enough space.

The other type is “running-off-road.” Running off the road is the most common instance of a single-vehicle crash where the driver isn’t liable. It’s possible that the driver swerved to avoid a collision or met road conditions, which made the roadway unsafe. In many cases, these drivers can fight quite hard for their defense and prove that they’re actually the victim of circumstance.

Determining Liability

Aspects that lead to single-car wrecks, including dangerous road conditions, tired driving, lack of road signs, poor weather, manufacturing defects, and poor decisions from pedestrians or other drivers. However, insurance companies don’t want to hear this. In fact, they classify most single-car crashes as the fault of the driver and put very little effort into their investigation.

For those who are hoping to recover financially through an insurance claim, you need to take a strong stance early on after your wreck. You’re the victim, and you deserve compensation.

Showing liability requires a determination of negligence. In Georgia, negligence is the ruling factor for insurance companies and court cases for wrecks.

When it comes to identifying a liable party, you can look toward:

  • Drivers who caused the crash but sustained no damage
  • Pedestrians who were incorrectly crossing or making the roadway unsafe
  • The city for lack of signage or road maintenance
  • The vehicle manufacturer for defects which led to the crash.

One famous example of a defect that led to many single-car wrecks includes the multiple Firestone tire recalls. The tread would simply pull away from the tire, and many people were in accidents and were hurt. Many of those drivers were also able to avoid hitting other drivers, making their crash a single-vehicle accident.

Fighting Your Insurance in Defense of Single-Vehicle Crashes

When it comes to doing battle with your insurance company, you need to show up prepared. Discuss with your car wreck lawyer in Atlanta what options you have in terms of evidence. If a vehicle manufacturing defect was part of the role, you might need an expert to discuss the factors leading to that crash.

Whereas if it was a lack of signage, you might need to show the number of accidents that happen in that location and that it meets the requirements for needing signs. One example here is a roadway with a steep curve that has no signs warning drivers to reduce their speed or that there’s a curve ahead.

Other ways to fight your insurance company will require relying on law enforcement. If someone caused your crash, it’s likely that they weren’t at the scene when the police arrived. However, you can look towards witnesses and the police statements to expose the nature of what happened in this case.

Reach Out to an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

After a crash, it’s hard to know exactly who is responsible. But when you have a single-car accident, it can be hard to prove that anyone else was involved. Even a car that cut you off and it resulted in a crash your insurance will likely pin it as a single-car accident. A single-car crash could mean a lot of different things for you depending on the details.

The Weinstein Firm could be your first step towards resolving your crash. With a proper car crash lawyer in Atlanta, GA, you can get started on fighting for the compensation that you deserve. Compensation that you might not get if you try to process your claim on your own.

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