Can You Get in Trouble for Avoiding a DUI Checkpoint?

Not only is there an issue with DUI checkpoints around the holidays, but many people “dip out” because they just don’t have the time. If you’ve ever tried to get home after midnight on Saturday, then you know what you’re up against. Now, add in police checkpoints all through the metro area, and it’ll take you hours. But, can you actually get in trouble, and what is the real purpose of a DUI checkpoint anyway?

Ideally, a DUI Checkpoint Helps Prevent Accidents

Of course, a DUI checkpoint helps to weed out the drunk drivers before they cause any serious damage. Now, the Atlanta Police Department has a ton of state-level guidelines that they must follow. For example, the officers on the scene must be in uniform and sufficiently trained to perform field sobriety tests, administer chemical tests on-site, and identify symptoms of intoxication with good judgment.

A DUI checkpoint is one of the few things that police can do to protect people driving on the street proactively. Anyone who has been in a wreck with a drunk or high driver, they will understand this. There’s a lot that an officer can do to identify the symptoms of an intoxicated driver.

Typically they look for:

  • Red or glossy eyes
  • Delayed response times
  • Slurred speech patterns
  • Inability to properly handle keys, registration, or their license

Suspicious Behavior at a DUI Checkpoint Will Warrant Police Attention

If you’re pulling away from a DUI checkpoint, then the police may suspect that you have something to hide. But that doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. If you’re pulling out of a checkpoint to avoid wasting time, then you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to the cops.

If a cop does pull you over, provide a clear and honest answer about why you left. Many cops do hang out around the checkpoint areas to catch people that peel off. If you do pull out around a checkpoint, be careful. Many people leave the area because they are intoxicated. That means it’s more dangerous than just waiting through the checkpoint line.

Impact of Drunk Drivers

Georgia is slightly below the national average when it comes to drunk driving mortality rates. But, alcohol-involved accidents often lead to severe injuries. Anyone hurt in a drunk driving accident will experience not only the medical recovery but the psychological aspects as well. Often drunk drivers walk away with minimal injuries.

The combination of alcohol and delayed reaction speed often puts them in a position where they are relaxed and don’t brace against an impact. There are so many obstacles for other drivers, however, and it can result in spinal injuries or worse for the victims.

Victims of a DUI crash often feel overwhelmed when it comes to handling the aftermath. While car accident lawyers in Atlanta can help the victims map out their recovery, it’s instances like roadblocks that can help prevent that.

Not Quite Impaired

Crashes with people who were intoxicated but not above the legal limit can cause serious damage too. When it comes to checkpoints, hitting the legal limit isn’t the only factor. It’s possible for someone to have a 0.07 and still not be okay to drive. Other offenses such as a reckless or “wet reck” are not likely at a checkpoint, but they are possible.

Impairment is subjective, but often Atlanta Police err on the side of caution. It’s more important to identify the possibility of an intoxicated driver than arguing the nuances of 0.01. Rulings like these can come back and bite these officers later.

The not-quite impaired can cause a fair amount of damage, although nothing close to what the state-wide DUI stats show. These types of wrecks often result in the same serious injuries, however. The delayed action times make it difficult, if not impossible, for drivers to predict the intoxicated driver’s movements. Getting in a crash with someone not-quite impaired can lead to substantial damages.

Whenever You’re in a Crash, Contact a Lawyer

If you were in a crash, especially with a drunk driver, you need an Atlanta car accident attorney. These attorneys work ruthlessly to help you recover what you need financially. Particularly around the holidays, it’s difficult to manage this extra stress and the physical setbacks that come with an accident.

Contact The Weinstein Firm to start your claim on the right foot. With this law office, you can rely on our team of car accident lawyers in Atlanta to walk you through every step of the process. Schedule a consultation today.

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