How Social Media Ruins Car Accident Claims

Auto Accident Claim

Possibly one of the more notable backslides in recent history is social media. Not only are people oversharing, and posting when they should generally keep things private, there are worse matters. When it comes to legal issues, at least people often aren’t able to completely depict the scene without taking images. Then they share those images. Now, those are less evident in an auto accident claim or case and, instead, rather public.

Here’s the thing, social media ruins car accident claims regularly. People are found at fault when they shouldn’t have been, and worse. People don’t receive the compensation that they needed and deserved because of comments, posting patterns, and more. When in doubt, don’t post, call your Atlanta auto accident attorney.

Posts Contradicting Your Statement

In your statement, you say that the crash happened because of a trick of the light. But in your Facebook posts from the crash site, you clearly see a cloudy sky. These little issues that come up with your case make it nearly impossible to support the rest of your auto accident claim. Basically, with social media, one misstep with your statement, and everything can fall apart. Now they’re asking how fast you were going, and what you could have done.

Basically, social media can quickly turn you from victim to the at-fault driver or fraudulent claimant with very little effort.

Posts Acknowledging Benefit or Alluding to Possible Fraud

You’ve probably seen a post like “Can’t wait for that insurance check!” in your feed. It’s true, people look forward to those checks because they can pay medical bills, get caught up on household bills that were disrupted because of the wreck, and get their car fixed. But that’s not how the car insurance companies see it.

They’ve been the victims of fraud too often for too long and have gotten a bit paranoid. Now, when they see a post on social media that makes it seem as if the crash was a way to get a payout, they change course. Now you’re not part of a claim, you’re part of a fraud investigation.

Comments Could Come Across as Admission of Fault

You can’t control comments, and surely even when something bad happens, someone will rush to your comments section to make it worse. But what can you do? Well, not much, and honestly, someone else’s comment can make you seem at fault.

Imagine if you were the victim of a high-speed crash, and someone commented under a hospital selfie that you always drive too fast. Someone else mentioning your bad driving habits, which may not even be true, can deplete the value of your case.

Posting Substantially Can Indicate Low Emotional Distress

The ongoing “out” in recent months has been the authentic card. It’s annoying, particularly because it promotes oversharing, which leads to all manner of trouble. But here’s the thing, there is nothing “authentic” about oversharing, and your privacy is something that only you can protect.

When you don’t protect your privacy and the privacy of the legal matters in your life, you compromise many things. For example, if you’re talking about an open claim that may very well become a lawsuit, oversharing can negate the apparent distress in your life. Even if you’re posting “Oh, I feel terrible, I just can’t think straight,” the other side will argue that you thought well enough to articulate yourself and post to social media. The assumption at that point is that you’re fine.

Talking About an Auto Accident Claim May Void Your Compensation

This issue is almost exclusive to court cases. But basically, if you talk about information private to you and your insurance company, you could void your policy. Additionally, if you’re going to court with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and share private details, you may void a right to compensation.

Getting Support From an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

We understand that you turned to social media for support. By all means, connect with your friends and family after a traumatic accident but consider doing it via phone or even in person. When you make these connections more meaningful and keep them off social media, you don’t risk compromising your claim. Additionally, you might get more help and support through face to face communications than you ever would through a social media post and comment.

Calling The Weinstein firm in Atlanta can help you access the support that you need during claim resolution. What we do is we carefully go through all of your evidence and the facts of the crash. Then we can help craft your side of the story in a compelling way to fight for maximum compensation. Retaining an Atlanta, GA car accident law firm could positively change the course of your claim.

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