Does Pain and Suffering Include Medical Bills?

Does Pain and Suffering Include Medical Bills Auto Accident Attorney

If you get into a car accident, you’re probably going to suffer damages. You may be seriously injured and need a lot of medical care. You may be out of work for weeks or months. Some people are even left permanently disabled after their car accident.

When you are injured in a car accident, you need to seek immediate medical treatment. In fact, even if you don’t think you’re hurt, you should get checked out. You could have injuries you don’t even know you have. Some of these are brain injuries and internal injuries.

When you first go to the hospital for treatment, you’ll have to give them your personal health insurance information. There’s no way they can charge it to the defendant’s insurance policy at this early stage.

You may have to pay a co-pay. If the hospital or doctor’s ask for this, let them know it’s related to a car accident. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket if it’s determined that the other driver is at fault.

An Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney Knows What Kind of Medical Bills You’ll Have

When you’re injured in a car accident, you may need a lot of medical care. The bills can add up. Until the defendant’s insurance company agrees to pay your claim, you’ll have to cover these bills yourself.

Some of the bills you’re going to have to pay upfront include:

  • Co-pays for doctor’s visits and hospital visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Tests and examinations
  • Blood work
  • Deductibles for any surgeries or physical therapy you may need
  • Chiropractor fees
  • Medical equipment such as a wheelchair, cane, etc.

These things are going to add up. It’s important that you keep receipts for every dollar you spend. Keep it in a shoebox or safe. Even an accordion file will work. You just want to keep them organized and neat.

How Will Your Auto Accident Attorney Know How Much to Demand?

When it comes to naming your damages, your auto accident attorney will break it up into different categories. These categories are:

  • Medical Bills – You need to keep all receipts for the items discussed above. This may even include receipts for things like ace bandages, ibuprofen and heating pads.
  • Lost Wages – If you miss any time from work, you can demand that you be compensated for this. Your attorney can submit pay sheets and payroll records. He’ll show what you earned before the accident versus the income you earned after the accident. If you go on short-term or long-term disability, he’ll demand compensation.
  • Property Damage – Your car may need repairs or replacement. While you’re waiting for the defendant to be held liable, you’ll have to pay these bills out of pocket. Of course, you can submit a claim to your own insurance. They’ll cover most of it. They’ll need to be reimbursed once you settle your claim. But you may need to pay things like car rental fees out of pocket.
  • Pain and Suffering – These damages are completely separate from all other types of damages. They are non-economic damages.

Pain and suffering aren’t included in any other category of damages, such as medical bills. So your attorney will demand a separate amount for pain and suffering.

How Will Your Georgia Auto Accident Attorney Calculate Pain and Suffering?

Your Georgia auto accident attorney has handled dozens of cases just like yours. He has a way to calculate pain and suffering. His demand will account for the following factors:

  • Does the person act like a person in pain would act?
  • Did the victim have any pre-existing injuries or conditions?
  • Can the victim do normal, everyday activities?
  • What did the person do for a living?
  • What did the individual earn prior to the accident?
  • How old is the victim? How many more years would they work?
  • Does the claimant have a family and children?

He’ll have to present evidence to prove all of these things. There are some figures that may have an impact on your pain and suffering, including:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Money received from disability
  • Spousal support

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