Know Who To Call After Your First Crash in Georgia

Car Crash in Georgia

Your first car crash in Georgia isn’t just scary; it’s terrifying. What’s worse is when the other driver steps out like it was no big deal, because they’ve been through this before. Don’t worry, just keep your cool and make sure that you contact the right people to start moving away from this traumatic event and get back to normal life.

If you were lucky or skilled enough to make it to 18 before your first crash, then the good news is that you can handle a large part of the process on your own. However, make sure that you contact everyone on this list to ensure that you’re not leaving yourself open to any issues down the line. A car wreck attorney in Atlanta, GA is especially helpful in cases like this.

Always Contact Emergency Services in the Event of Injuries

Even if you’re just a little sore, you should contact emergency services. A bit of soreness could be an indicator of a pulled, strained or even torn muscle. Additionally, many soft tissue injuries will only get worse over time, especially if they’re not treated or attended to.

If anyone is bleeding, then you need to contact the police and request emergency medical attention. Abrasions are often the lesser of the damage, but when people realize they’re bleeding, they’re able to get past the sensation of shock. Many drivers and passengers don’t realize that they’re injured until later because they’re so stunned by what just happened.

If there are any injuries at the scene or as a result of the crash, then contact emergency services. Additionally, if there are infants, pregnant women, or elderly people with preexisting conditions in the vehicle, you should call for emergency services as well.

Underage Drivers Call Your Parents

If you are not yet 18, then you need to call your parents or guardian right away. There’s not so much pressure on you to know what to do, but you do need to inform the people responsible for your insurance policy. If the police arrive on the scene, they will require your parent or guardians information to get them on the scene.

It can be scary telling your parents about a crash, but it’s much better than them finding out from their insurance company calling them weeks later.

Contact the Police After Your Car Crash in Georgia

Regardless of if there are injuries or not, you’ll need to file a crash report with police. It’s easiest to do it over the phone or with an officer in person. If it’s not an emergency situation, then it’s unlikely that Atlanta PD will report to the scene. In that case, contact the sheriff’s department directly and request to file a report over the phone while you’re still at the site.

When you’re filing your report, it’s easiest to do it with the other driver there as well. The report will be the same for both drivers, so it’s advantageous to have them there and to be cooperative. If they’re not cooperative, then inform them that they will need to find out about the crash report at a later time. You should also inform the officer on the phone that the at-fault driver is not willing to provide some information necessary for the report and that you know it’s important to complete it.

Meet With an Attorney Who Can Handle a Car Crash in Georgia

It might not seem like your top priority, but it should be right after speaking with the police and medical professionals. Contacting your attorney can help you know how to file your claim with an insurance provider and do so carefully.

Create a Statement for Your Insurance Policy

Part of speaking with your attorney in Atlanta about your crash is compiling a statement for your insurance provider. That statement will serve as the primary focus of your claim. That means that it will take center stage through the entire resolution ordeal.

Why Should You Call Your Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer First?

When people are on the phone with a pleasant and courteous insurance representative, they’re inclined to say things such as, “Oh well, it looks like everyone’s okay,” or “It’s not even a big crash.” These statements are what your insurance company likes to hear because when you file your claim, they come back saying, “Well, you said it was a little crash, that everyone was fine. So, where are these medical bills coming from?”

At The Weinstein Firm, we encourage victims of car, truck, or motorcycle wrecks to contact us first so we can build a safe and honest statement for your car insurance provider. Call our Atlanta, GA car accident injury law firm today.

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