Auto Accident Lawyer: When Do You Need One?

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Car accidents are pretty frequent in Georgia. In 2019, there were 1,377 fatal collisions, leading to 1,491 deaths. Fortunately, Georgia is a fault-based accident state. So, you can recover compensation for any vehicle collisions. All you need will be an experienced auto accident lawyer. But unfortunately, many vehicle collision survivors don’t like hiring attorneys.

Various factors inform this skepticism. For example, some people don’t want to bear hefty attorney fees. Conversely, some are willing to work with car accident lawyers. However, they don’t know when to get an attorney for their auto accidents. In this article, we’ll explain when you should get an Atlanta car accident lawyer.

When Should I Get an Attorney for My Atlanta Car Accident?

Firstly, it’s noteworthy that hiring a car crash lawyer isn’t mandatory. You can still get compensation without an attorney’s help. However, the quality of your damages is a different issue. So, when to get an attorney depends on several factors. Some of them include:

  • Your ability to focus on recovery and handle a case
  • The legal process through which you want to get compensation
  • The statutory period for filing a case

Despite all these factors, you can engage a lawyer at any stage of the compensation process. However, it’s best to hire an attorney immediately after an auto crash. This way, you can quickly initiate the legal process.

Time is crucial in all Atlanta vehicle collision cases. So, you can focus on recovery while the auto accident lawyer handles your claim. Furthermore, getting an attorney early means that you won’t neglect the Statute of Limitations.

Specific Instances When You Should Get an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer

Not all car accidents require lawyers. Sometimes, the crash may be insignificant, and getting an attorney is needless. Some cases that need lawyers are:

  • Accidents that cause significant injuries to you or others
  • Collisions where the responsibility is uncertain
  • Crashes involving another party
  • An accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver
  • Cases involving unscrupulous insurance companies
  • Motor vehicle collisions around schools or involving kids

Getting an Atlanta car accident attorney in these cases is vital. This is because recovering compensation can be challenging. There may even be a criminal liability in some instances. Such liability is possible in school zone accidents. Therefore, lawyers are important to identify faults properly.

Do I Need an Auto Accident Lawyer for a Minor Crash?

Minor car accident victims usually don’t see the need for a lawyer. Their losses are often small. So, they may not even want to pursue compensation. On the other hand, suppose they want to file a claim for damages. Then, they often think they can handle it alone. Indeed, you may not need an attorney for a minor fender-bender.

Where the crash records no injury, an auto accident lawyer becomes less necessary. However, you may still need an Atlanta car crash attorney for a minor accident. Some of such instances include where:

  • There are significant injuries to you or others
  • There is major vehicular damage
  • The accident caused property damage or losses
  • Any of the victims missed work because of the crash
  • The collision raised insurance problems

It’ll be best to hire an auto accident lawyer immediately in all these cases. They can help prevent any further losses from the crash.

Minor Injuries Don’t Always Remain Minor

A minor fender-bender may not leave significant bodily wounds. Victims may not even need major medical attention. For example, emergency medical responders may clear them of health problems. Minor wounds can become severe later, though. So, it’s always best to pursue compensation for minor crashes.

Suppose you lose your window of compensation. Then, you’ll have to foot your medical bills. Moreover, car accident injuries aren’t always visible. Some take days or weeks to show fully. For example, imagine hitting your head on the steering wheel during a crash.

This may leave you with a headache. However, the headache may be a symptom of traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, it’s best to see a doctor after minor accidents. After that, you can speak to an auto accident lawyer.

injuries from Atlanta car accident

Why Should I Hire an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney?

Knowing when to hire a lawyer is great. However, understanding why you need an attorney is more important. This information will guide you in choosing a lawyer. Moreover, knowing a lawyer’s importance will help you appreciate why it’s best to hire them early.

Filing Necessary Paperwork

Auto accident claims aren’t made orally. Instead, you must file official documents. For example, settlement negotiations start with a demand letter. Lawsuits also have formal application processes. In addition, you must file and submit these forms early. Any mistake can be fatal to your claim.

Conversely, they may delay your compensation. This is one reason attorneys are vital. Firstly, they’ve spent years training for these processes. Without legal training, you cannot handle this paperwork properly. It’ll thus be best to let an auto accident lawyer handle your case.

Respecting Statutory Deadlines

You can’t just file lawsuits whenever you like. Instead, Georgia law specifies timeframes for initiating car accident claims. This law also applies to other personal injury cases. So, the following dates are vital for car accident claims:

Your time starts counting from the collision date. For wrongful death actions, it starts from the death date. Furthermore, missing this deadline means that you’ll lose your right to compensation. Fortunately, any good lawyer will ensure you respect these deadlines.

Getting the Maximum Compensation

Finally, an attorney can get you the maximum compensation. Firstly, lawyers can properly evaluate claims. This means that they’ll know exactly how much you deserve. Then, they’ll fight to get you every last dollar. Such aggressive defense is crucial in Atlanta, GA., because insurance companies don’t like paying victims. So, they often employ tricks to avoid liability.

For example, they could shift the accident’s blame unto you. You thus need a lawyer who can investigate the crash and properly allocate responsibility. Such an attorney will also be conversant with insurers’ tactics. Therefore, they can advise you properly.

Get the Best Atlanta Auto Accident Attorneys Now!

If you survived a car accident, you might be eligible for compensation. You’ll need an excellent personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, and the best time to get one is now. At The Weinstein Firm, our lawyers have spent decades helping accident victims. In addition, we’ve won millions of dollars in settlements. So, we can get you the maximum compensation. Call us today for a FREE initial consultation.

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