What To Do If You Witness a Car Accident in Atlanta

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After a car accident, many things depend on the crash witnesses. For instance, the safety of the collision survivors is often only possible when the witnesses offer help. Furthermore, calling emergency services is sometimes only possible by the standers-by. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what to do if you witness a car accident.

If you survive a car accident, it would be best to hire a car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney would know whether you’re eligible to file an accident claim. In addition, a lawyer can gather evidence from the collision witnesses to prove your compensation claims.

4 Things to Do After Witnessing an Atlanta Car Accident

If you don’t know what you should do if you see an accident, we’ve got you covered. Below are five vital steps to take after witnessing such an event.

  • Ensure That You’re Safe

The first step after witnessing a car accident is to guarantee your safety. Your safety is paramount because if you suffer harm, you’ll be of little help to the other victims. So, if you’re driving, pull over to a safe spot on the road. It would help to park a reasonable distance away from the crash site. This would guarantee emergency vehicles have sufficient navigation space.

Furthermore, if it’s a night accident, try putting on your vehicle’s lights. Next, if the crash site is on a busy highway, remaining in your car may be the best step. Finally, sometimes the accident vehicles may be emitting smoke. Such smoke may be the early signs of an explosion. So, maybe don’t go near the cars if you don’t have training for such an environment.

  • Call 911

If you don’t know what to do after seeing an accident, at least you should know to call 911. Then, you can speak to the responder to determine whether the victims are in an emergency. Therefore, it’s essential that you correctly describe the crash. In addition, 911 responders will need to know precisely where the accident happened.

So, check around for an accurate description of your location. If you don’t know the spot, you could use your device’s maps. But, whatever you do, you have to get that location right. If you don’t, 911 could send help to the wrong spot.

  • Help the Accident Victims

If the coast is clear and emergency responders aren’t yet around, you can check for survivors. There are many things you can do to help accident survivors. They include:

  • Applying first aid to their injuries
  • Making phone calls to friends and family
  • Installing road flares to block the accident scene
  • Waiting with them until emergency responders show up

It would be best if you didn’t move the crash survivors around. This is because moving an accident victim could worsen their injury. If first aid isn’t urgent for the survivors and they ask that you move them, kindly decline, and please wait for the professionals.

  • Speak to the Police

One of the emergency responders on the scene could be the police. The police often have to investigate vehicle collisions to determine fault. In the process, they’ll need to speak to the witnesses. Therefore, staying and talking to the police would be a great help. All you have to do is narrate what you saw.

You don’t need to apportion blame for the crash. Instead, allow the police to figure that out from your statement. Finally, if a crash victim asks, it would help to give them your contact information. Their lawyer may find your testimony very helpful if they file a compensation claim.

You May Need to Testify

Accident witnesses are crucial in injury claims. Therefore, the crash victim may need you to testify against the fault driver. Your testimony may be in court or to the insurance company. Here, if the injured victim calls upon you to testify, it would help to comply. Furthermore, you may need to hire a lawyer to protect you from any possible fallout.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Represent Crash Victims

Have you survived or witnessed an Atlanta car accident? Whichever case, you or the collision victim may be able to get compensation from the fault party. This is because Georgia is a fault accident state. First, however, you’ll need the best Atlanta car accident lawyers.

Attorneys are essential because Georgia’s compensation recovery process can get complex and complicated. So, hiring lawyers like those at The Weinstein Firm is critical. This way, you can benefit from the experience our attorneys have gathered over many years. So, why not call us today for a free consultation on your case?

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