What Should I Do if My Car Accident Claim Was Denied?

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After a car accident, you’ve probably taken all the necessary steps to ensure you get maximum compensation. You’ve reported to the police, sought medical treatments, filed an insurance claim, and reported your damages. However, it can be annoying when your car accident claim is denied, especially when you take all the proper steps. 

We understand that dealing with a denied car accident claim is time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why the best auto accident lawyers in Atlanta have explained what you can do if your car accident claim is denied in this article. We’ll also talk about why your car accident claim could be denied.

Reasons Your Insurance Company Denied Your Claim

Most times, the circumstances of the accident determine which insurance company you’ll file a claim with. However, if you filed with your insurer and it comes back denied, you might wonder why. Below, we’ve provided the top reasons your insurance company denied your car accident claim.

You Lack Coverage

Insurance companies offer different plans. Therefore, they will accept only the protection covered in your plan. For example, if you were in an accident with an at-fault uninsured motorist, your auto insurer will deny your claim if you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage.

You’re Not Covered

Another reason might be that you’re not a covered driver. For example, if you recently divorced your spouse, the policy owner, you might have your car accident claim denied because you’re no longer covered. Another scenario is if you’re a teenager but not on your parent’s policy.

You Filed an Incomplete or Inaccurate Claim

Your auto insurer will reject your claim if it is incomplete or inaccurate. For example, maybe you filled out the claim form incorrectly or excluded some crucial details like your vehicle identification number. The insurance company will reject your claim in such situations. 

No Coverage for Your New Car

The auto insurer could also deny your claim if you didn’t add a new car to the policy. Therefore, you should always extend your coverage when you purchase a new vehicle. 

Policy Exclusion

Insurance policies usually come with a long list of exclusions. Some of them include intentional acts and acts of God. An insurance company could easily use one of these exclusions to deny your car accident claim. The best auto accident lawyers in Atlanta can help you determine the real cause of your accident to ensure you get the fair compensation you deserve.

Failure to Notify

Policyholders must notify their auto insurer about a car accident within a certain period. Failure to notify your insurer could lead to a claim denial because the insurer would argue they had no chance to investigate the crash. 

Reasons the Other Party’s Insurance Company Denied Your Car Accident Claim

Georgia is an at-fault state. Therefore, if you sustained injuries in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you can easily file a car accident claim against the other party’s insurer. However, they might deny your compensation; below are the common reasons. 

They Claim You’re At-Fault

This is a common reason the other party’s insurance company could deny your claim. Insurers are always trying to point the finger at the other party. 

Therefore, they could claim you’re at fault to avoid paying compensation. That’s why the best auto accident lawyers in Atlanta handle the communications with the auto insurer to ensure you get fair compensation.

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You Didn’t Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Most times, the other party’s insurance company could deny your car accident claim because you didn’t seek medical treatment immediately after the accident. This would lead them to assume your injuries were not life-threatening, or you were not hurt. 

It’s always best to seek medical treatment even if you don’t feel like you’re hurt. Symptoms of wounds like traumatic brain injuries have delayed symptoms, so seeing a doctor would help prevent injuries from worsening.

You Didn’t Prove the Other Party’s Fault

Insurance companies are always looking for proof of liability. Therefore, they’ll deny your claim if you can’t prove the other party caused the accident. Atlanta’s best auto accident lawyers can help you examine the accident scene and gather evidence to prove the other party’s liability. 

You Have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Insurance companies deny claims due to pre-existing medical conditions. For instance, suppose you suffered whiplash in a car accident. The other party’s auto insurer could deny your claim if you have a pre-existing condition for neck pain. 

Best Auto Accident Lawyers in Atlanta Explain What to Do if Your Car Accident Claim Was Denied

It can be frustrating if you were hurt and have several bills resulting from the accident, but the insurance company denies your claim. Below are steps you should take if the insurance company denies your car accident claim. 

Demand a Reason for the Denial

You have the right to know why the insurance company denied your car accident claim. Therefore, you should request one. Sometimes, it’s due to an error on their part. Ask for a written explanation if the denial was deliberate despite evidence of liability. 

Gather Evidence of Liability

You should gather evidence if the other party’s insurance company denied your claim because there is no proof against the other party. You can begin with a copy of the police report for the accident. It usually contains information from the responding officer about charges against the other driver and moving violations.

Get Evidence of Your Injuries

You should request medical proof of your injuries from your healthcare provider. This could be scans, x-rays, or even a written evaluation.

File an Appeal With an Amended Claim

Auto accident lawyers in Atlanta can help you ask to file an appeal with an amended claim. Directly answering the concerns or questions that caused the auto insurer to deny your car accident claim increases your chance of getting a settlement. For example, if you didn’t have evidence of liability previously, ensure you now have the accident report, witness report, and other proof.

Speak to the Best Auto Accident Lawyers in Atlanta Today

If the insurer denies your claim, getting legal help is essential to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. When you reach out to personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, we’ll work hard to ensure you get your car accident claim approved and paid. Sometimes, auto insurers have legitimate reasons for denying your claim. However, our car accident attorneys can help you dispute the decision if they don’t.

At The Weinstein Firm, we deal with insurance companies all the time. Therefore, we know what to include in the demand letter to increase the likelihood of a payout. We’re also excellent negotiators and will ensure the insurance company pays you maximum compensation. Contact our personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, today for a free initial consultation.

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