Trucks in Atlanta: Safety Tips for Driving Near Them


There are numerous reasons why trucks are necessary for Atlanta’s transportation system. From moving heavy cargo to creating employment, we can’t underestimate how important they are for Atlantans. Unfortunately, like every other automobile, trucks are at risk of traffic crashes and pose severe highway threats. If you’ve been in a traffic collision involving a car, you’ll need an Atlanta car crash attorney’s help.

That’s because the typical effects of truck accidents are too severe for the crash victims to handle alone. From devastating and debilitating injuries to property damage and many more, lawyers can help secure compensation for your losses. They’ll also be there to provide the moral support you need in your difficult moments.

However, it’s much easier to avoid colliding with a trucker than dealing with the aftermath of a crash. While many truck/car collisions are the truck driver’s fault, there’s much you can do to protect yourself from one. We’ll show you how to keep safe around Atlanta trucks in this article.

Are Truck Crashes More Dangerous Than Car Accidents?

According to the US Department of Transportation, 5,237 large trucks had fatal accidents in 2019. However, another report states that passenger vehicle occupants accounted for 97% of truck/car collision casualties. Generally, truck accidents lead to more devastating consequences for passenger vehicle occupants than other collisions for these two primary reasons:

  • Size and Weight

Generally, trucks are much longer, wider, and bigger than other motor vehicles. They also weigh more. In a collision with a much smaller vehicle, the smaller car will be the worst hit.

  • Dangerous Cargo

Trucks usually transport raw materials and dangerous cargo from one point to another. In an accident, the truck’s harmful content can spill over the car and cause severe injuries for the occupants.

How Can I Stay Safe Around Trucks?

To keep safe around trucks, it’s best to adhere to the following best practices:

  • Beware of the Truck’s Blind Spots

A truck’s blind spot or no-zone is the area around it where the trucker can’t see you. As such, it’s best to avoid them as driving around those areas can be dangerous. To ensure you’re not in a trucker’s blind spot, check if you can see their eyes in their side mirror. If you can’t, you’re likely in their blind spot.

  • Avoid Tailgating

One road safety rule every motorist must follow is to avoid following other automobiles too closely. With trucks, it’s best to give more distance than you usually would, whether they’re at your front or behind you. If you notice truck tailgating, get out of their way as soon as it’s safe to do so. That’s mainly because trucks take much longer to halt than smaller cars. In addition, trucks need much more space to turn than other vehicles.

  • Avoid Tire Blowouts

A tire blowout (or burst) happens when a tire suddenly loses air pressure.  This sometimes happens right before you hear the sound of an explosion. A blowout on a busy highway can cause chaos, with every driver trying to swerve away to safety. In addition, it can be hazardous to be at the truck’s sides during a blowout. Since blowouts can happen at any time, try to get as far away from trucks as possible.

  • Don’t Speed

Driving beyond the recommended speed limit is one of the significant causes of traffic accidents. Since trucks have a much slower reaction time than cars, it’s best not to speed in their direction. That’s because, if you approach them with high speed, they wouldn’t have enough time to react and avoid an accident.

  • Follow All Traffic Rules

From avoiding distractions to wearing your seat belt and using a hands-free device, traffic rules are there to protect you. So, ensure that you obey every traffic safety rule, especially when around trucks.

Contact An Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Immediately!

You’re more likely to sustain worse injuries as a car occupant in a truck collision than the truck driver. As such, you must exercise due caution when driving close to a trucker. Sometimes, however, you may still find yourself in an accident, no matter how careful you are. In such cases, you’ll need an experienced car accident lawyer to get the best out of your situation.

As Georgia’s top personal injury law firm, our attorneys at The Weinstein Firm will offer you the best help possible. We’ll ensure that you get maximum compensation for your injuries at little cost to you. Contact us for a free case review with our auto crash lawyers today.

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