Is It Too Late To File a Lawsuit?

Atlanta Automobile Wreck

People will get into an Atlanta automobile wreck and feel as though everything is fine. But wood or even months later, it’s clear that everything is not okay. The big question, of course, is whether you can or cannot open a new case or file a lawsuit. Learning about the timeframe on tort lawsuits and insurance claims is not as transparent as anyone would hope. Instead, you’ll need someone to offer some insight into your legal situation.

Initially, the major concern will be why you didn’t file sooner. People wait for all of variety of reasons. You could have been in the middle of a move or even thought that filling wasn’t an option.

Statute of Limitations for an Atlanta Automobile Wreck

You can take action against damages to your personal property and injuries to your person for up to two years after the incident. This also counts for wrongful death cases. What happens is that the compensation needs to go to the victim right away. However, it’s up to the victim to pursue a claim. For many car accident victims, they’re pushed to file a claim straight away by their insurance company.

However, waiting to file can also come with some advantages. For example, if you had a minor Traumatic Brain Injury, you may eventually need more rehabilitation and support than initially believed. In that case, waiting would allow you to have a full and realistic scope on your medical needs and the medical debt you’ll experience.

Filing a Claim With Your Insurance Company

You do need to notify your provider for car insurance as early as possible after the wreck. If you fail to notify them, then you might miss out on any chance for compensation. Keep in mind that you’re not in a situation where you should worry about your premiums or other possible obstacles. Instead, look out for your recovery. You’ll need compensation for your time spent in rehab, the hospital, and all medical support in-between.

You don’t, however, have to file your claim right away. It’s not only that waiting can be advantageous, but you may not be ready right away. If you’re in the hospital trying to recover from the damages of a crash, then you may not need the stress of a claim right now.

If you feel pressured to push your claim forward, call our offices at The Weinstein Firm for support from a car accident lawyer.

Delayed Injuries, Invisible Injuries, and Delayed Diagnosis

Not every injury shows up right away. The same way that a bruise may take a day or two to appear other injuries can make be difficult to detect right away. There are many common delayed injuries that come from the trauma of a car accident.

Delayed accident injuries can include whiplash, bruises, headaches (a symptom of mTBI), abdominal bruising, and even herniated discs. Many people worry about disc damage, but often the trouble is that the symptoms are so mild that it takes weeks for the victim to really notice. For example, numbness in the fingers or hands or a tingling sensation could be a sign of mild disc trauma.

What Options Do You Have for Resolving this Wreck?

Your options for crash resolution are pretty straightforward. You can file an insurance claim through your policy provider. Then they’ll go through and support you as you take action against the at-fault driver. After that, you need to be patient and wait for them to decide how to handle your claim and if you’ll get compensation.

Or, you can contact a local auto collision attorney. Car accident lawyers, particularly in Atlanta, help control the process after a wreck. Have a clear goal for your compensation settlement and a plan for negotiating a meaningful settlement.

Consult with an Atlanta Automobile Wreck Lawyer at The Weinstein Firm

Your Atlanta, Georgia injury attorney shouldn’t just complete your statement and call it a day. Expect more with your attorney get from The Weinstein Firm right here in Atlanta. We have spent years building a class-act team of legal professionals who fight for their clients. When you have your first meeting, we’ll explain all the possible options you could have for moving forward. We work with old claims on a regular basis, and it’s not unreasonable to expect some action.

Often people believe their car insurance companies when they say that they must start their insurance claim right now. You don’t have to file right away or take leap action right away. Contact The Weinstein Firm before you call it quits on your compensation pursuit.

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